Top 10 Best Free Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Phone Spy Apps

Spying should not always be for the wrong reasons. Smartphone spy apps are effective software that enables users to track various phone aspects such as calls, messages, and location. If you need to know what your kids or loved ones are up to, you can achieve that by spying on their devices. The surveillance tools will keep you informed about the end-users activities without their knowledge.

Have you been a victim of theft or careless phone loss? You can also use spying apps undetectably to track lost or stolen Android and iPhone devices. The following is a list of the top free apps for Android and iPhone:

  1. Minspy

Are you looking for a high-quality and easy-to-install phone tracker? Minspy is one of the best phone spy apps. Popular magazines, including Forbes, Tech News, and DigitalTrend have listed Minspy among the leading phone-tracking tools.

Minspy’s attractive features include its easy installation process and unique interface that can work without jailbreaking your device. With this undetectable spying app, you can track text or social media messages, and phone calls.

  1. Spyine

If you’re looking for a reliable and top-notch phone spy app, Spyine would be the best choice. Spyine is the best-hidden spy app for Android devices. The software’s popularity has found recognition in DigitalTrend, PC World, and Forbes.

Spyine’s outstanding features include:

  • Tracking all log keystrokes in targeted devices.
  • WhatsApp and Instagram spying.
  • Ability to track browser history.
  • A stealth mode.
  • A minute size of 2MB.
  1. Spyier

Have you been looking for an efficient tracking tool for your kids, spouse, or employees? Spyier is one of the best phone spy apps you should have. The software is easy to install and use, and has a resourceful dashboard. You can use Spyier to monitor both Android and iOS devices like smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

Other special properties about Spyier include its secure stealth mode and ability to track location, calls, browsing history, and online activities.

  1. Spyic

If you need the best phone spy app to monitor your children’s activities, Spyic is a must-have. The spying tool enables parents to track their kids’ calls, messages, online activity, and location on Android and iOS devices.

Spyic’s outstanding features include its easy installation and use, Geo-fencing, and GPS location tracking. Top brands like Forbes and 9To5 Mac have recognized and feature Spyic’s desirable properties. Hence, Spyic helps parents keep their children safe by monitoring their movements.

  1. Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the top hidden Spy apps for Android. The phone spying tool allows you to undetectably track calls, SIM and online Apps’ messages, as well as web browsing details. You can also access deleted messages, calendar activities, bookmarks, and contacts on the targeted device.

Cocospy’s amazing properties entail its lightweight, friendly user interface, and easy installation. Thus, you can immediately use this spying App after installing it on the preferred Android device.

  1. Neatspy

Are you looking for a high-quality and up-to-date spy tool? Neatspy is a recently introduced undetectable spying app that helps you monitor activities on a preferred device. The application offers free regular features and security updates.

You can monitor activities on popular Apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber after installing Neatspy on the targeted device. Neatspy’s small size is one of its desired features.

  1. ClickFree

ClickFree is among the best undetectable spying apps for Android and iOS devices. ClickFree’s outstanding features offer both tracking and security benefits to the ‘spy’ and the targeted user. The spying tool lets you track activities on the preferred device and view them on your online account. You can monitor call logs, location, messages, and online activities.

ClickFree’s unique properties include its Geo-fencing ability, minute installation size, and no rooting requirement. After installing the software on your device of choice, you can view specific details without the owner’s knowledge.

  1. Spyzie

Are you looking for a free and undetectable spying app for an Android device? Spyzie is among the best-hidden spy apps for Android. Despite its current small user base, the tracking tool’s use is growing tremendously. The application allows you to follow the smallest details on the targeted device.

Spyzie has outstanding features that provide its users with top-notch services. They include its secure stealth mode, small installation size (2MB), ability to track messages, browsing history, and social media activities.

  1. Teen safe

Do you require a reliable spying app to monitor your kid’s phone activities? Teen safe is a free hidden spy App for Android. Due to the app’s popularity, it has been featured on leading news sources like the New York Times magazine.

Teen safe allows you to spy messages, social media apps, bookmarks, browsing history, and shared media on the preferred device. You can also view undeleted messages and track the phone’s location undetectably.

The software’s other features entail its Geo-fencing ability, ease, and secure use.

  1. Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor is among the best phone spy apps that help parents in monitoring their children. The tracking tool is specifically effective in capturing harmful words or phrases in messaging applications. Fonemonitor works by recording a device’s input as encrypted files.

You can detect and screenshot any suspicious aspect on the targeted device. Thus, Fonemonitor helps you to monitor your kid’s phone activities and enhance their safety.

Final thoughts

Spying has both positive and negative connotations. While some people spy on others for malicious reasons, tracking is not ultimately illegal. You can track your child or spouse’s device to enhance their security. Also, an employer can spy on their employees to detect any dishonesty in their duties.

Dozens of free phone spying apps are available in the market. You will find several best phone spy apps for Android and iOS devices. You can identify the most suitable application from the above-listed phone spying apps, and buy it for the safety of your loved one.

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