4 Amazing Facts About Cannabis You Should Be Aware Of

Over the past couple of years, the attitude towards Cannabis has changed significantly, especially from the government all over the world. Instead of being regarded as a drug that people get addicted to, not only has it become legal in multiple countries, but the focus has also shifted to the good the drug can do.

Media outlets began focusing on its medical qualities, which in turn led the government to take note. Now, online dispensaries in Canada and many other countries sell Cannabis in various forms, even in the form of jellies.

Cannabis is known by many names, from marijuana to pot, weed, and ganja. It is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa. The main ingredient from which people actually get the benefit of Cannabis is called THC.

Surprisingly enough, even simple information like this isn’t known by the world, even though there is a massive number of people who use marijuana, both legally and illegally. In fact, people either know the extreme negatives or positives about the drug. Let’s take a look at the four facts about it that we should at least be aware of.

1. How It Affects Memory

Or how there is no proof whether it actually affects our memory at all. The myth surrounding Cannabis is that by using it, you are setting yourself up for a future where your memory is bound to deteriorate significantly.

The truth is, the results of the studies have shown that is not the case at all. By no means is Cannabis responsible for worsening one’s memory. On the contrary, there are certain groups of cannabinoids that have been proven to be useful in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s.

That doesn’t mean that Cannabis doesn’t interfere with our REM cycle, which can be why our long term memory can get affected but Cannabis itself isn’t responsible for it. Of course, there is no question as to the fact that short term memory is most certainly affected by Cannabis.

2. Allergic Reaction

There are lots of people who are allergic to plant-based products, Cannabis being one of them, it’s easy to see why certain people would have an allergic reaction to it. According to research, along with Cannabis pollen, smoking it can also cause allergic reactions to people who are around the person and accidentally inhale it.

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The symptoms that come from Cannabis allergy are the same as those of most plants, with itching, coughing and sneezing as part of the parcel.

3. Positive Effects

Cannabis doesn’t only have positive effects on people’s health, but it can impact the economy positively too. It can be seen by taking a look at countries where Cannabis is legal. The GDP rose immediately as people participated in economic activities such as selling it in dispensaries, regulating the crops and when these changes are combined with the increase in tax, GDP rose too.

As is the case with new opportunities, new businesses meant more people were employed.

4. One Doesn’t Only Smoke It

The primary assumption with joints or marijuana is that people basically smoke and it doesn’t have any other use. That’s not the truth by any means. Cannabis can be used to make ropes, medicine, and you can even make paper with it. Among the various ways it is used, smoking actually has the lowest rate.

For years, it has been used for oilseeds and relieving people from temporary pain by using the numbing qualities of the drug.

Final Thoughts

One of the most common false accusations against Cannabis has been that it can lead to cancer, which is entirely untrue. There are still major rumors and stigma surrounding the plant and it would be a long time before other countries start focusing on the good qualities of the plant and using it for medicinal treatment.

Regardless, this isn’t to say Cannabis is completely harmless. Like all things in life, if something is consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause a negative reaction. So, while it is fine to get Cannabis, especially if your doctor prescribes it, as long as you don’t go overboard, you should be fine.

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