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If you’ve been staying up to date with any financial news over the last few years, you’ll be aware of the rapid rise in cryptocurrencies.

Digital monetary systems have experienced an upsurge in interest recently, and of all the currencies Bitcoin stands out as the most successful.

This year saw the share price of Bitcoin reach an all-time high and many feel that the potential is still gaining traction.

Back in 2009 when Bitcoin was first introduced few people could be certain of where the future lay for the cryptocurrency. But today Bitcoin is used in all sorts of areas, with online gaming being one of the major beneficiaries.

Playing online bingo with bitcoin

Bitcoin lends itself very well to online gaming. The digital currency is essentially completely secure, with no evidence of accounts being hacked or defrauded. There is also a major advantage offered by the anonymity of bitcoin, which is not linked to major banks or cards.

There is a wealth of options for players looking to play online bingo with Bitcoin. All sorts of different bingo options can be accounted for, from themes bingo games to new and exciting variants such as Slingo Bingo.

An individual looking to play online bingo can simply open an account with Bitcoin and not have to worry about any records showing that they have done so. No further personal information other than a Bitcoin wallet address is needed.

Highly rated sites for Bitcoin bingo

Different styles and types of bingo that can be credited with Bitcoin are available in abundance. The following are some of the best bingo sites for use with Bitcoin. is one of the premium specialist Bitcoin casinos. 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games are among the site’s prodigious offerings. There are also opportunities to play in tournaments against other players online.


FortuneJack has a strong reputation as an online casino suitable for Bitcoin play. There is a wide range of games on the site to interest all sorts of players.

This fine selection includes bingo offerings meaning that players looking for the best ways to play bingo with bitcoin will be well satisfied.

mBit Casino

mBit Casino is one of the leasing Bitcoin-only casinos. They have compiled a huge selection of online slots, drawing together over 1000 games onto the site.

The wealth of different options available will mean that everyone can find something to suit. mBit casino supports deposits and withdrawals made using a cryptocurrency wallet. As well as Bitcoin, it also supports other popular crypts including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Casino

Fairspin offers a smooth and perfectly optimized opportunity to play bingo with Bitcoin on mobile devices.

As well as a great assortment of welcome benefits for new players, there is also a valuable VIP rewards program. This allows players to make the most of returning to the site for more gaming.

How to Choose the Best Site for Bitcoin Bingo

As well as looking at a site’s reputation and reviews online there are also other factors to take into account when selecting a site for playing bingo.


Always take care to look at the introductory offers highlighted by only bingo sites. Sites can make offers of free games and bonuses to new players. As a way to make the most of a new site, it’s an attractive proposition.


You should also take care to find a bingo site that is operational in your home country. Fully licensed operators will always display this information on sites.

Fair Play Policy

Reputable sites also display their commitment to fair play. Bingo is a game that is demonstrably based on a random factor, and sites need to show this.

A random number generator (RNG) is integral to a bingo site’s workings. This is part of the operator’s fair play policy and should be easy to find on properly licensed sites.

Further Advantages of Using Bitcoin for Online Bingo

Bitcoin offers a speedy alternative to traditional banking methods for financial transfers. Payments can usually be made quickly and securely.

Online bingo sites that use Bitcoin as their main currency have also been reported as having a low house edge. This means that the return offered to the player can be somewhat better than sites that use traditional payments.

As with everything, there is no hard and fast rule on this, so it is always best to thoroughly research each site before making a deposit.

Using Bitcoin for fun pursuits like bingo could also have an unexpected profitable side to it. It is in the very nature of Crypto that its value changes with time.

If for example, a player made some winnings on a bingo site of £30 and left it in their account for a while before withdrawing it, its value might rise in interest.

The stock of Bitcoin might go up without having to do anything. This could make the whole process worth more in the long run than more traditional forms of payment.

Using Bitcoin on bingo sites is a growing world of excitement and advantage for the player. With new options being offered all the time, its value looks set to continue to rise even higher.

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