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Top 5 Best UPS Units According to Online Customers

UPS is amazing equipment that provides emergency power when the main power is unavailable or down. It usually used to protect computers and other peripherals from being down suddenly due to power outage. UPS works like a battery and acts as emergency power and near-instantly kicks in to provide an alternative power source to the computers and other peripheral from being interrupted and allows them to shut down properly which will save the data from being lost and avoid computer from being damaged.

Another important function of UPS is an automatic voltage regulation to stabilize the power surges so that it can protect the computer from being damaged. This can be achieved by an advanced battery technology that can stabilize the voltage spikes.

By using UPS, you will not feel any interruption and your work will not be lost when the main power down and will make your computer has longer durability as it maintains a stable power rate.UPS is widely used in places where computers become an important part of an activity, such as in banks, airports, data centers, and many other places, which if the power fails, data that is lost cannot be retrieved. In this article, we have featured the top 5 best UPS units recommended by online users. Enjoy!

1. APC Backups Pro (BX1500M) – Best Over All

APC Backup Pro (BX1500M) has a cool design so you can put it on the desk along with your computers and other equipment. Solid built quality. Easy to install and works great. You can easily know the estimated runtime (in minutes), battery status and power load at the front panel. At the back, there are so many power ports that can be used to connect to other equipment that needs its backup. This product also comes with software that able to detect and record any activity related to a power situation, power loss, initiating computer shut down to conserve battery. The battery works amazingly, where in some cases, it can last up to 5-8 hours. Best aftersales service, they replace died battery for free within the warranty period. Many people tried other brands and finally stick back to this brand.

The product is quite heavy. A little bit noisy when in backup mode (when power outage so UPS take in charge). The product quality is mediocre and many users reported some errors without resolution which sometimes shut it down itself for no reason.

The famous brand and this model work well and reliable. Although it was rather noisy than other brands, it works amazing. Many people back to choose this brand after trying others. It is recommended to buy.

2.CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD 1000VA – Best Desktop Pick

This is the best value for money UPS in terms of battery capacity, power factor, and total efficiency. Awesome built quality, rather solid and heavy, looks cool with a sleek design. At the front, there are multifunction LCD, such as estimated runtime (in minutes), battery status, load rate, and alarm. Two USB slots are available on the back, something that is rarely found in a UPS, giving you the ease of access to your devices nearby, or can be used as a power bank when power down. If you live in a rural area, the voltage regulator works as expected in stabilizing the power fluctuation. The company provides excellent after-sales service which beyond your expectation, as they might replace your defective unit with a new one for free within the warranty period.

The position of the rear power port is too close to each other, in some cases, it produces a smell like burning and smoky. Short lifetime, works only around about 5 years.

Good choice if you are looking for not so large and heavy unit. Reliable performance. However, you have to setup everything correctly otherwise you will get smell and a smoky unit which is a bit risky to make fire.

3. APC 600VA/330W – Internet Emergency Pack

The battery BACK-UPS model is for low power devices, a new solution for you as a home user. Working on excel for hours will no longer be regretted whenever the power suddenly down. With black solid color impress, you on how this small battery can protect your document as well as your device, and let you keep working and surfing the net during the outage. Seven power outlets and one USB slot are more than enough for plugging in smartphones, tablets, modem or WIFI, other devices, or even your fan to make you stay cool.

It has the ability to power your device up to 3.5 hours, very responsive, kicking in instantly when no power detected. This model has a replaceable battery and the battery replacement cost much lesser than the unit. It is Equipped with APC Standard management software that can show information right to your PC. After-sales service is incredible, you can file a complaint about a bad battery and they will arrange you a brand-new replacement.

Quite heavy but susceptible. Unreliable software, unable to detect accurately, power is down but the software still says active. The built quality is poor. The software is only available for Windows, not for iOS. Need more USB ports.

Impressive battery backups model, lots of power outlets, but to little USB port. Don’t rely on the software much. For home users, where you can still enjoy the internet in the absence of power, it’s a good choice.

4. APC Backups Connect (BGE90M) – Best Portable UPS

A kind of compact BatteryBACK-UPSfor light devices. Great looks, small but powerful, can be used as emergency power for low power devices such as smartphones, tablets, cordless phones, modems, home automation and so on. When the main power source in your home gets disrupted due to storm or other reasons, it can keep you connected to your network for up to 3 hours. Some customers even enjoy emergency power from this unit for 5 hours, enable them to keep using the 10watt-modems. With 3 power ports and 2 USB slots make this product a good choice during a power outage for your family.

It has very easy installation. With this kind of portable battery, you have the flexibility if your existing UPS drops so this one can be used as an alternative for network or other small peripherals. With cheap price and offer a variety of ports, it can be used widely for common electronic tools too.

Buyers receiving old stock from more than 4 years old which resulting undesired result, it is too risky if a lead-acid battery had not been charged years.  Some others heard a loud pop and smelled smoky.

It is a Good choice to charge small low power devices like smartphone, tablet, modem and so on. The price is cheap and its flexibilities in usage make this product useful for everyone need emergency power during a power failure. However, be careful when received old stock.

5. Tripp Lite OMNI900LCD – UPS for Less Space

Coolest UPS ever, with large and rotatable LCD, makes this UPS looks modern. The front panel shows you the voltage, battery status, and estimated runtime (in minutes), and other information. It has USB ports to allow you to integrate with many devices. This nice little thing can beautify your desk. Automatic Voltage Regulation in this model will keep your computers and other equipment connected to it to keep running uninterruptedly. The software that will detect and records any activity is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

However, this model has little capacity to back up your computer and equipment from power loss, as it can last in tens of minutes at half loads. The product is not a popular choice, It may not available in many countries and lack of user review. Not recommended, lack of customer review. The product might not available globally, or may be discontinued.

Wrap Up

I hope this UPS buying guide was helpful. These 5 UPS units will serve different users with a different purpose.

What do you think of this list? or Did forgot something else?

Either way, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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