Tips to Choosing Your Gaming Gear

Gaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world as emerging markets continue to grow and a growing number of users also become attracted although not in the traditional demographic. The most popular form of gaming comes through mobile devices as the barrier to entry is just to own a mobile device, and although there have been methods to tackle the growing number of players through initiatives such as Gamstop, many operators are reacting to these changes extremely quickly and a growing number of casinos not on gamstop are well reviewed for mobile players and continue to grow in popularity.

Console gaming has also stayed steady in popularity and with the next-gen consoles set to release this holiday season that is bound to stay steady – but an area seeing a big surge has been within enthusiast PC gaming, but with the long list of peripherals required how do you choose the best gaming gear?

The keyboard

There’s always plenty of talk around keyboards and what type to go for – mechanical or not, 100% or 65%, what switches if mechanical? Whilst oftentimes a mechanical keyboard is very much recommended for the longer life span and comfort that comes with it, the mechanical switches and size are all very much personal preference. There are plenty of tips for discovering your best fit mechanical switch depending on actuation force and tactile feedback, but there is a growing trend for smaller form keyboards recently as 60% and 65% are becoming more popular – this size difference means they don’t have the additional keypad, with the 65% having arrow keys and the small nav cluster where the 60% doesn’t.

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The mouse

There’s a little to consider here, namely the shape and weight. Lighter mice have become popular in recent years and you can find many with a honeycomb cut on the back to reduce the material on the mouse and reduce weight, but if you’re looking for something heavier you can also find many with a weight addition on the bottom. Shape and size may not seem too important but if you’re using the mouse for a few hours a day it can soon fatigue your hand, so it may come down to trying a few styles to find your best fit. Depending on your needs, you may need to look at either a five-button or a twelve button mouse, five has the traditional two thumb buttons with the mouse wheel counting as the fifth button, whereas twelve button mice have a number pad on the side.

Of all the peripherals you can buy, it’s important to note the most bang for your buck you’ll find will be within a different monitor – whilst they can be expensive depending on size and refresh rate, buying a 144Hz or 240Hz (the two common higher-end refresh rate monitors) will be the biggest performance increase you can buy purely through peripheral devices – if you’re looking for the first piece to upgrade, consider this to be the most important.

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