10 Tips to Successfully Pass the IELTS Exam

how to pass IELTS Exam

Since we know that your time is limited, and you ended up in this article because you are desperate to learn about the tips on how you can successfully pass the IELTS exam, we will not waste your time. Here are 10 tips that will make your preparation process easier. Go ahead and take notes while reading.

#1 Build up your basic English skills.

The first thing you want to do before starting the IELTS test preparation process is to improve your basic English skills. What do we mean by saying basic English skills? Those are the things that you should have known after graduating from school. Once you successfully go through the elementary English part, you can already think about starting practicing for the IELTS test.

#2 When practicing English, use as much authentic content as possible.

As the heading says, while practicing, you should consider using as much authentic content as possible. What is that? And can you do that? – It is easy because when saying authentic, we mean that you should get the book that you like and start reading it if you want to advance your reading skills. Or when you are on your way to perfect your listening skills, you can watch the BBC or CNN, and make the process of learning more authentic.

#3 Never memorize, learn it.

This tip is crucial as most of the IELTS students fail to understand it. Always keep in mind, the IELTS test and the English language in general, is not about memorizing things. You definitely would rather understand the concepts, then memorize them. Because if you memorize them, a slight change in the sentence can lead you to confusion. 

#4 Learn the exam format.

How would you successfully pass the test if you do not know the exam format? So to say, that is barely possible. Even native English speakers do need a lot of time getting themselves familiar with the IELTS exam format. So, the lesson here is to dedicate time to learn about the exam format and keep your eye in the possible test updates.

In short, the IELTS exam has four sections: writing, listening, reading and speaking.

#5 Practice and learn time management.

The significant part of any test is time management, and the IELTS test is no exception. To pass the test and get your desired score, you have to learn how you can manage to do the tasks promptly. One right way to practice time management is to set time and practice tasks precisely in the timing that the test requires. That way, you will be able to master time management skills.

#6 Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Plainly, before taking the test, you should pay attention to your skills. By the time you practice, you will already know which parts are challenging for you and which ones you are more comfortable with. Judging by your skills, you should understand which tasks require more practice time for you, and which ones not. Pay special attention to get better at whatever is hard for you, but don’t ever underestimate and stop practicing for the tasks that you think are easy for you. 

#7 Do not be afraid to try to take mock exams.

Well, imagine you are already at a phase where you think you can slay the exam. But is that even real? Most of the time, students feel that they are ready, but when they take the test, they fail or barely pass the minimum grade. That is why you should take as many mock exams as possible before going for the real one. Mock exams let you know the test format better and experience a close-to-real exam atmosphere.

Best way to take mock exams is to use the official IELTS Cambridge books.

#8 Make sure to cover all of the answers.

And last but not least, never get too excited to finish the task or a particular part of the exam. Always make sure to go back and forth to see if you have covered all of the questions or not. Sometimes students think that they have covered everything, but they tend to forget important details because of the stressful setting. 

#9 On the test day: Be prepared physically.

As mentioned in the subheading, when it is the day of your exam, you should be physically prepared. What do we mean by saying physically prepared? For example, you should have a decent sleep the night before the exam, and not prepare the whole night. Also, consider having an early breakfast before the exam, so you do not feel hungry.

And one more thing, it would be great if you would take a soda drink with you, just in case you feel sleepy during the exam (which you do not want to happen.) 

#10 On the test day: Pay special attention to the word limits and punctuation.

Finally, when you are in the exam process, do not forget about the word limits and punctuation. Students tend to be excited, especially during the writing part of the IELTS exam, as the end of the exam is near. However, while being enthusiastic, do not ruin the last part of the exam, and still pay attention to the details you have practiced.

We hope these tips will help you to get through the preparation process of the IELTS exam. 

Good luck!

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