The Best Way to Do Research Online

Investigating the truth about topics is vital in these days of fake news and loads of false claims on social media. Research does not have to be connected with school: it can also be about finding out the truth about your favorite subjects, and even common things. Of course, knowing how to research well on the internet is vital for your academic career too. But in whatever circumstance you come to this article, I’ll try to give a snappy breakdown of how to go about digging for the truth on the web.

Examine a topic from multiple kinds of sources

The key word here is “comprehensive.” If you look at a subject from only one angle, you don’t get the full picture. This often has to do with the politics, culture, and norms surrounding this topic. Often, we get entrenched in one worldview and forget to consider the other side. To conduct thorough research, you need to look into all the perspectives available to form an appropriate opinion. Otherwise, you are expounding on a limited view.

Know how to use keywords

Trying various keywords and key phrases will garner new searches, and thus more material for you to look at. When searching for stuff through search engines, you don’t need to use complete sentences or even correct grammar. Just type in the most important words that pertain to your topic at hand. Often, correct grammar and complete sentences will give “off” results and you will be limited to the websites you see. It may even help you to look into popular keywords on your subject in order to get the most results possible from a search engine. You can hop on over to Google Trends and other trend-related websites to do so.

Check out free scholarly databases

There are many educational databases that allow people to search for material on a wide range of subjects. Websites such as JSTOR, the Directory of Open Access Journals, and Google Scholar are fantastic for finding the information you need. They are like open virtual libraries. The best thing to do while using these databases is to keep a record of all the sources you come across that are useful in a separate doc. You can even write annotations about the entries according to how useful they are and how they pertain to your paper or any other project you are working on.

You can use professional assistance

There are sites that offer custom research paper writing. This is a nice scapegoat if you have too many tasks at a time, too much work that you can’t handle school at the moment, or you feel the subject is out of your depth and the class is not relevant to your future or major. Commonly, a reliable research paper writing service offers plagiarism-free papers and other pieces of writing, as they compose from scratch and check all docs with a plagiarism-checker program.

Look into various forms of media

YouTube, Vimeo, Google News, educational websites, government websites, and more all offer different benefits. Each type of media supplies different advantages in terms of material and its access. If you really want to view a topic full circle, use all the tools of the internet at your disposal. Though video database sites such as YouTube are often seen as just a fun place to go on the internet, they are full of great information and interviews with prominent experts on a variety of disciplines. Of course, you need to take each source you examine with a grain of salt.

Seek out official stuff

Many websites are misleading in terms of the quality of content. Some experts on the internet might not be professionals in their disciplines at all. There are countless trolls on the internet and people who do criminal activities. So, carefully investigate each source for its reliability and professionalism. You are more assured of great content with .org or .edu websites than with .com and .net sites. However, even educational and governmental sites can publish false information. So, be eternally wary.

End note

I hope these tips will be of help to you in your search for truth. Remember, the most important thing to do in research is to look at something from all its angles and delve beneath its surface to see its nuances. When you understand all the sides of your subject and its peculiarities, then you know you have researched it well. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet where research is easier than ever.


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