3 Myths About People Who Buy Steroids in Canada

Face it, anabolic steroids are stigmatized and excluded from the typical fitness life as «cheating». Still, more than half of modern bodybuilders use steroids. 

Even though we support the fair competition idea and won’t try to advocate the complete unbanning of steroids, there’s still one trend that needs to be countered: myths about all steroid users. 

Here are some popular statements about people who buy steroids in Canada and why they are wrong. But first – little basic. 

What are Steroids 

There are many types of steroidal compounds, including Corticosteroids, but people who buy steroids in Canada most often look for performance enhancement compounds with high anabolic properties. 

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (aka AAS) are synthetic hormonal substances that give a person who decided to buy steroids in Canada multiple benefits. 

Anabolic Steroids Benefits

Since most AAS mimic natural Testosterone in action, the list of positive effects includes: 

  • Boost in muscle growth; 
  • Strength gains; 
  • Enhanced endurance; 
  • Body recomposition; 
  • Body fat decrease; 
  • Better look and results. 

It sounds absolutely like cheating, right? Steroids can give you a real advantage, and if you plan to compete or getting on stage – one of the worst ideas that can come to your mind is to buy steroids in Canada. It’s pretty much unfair (natural athletes just can’t get the same results at the same time, physically), and also – you’ll probably get banned for it. 

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects List 

Incorrect use of anabolic steroids also has side effects. Multiple nasty conditions and effects can damage your quality of life. Some people who buy steroids in Canada end up with zero gains and one (or multiple) side effects from a long list: 

  • Gynecomastia (male tits); 
  • Sleep issues, insomnia or sleepiness during the day; 
  • Chronic mental health damage; 
  • Erectile disfunction (temporary or life-long); 
  • Natural testosterone deficiency (again, the one that lasts a month or chronic); 
  • Aggression issues; 
  • Liver damage; 
  • Heart and blood pressure issues. 

There are reasons to buy steroids in Canada, but to be fair – there are reasons to stay away from any sort of anabolic steroids as well. People who buy steroids in Canada know it and willingly play the «big risk – big gains» game. That’s why we believe that stigmatizing them (instead of the compounds) is not a good thing. Here are some notable examples — and, of course, why are they wrong. 

Myth Number 1: All Steroid Users are Dumb

This is just partially true. Some people who buy steroids in Canada are definitely dumb: they want everything for nothing, take steroids mindlessly, get the side effects and quit as soon as their dick stops working. These people exist, so the myth is PARTIALLY true. 

Intelligent and reasonable athletes, though, BEFORE they buy steroids in Canada, spend a ton of time researching the topic. Their target is the most effective steroid cycle with as few consequences as possible. And it’s real. You just need to know about 50% of something that a medical school graduate knows: 

  • How 19-nortestosterone will affect your prolactin; 
  • Whether you can mix two 17-alpha-alkylated compounds together, like Methandienone and Oxandrolone, or not, and what effects it will cause on HDL and LDL ratio; 
  • What ester tail – Propionate, Enanthate, or Cypionate – will be a better base for Stanozolol; 
  • Whether you need a dihydrotestosterone-based substance now with your Methandienone or not; 
  • What selective estrogen receptor modulator will work better with Trenbolone acetate, and why is it Clomiphene citrate. 

Steroid users need to know (and not just know about them, but UNDERSTAND) each of these terms and many more. Their health and sex life are at stake. 

There are just a few ready-to-go solutions out there. Planning, risk management, and counterbalancing the possible health issues, as well as calculating the perfect dose or timing, are supposed to be the result of your own research. People who buy steroids in Canada and dive into this complicated world of medical terms and body functions are anything but dumb. 

Myth Number 2: People Who buy steroids in Canada Can’t Get an Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of the many side effects that testosterone suppression can bring you. But practically, it’s rare and says a lot about the quality of the research. There are numerous ways to avoid Testosterone suppression that one should know before they decide to buy steroids in Canada: 

Post-cycle therapy helps to prevent erection issues; 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is one of the nuclear measures in restoring normal testicular functions; 

Careful dosing of the anabolic steroids also helps avoid it since sex drive issues primarily manifest on high doses only. 

