Is Betting with a VPN Legal?

Many people use VPN’s for a variety of different things, and some of those will be surrounding gambling. But is it legal to use a VPN for betting purposes? Just like many other instances of using a VPN, the information surrounding this is very cloudy.

There is a legal way to use a VPN, although many bookmakers have it in their terms and conditions that players are not allowed to use one. Do this and you risk your account being either closed or heavily limited, which is not what you want.

Is Using VPN Legal?

It is important to note here that the use of a VPN is both safe and legal in most circumstances. There are some countries that have made the use of VPN’s illegal, but on the whole, these are safe and legal to use.

Where the real complication lies is with the rules in place for what you do on the VPN and in this instance that is betting while using one.

Can You Bet with a VPN?

There is no real yes or no answer here unfortunately, things are very complicated and clouded for those looking at doing this.

To try and make this as legal as possible, you need to be living in a country where it is legal to bet and hold an account with a bookmaker there. Then if you are elsewhere, you need to be in a country that legally allows you to bet and has the same gambling rules as the country you are from.

If you are from a country that legally allows betting, and you are placing bets with a bookmaker in that country, it is still illegal if your current location does not allow betting, even though no betting is going on there.

If you live in a country where it is legal to bet, and you are with a legitimate bookmaker and you are betting from a country that allows gambling, technically this way you are not breaking any rules. Despite that, this is still a very grey area, and bookmakers have rules in place to try and stop it whether it is legal or not.

Bookmaker Rules for VPN Betting

This is what will either catch most people out or be what stops them from using a VPN to bet. Many bookmakers have rules in place for betting with a VPN. They do not allow it, and some of the biggest bookmakers have created special software to catch those using VPNs.

Those holding online betting accounts with companies in the UK for example and trying to bet from somewhere else and mask that using a VPN may not technically be breaking the law, but they are likely to be breaking the rules set.

One of the reasons why bookmakers take this so seriously is the possibility of what is known as ‘bonus abuse’, where people sign up using VPN’s and different details to claim the welcome bonus on offer multiple times.

Bookmakers are on top of this, and should you do it then make sure you are aware of the risks before attempting.

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