How to Disable Password from PDF files without using any Software

By | July 21, 2017

How to remove password from PDF file without using any software or PDF Password Remover Tools – simple method to disable the password from PDF files

PDF (Portable Document Files) are often used to send important data over the internet like Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements, and other important information. Protecting PDF files with a password is a great idea especially when we are sending/receiving over the internet.

But it turns out to be a headache;

When we have a huge list of files with password-protected, where it is very difficult to remember all of them. With advanced technologies like Google Drive, where it is already secured with 2-level protection, it is a great idea to save all our important PDF files in Google Drive.

But the question arises how do you remove password from PDF files in the first place. In this guide, you’ll discover an easy way to disable the password from PDF file without using any software.

Remove Password from PDF without Software

To do this, all you need is a Chrome web browser which I assume, most of you are already using. Chrome browser is capable of processing PDF files with ease. Just follow the steps below to unlock PDF files and save it to Google Drive.

Step 1: Locate your password protected PDF file and open in Chrome Browser. Right click on PDF file, chose Open with Chrome Web Browser.

how to remove password from PDF without software

Step 2: First time, It will ask for the password. Just enter the password so it will open the PDF file content.

Step 3: Now right-click on the PDF file, click on the Print option. On the left side, Click on change destination and chose Google Drive and click on Save.

From next time onwards, you don’t need to remember the password to open the Bank statements and other important files. This way you can easily open them without wasting much time looking for the password.

PS:  As you are already saving it in a secure location, no need to worry about removing the password from PDF files.

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