The compound choice plays a crucial role here. Some steroids, like Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone, have side effects, called Deca Dick or Tren Dick. Those are fancy names for temporary erectile dysfunction. Other steroids, like Anavar (aka Oxandrolone) or Winstrol, are known to cause mild to no sex life side effects. 

The bottom line is simple: while SOME people can get SOME erection issues because of SOME steroids, it doesn’t mean that ALL people ALWAYS get it from ALL steroids. It’s way more complicated, and there are means to avoid it completely. 

Myth Number 3: Athletes That Use Steroids Are Aggressive

While this claim is GENERALLY valid, there is a logical mistake: athletes that use steroids are not aggressive because of steroids. Steroid users are generally more aggressive because most of them are athletes. 

Aggression is often associated with high testosterone levels in men simply because this hormone triggers the brain area that is responsible for aggression. Here’s a remarkable full-scale study on the aggression and Testosterone connection

Physical activity – such as working out, whether it’s weightlifting or cardio – significantly raises Testosterone. That’s why the massive guys often act like complete jerks. Pure physiology. 

Even though it’s true, SOME people who buy steroids in Canada still can get an aggression boost from the compounds. It happens because of the direct steroidal effects on the central nervous system. However, it is – again – not that simple. 

  1. Mild and average doses of the most popular anabolic steroids won’t automatically turn people into walking dynamite. Exposure to HIGH doses, for a LONG period, most probably will; 
  2. Aggression is not the only issue that people who buy steroids in Canada have to deal with: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, drop in self-esteem, all kinds of mental side effects are equally on the list. 

The thing is — steroids are not exactly aggression triggers. They push mental health in the direction that it’s leaning to. If you’re generally a douche – you’ll turn into an even bigger douche. And if you’re a calm, introverted person, you can expect a push in this exact direction as well. 


If you want to buy steroids in Canada, take a closer look at people that – you think – are steroid users. We can give you a 100% guarantee that: 

  • Not all of them will be aggressive jerks; 
  • Not all of them will have erection problems; 
  • Not all of them will be stupid. 

You’ll most likely find some calm, well-educated people that will be smart enough not to brag about their sex life (and not believe cliches). 

After Covid: How to Adjust

Life after Covid may have been seen as a distant thought when the whole world was in the midst of the pandemic, but now it’s something that requires some active thinking. Just as the population was beginning to accept a life of isolation, a miracle happened, and vaccinations started to appear seemingly out of nowhere. From the day the first vaccine was announced, it signified another change for the world. That soon, eventually, we would begin to return to normality and life as we knew it before the virus took over the world. To some, the news was met with ecstasy. To others, it was received with a nerve-wracking fear.

Living in the middle of a lockdown is a tough task for anyone to have to do. Even more so when it is state-mandated. Whilst introverts may have had an easier time during this time, it is extroverts that suffered the most. Humans by their very nature are social animals – we crave interaction with others. It is no surprise then to see that during the pandemic, 4 in 10 adults in the US reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. For those people who live alone, this was a period where they could see virtually no one, not even family. The mental health effects of this isolation are clear, and we are only now just beginning to see the extent to which people are affected.

Now that businesses are once again open, and the vaccination process is well underway, the population is beginning to return to a version of normality we once had. But with Covid anxiety flaring, the question remains: how do we move on? One important factor is acknowledging emotions, instead of feeling ashamed for feeling them. Anxiety is something that everyone feels (albeit in different amounts) and it always helps to remember that no one is alone in feeling that way. However, the best thing to do to move on is to reacclimatise with purpose. What may not be so good is to do things outside of one’s comfort zone for the sole purpose of doing something. This carries a risk of being overwhelmed and it is far inferior to carefully planning things with intent. Rekindle that relationship with an old friend – make a date and stick to it. By doing things in this way, there is a clear path back from the old world of 2020, into the new one of 2021.

