What is the role of the POPM course?

Organizations are adopting new and better strategies and implementing advanced technologies to succeed and thrive in the fierce business world. Enthusiastic professionals wish to learn new skills and gain more knowledge and additional certifications to stay abreast of the latest trends. SAFe POPM certification training is a highly-sought after course that helps individuals further their careers by enhancing their knowledge and equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to perform their role effectively in Agile release train (ART) and add value within lean organizations.

It is mandatory to attend the SAFe POPM course, appear in the online certification examination, and secure the minimum passing score to get the SAFe POPM certification. There are no restrictions on the number of exam reattempts but one has to pay the examination fees again for each reattempt. A thorough understanding of the concepts by reviewing the course resources provided and preparing for the examination by taking mock tests can help individuals gain confidence and maximize their chances of passing the exam with flying colors.

The POPM course headed by certified and experienced trainers aims to impart practical knowledge through case studies, games workshops, interactive live sessions, etc., to help the Attendees implement the course learnings to solve real-world complicated problems. Individuals with prior knowledge of concepts of SAFe, agile, lean, and related working experience can greatly benefit from this course. The two-day comprehensive online/classroom course aims to help professionals to-

  1. Perform the duties and undertake responsibilities of product owner/product manager by putting agile-lean concepts and principles into effect.
  2. Work together, coach, and manage different agile teams remotely.
  3. Manage program/team backlogs
  4. Assess customer requirements and needs and apply them to program increments
  5. Enhance their problem-solving skills
  6. Write user stories, innovations, features, etc.

Now the question arises – Is SaFe POPM certification ideal for you or not? Many organizations draw fantastic outcomes by implementing a scaled agile framework. The certification is ideal for individuals who wish to enhance their marketability and who aspire to become an asset for teams and enterprises by enhancing business outcomes, planning, creating, and testing good quality products, and learning more about product development and its management in SAFe enterprises. The following are the benefits of the SAFe certification-

  1. The certification helps the individual to grab great career opportunities or negotiate better incentives in their current working organization.
  2. The globally recognized certification equips them with the right skills and tools to understand the problems the customers are facing or assess their needs. The assessment helps to understand the product viability and create high-quality products by working closely with the architects, engineers, and other members of the organization.
  3. The certification allows the professionals to network and meet up with fellow professionals via the community platform, workshops, webinars, etc., and share experiences and ideas and make innovations.

Aspiring Individuals can therefore opt for the SAFe POPM certification course under the guidance of experienced Agile trainers and advance their learning and growth journey.  You can also learn the POPM course through E-learning. These days, there are many different e-Learning platforms that can be used. Although there are many platforms to choose from for online learning, each one differs in terms of accessibility due to certain features and services. 

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