4 Strategies for Monitoring Your Online Rivals

Your industry competitors will play a huge role in the success or failure of your business. If they provide a higher quality product, a better service or have developed an impressive brand, it might be difficult for you to attract customers in their droves.

The only way to exceed your competitors will be to build on their strengths and capitalize on their weaknesses, so your target market won’t hesitate to choose your business over another brand. Get started by checking out the following four strategies for monitoring your online rivals.

  1. Analyze Their Keywords and Rankings

If you want to knock a competitor off the top spot of Google to increase traffic to your website and, in turn, grow your revenue, you must start by analyzing their keywords and rankings.

To do so, you’ll need to invest in a competitor analysis tool to identify both the organic and paid keywords your rivals are attempting to rank for in the search engines. You should then attempt to naturally integrate their chosen keywords into your web content if they are relevant to your brand. Also, you should discover the powerful keywords your rivals are failing to rank for, which could give you an advantage in the search engines.

  1. Utilize the Reverse Image Tool

Every brand should know who they are directly competing with when selling a specific product online. To ensure you don’t overlook one rival, you should utilize the reverse image tool.

All you must do is place a picture in the search bar to find images similar to yours online, so you can identify other companies selling the same products on their website. It can help you to quickly discover the brands you’ll need to blow out the water in the search engines and across social media.

  1. Review Their Social Media Activity

A powerful social media campaign can boost your brand recognition, catapult your engagement, grow your following and help you to secure many customers. While you might be dedicated to developing compelling posts that connect with your target demographic, you shouldn’t ignore what your competitors are creating on the platforms.

To gain an insight into their most successful campaigns, you should follow your direct rivals from your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, which can help you to identify the posts that are engaging their target audience and generating a huge number of sales.

For example, they might be:

  • Hosting contests
  • Directly engaging with their followers
  • Creating and posting professional videos
  • Sharing informative blog posts

You could then attempt to replicate their tried and tested tactics into your own social media posts, which could help your brand to grow stronger.

  1. Browse Their Backlink Profile

Strong backlink profiles will likely determine your competitors’ impressive rankings in the search engines. For this reason, you must track both their existing and new links from third-party websites, which could be helping them to rank number one for their chosen keyword in Google. You should then attempt to secure the same or a similar backlink from a high-authority website, which could help your website to shoot to the top of the search engines for a specific keyword.

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    I have been using the backlinks techniques and also the SEO tricks you mentioned in previous articles.
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