People should also take the time to participate in the things they used to take for granted such as watching a film in the cinema, ice skating at the local rink or swimming in the pool downtown. Entertainment during the lockdown was limited to cloud-based applications such as online gambling and you can find some examples here, which have proven popular throughout this period and gaming in general. So, having the usual leisure activities reopen to the public is sure to prove a popular way of moving past the anxiety and fears the pandemic has brought.

How to Prepare for a Marriage Contract Conversation

The decision to enter into a prenuptial agreement is an important step for any couple. How do you explain to your partner that it is meant to protect the interests of each family member? How to avoid quarrels and accusations of selfishness and mistrust? Let’s try to understand these questions together.

Prepare for the conversation

Before you decide to enter into a prenuptial agreement, you need to properly prepare and prepare your partner to talk about this topic. A few recommendations you should follow:

  • You should research the issue yourself: understand what a prenuptial agreement can and cannot do when you can enter into an agreement, and what it can protect you from.
  • Figure out if there are risks for you and your family without a prenuptial agreement.
  • Understand what benefits the agreement gives your half – to better argue your position (this is an important question, this is how you’ll hook your partner’s interest in the topic).
  • Under no circumstances should you start a direct conversation about a prenuptial agreement.

How to Start the Conversation Right

You’ll need foreplay for this delicate conversation. Find a topic that intersects with the issue and yet is interesting to your half. Likes the news – tell the news about a scandalous divorce: social chronicles and noisy trials about famous entrepreneurs and public figures will help in this. Likes movies – watch a movie on the subject. Loves to travel – tell about the marriage contracts of the country where you’re going on vacation like Monaco, and so on. Show some imagination!

Perhaps after such preparation, your half will start discussing topics related to the marriage contract herself, and here you can carefully talk about the possible benefits of the contract for her. If not, simply outline the benefits to your spouse in the conversation, but using someone else as an example. And now that the seed has sprouted, it’s time to talk about the risks of your family living without a prenuptial agreement.

Only after you have done the preliminary work and prepared your partner for this topic, you can already move on to discuss specifically your prenuptial agreement – but only if you understand that your partner is ready to discuss it. If such a willingness is not observed, then go through the preparatory phase first.

When to start talking about a prenuptial agreement

– On the eve of marriage.

Right now, you’re in love and don’t have any jointly acquired property, so talking about a prenuptial agreement usually goes easily and quietly – in fact, you only share dreams and plans for now. And if there is any tension, doubts, and fears within the couple, isn’t it better to resolve them before committing your life to someone else?

– During the marriage, when there is no property yet.

A prenuptial agreement won’t have to describe any specific items and figures, which will make the conversation casual. In addition, it will no longer be possible to manipulate the phrase, “That’s it, you don’t want to sign the papers, I won’t marry you!” Divorce because of the prenuptial agreement is not very sensible.

– During the marriage, when you already have property.

Here it all depends on the conditions you want to put – so the arguments for the distribution of this property between the spouses must be carefully prepared. And this is where the advice of a good lawyer really comes in handy.

– Before the dissolution of the marriage.

If you decided to dissolve the marriage in a civilized manner, divide the property by mutual agreement, without the courts, the conclusion of the marriage contract will help in this. In this case, you will preserve more or less good relations and do not spend as much money on lawyers, as in the case of litigation.

3 Plastic Surgeries That Can Help Men Look Younger

We can’t all be Paul Rudd or Keanu Reeves. We’re not actively defying father time and we can’t stop aging at age 28 the way they have.

The rest of us have to fight every single day. We have to invest a lot of time and money into things like Rogaine or anti-aging creams. But it always feels like we’re losing the battle.

This is the reason that we’ve seen an increase in men getting plastic surgery over the last few years. The stigma has almost completely disappeared over the last decade. In fact, the global pandemic seemed to dissolve the last few remanences of it, as almost 50% of surveyed people were open to getting their first-ever plastic surgery. If we go back to 2014, a similar survey found that only 17% were in favour of it.

