Email marketing (emailing or e-mailing) is an excellent communication tool that the brand must communicate with the customer. It is a very powerful weapon which, if used well, can give very good results, especially in conversion. This is the perfect opportunity to offer the user quality and valuable content. A more customizable in order to convert leads into potential customers.

Email marketing uses email and is sent to a group of contacts, is customizable and non-invasive. Although emails are sent massively, we must keep in mind that in order for the user to receive our email, they have already had to give their data, so there is already a predisposition.

What is email marketing for?

  • Maintaining contact with customers
  • To send you news and innovations
  • To keep the brand at the top of your concerns
  • Collect opinions
  • Generate engagement
  • Develop content marketing strategies
  • Among others

One of the points in favor of email marketing campaigns is the ability to measure results in real-time and instantly as there are many platforms that allow you to analyze the campaign in detail. We must keep in mind that most likely the desired results will not be obtained the first time, it is possible that not even in the short term, so it takes a little patience, persistence, and a lot of preliminary work to obtain a campaign.

How to make an effective email marketing campaign?

We often wonder why our email marketing strategy is not working. And the work behind it, even if it seems easy at first glance, is not. Sending an email to your database requires precision, patience, creativity, and ingenuity. Here are some secrets to make an effective email marketing campaign. 

Define the objectives and the target: you must first set quantifiable objectives to know if, once the campaign ended, it worked, why send the email, for what purpose. It should be noted to then analyze the results.

Segmentation: the ideal is to create your own database. Remember that what is important is quality, not quantity. It is not good to send emails to users who are not interested in your product and/or brand, you will waste time and effort.

Personalize: It is very important that you tell the user about yourself and take care of the message. Personalize him with his name and take into account his place of residence, his tastes, his preferences, etc. We recommend that you greet him and say goodbye, you will create a much closer bond with him. 

Choose a good subject and good content: it’s the right time to bring out your content strategy. It is advisable to put a single CTA and create an urgent need.

Eye-catching topic: Take the time to think about the topic, it will be the first thing the user sees and it will depend on whether or not they open it.

Design: takes care of the quality of the images. Identify the email with the brand logo and social buttons. It is important that you put your company data at the end of the email so that the user can contact you. Add a space so that the user can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Less is more: you can use the dates indicated for sending emails, but we recommend that you do not exceed this frequency.

Our last words,

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