Here are some of the most popular and effective procedures that men are getting these days.

1. FUE Hair Transplant

We mentioned Rogaine earlier. It is easily the most popular over-the-counter hair loss solution for men on the market. But it comes with 3 inherent problems:

  1. It’s expensive
  2. You need to do it every single day or it will stop working
  3. There are some potentially ugly side effects

Your best bet is to completely skip the hair loss treatment aisle at the drug store and gain confidence with a hair transplant procedure. The gold standard in the industry right now is the Follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure. It basically harvests hair follicles from the more plentiful areas of your scalp and transplants them to the areas you want to build up. The most important part is that there is none of the pain or scarring associated with other types of hair transplants.

2. Blepharoplasty

You may have heard blepharoplasty called an eyelift or an eyelid lift.

If you’re noticing sagging, puffing, or wrinkling in your eyes or the surrounding area, this procedure can take 10-15 years off of your appearance. The procedure involves your surgeon making incisions to remove the excess fat and skin.

This can give you a more lively, energetic and youthful look.

3. Liposuction

There is no doubt that working out and losing weight gets harder as you age. Your body seems to hate you, and you simply don’t have as much disposable time as you used to. This is why a lot of men over 30 put on the so-called Quarantine 15 over the course of the lockdown.

If you browse some liposuction before and after pictures, you will notice that it’s not so much about the volume of weight you can lose. It’s about location, location, location. Today’s energy-assisted liposuction technology works miracles on the body’s most stubborn deposits of fat in your stomach and lower back.

If you feel like you’re losing the war against aging, it may be time to bring in the big guns. Over-the-counter creams overpromise what they can deliver. But an expertly performed plastic surgeon can target the areas you’re looking to address, and help you look 10 years younger.

Aspects of Lockdown You Might Not Have Been Prepared For

Three generation family sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching TV and eating popcorn, selective focus

The coronavirus pandemic and any resulting lockdown restrictions are a set of circumstances that very few people were likely prepared for in itself. That being said, once you knew that lockdown was coming to an area you lived in and you would be affected by it, you might have some notions about how it would proceed. Despite your best efforts, there are likely some areas that you didn’t predict or were flat-out wrong about.

This means that you have a chance now to prepare for those events as you encounter them. While this isn’t an ideal way to tackle a problem, it at least gives you something to occupy your time with if you’re otherwise struggling.

The Negatives of Virtual Social Events

The first port of call for many people after finding out that they wouldn’t be able to see their friends in physical form during the lockdown was to try and arrange virtual events that would function in much the same way. Say you wanted to have drinks with your friends; sitting next to them on the sofa and sitting opposite them while you’ve got them on video chat would surely offer the same experience, right? Well perhaps not. The pitfalls presented here might be larger than you expected, primarily due to the difficulties of understanding each other and the challenges presented by poor internet.

That’s okay though, you don’t have to do the same things as you would normally do – things aren’t as they normally would be, after all. This is a good time to find some alternative activities to spend your time on and perhaps even spend these weekends more constructively. While it’s difficult to be isolated, especially if you live by yourself, you can still flourish and learn to enjoy your own company as long as you aren’t suffering too much from the effects of loneliness (in which case it’s advisable that you seek some help or methods of coping with such feelings).

Coping with Spending so Much Time with People

The flip side of this can also present its own kind of problems. If you’re finding that you’re in a relatively small environment and you’re sharing that environment with friends or family, you might have noticed that tensions might indeed be starting to flare. They can flare about anything and the arguments might not necessarily be focused on the actual problem, but the root cause is likely the increased amount of time you’re spending in each other’s presence and how that’s affecting your sense of personal space.

This might very much be the case with your family, not only because it means there might be more than just a couple of you have to share the same space, but if children are involved, things could be made more stressful than they already are. If this sounds like a situation that you have become all too familiar with, then you might be looking for suggestions about how you can stay sane throughout such an ordeal. Luckily several others online have experienced this too and might be able to help you out.