4 Great Online Tools That Help You Monitor Your Business

Online Tools That Help You Monitor Your BusinessOnline tools are a great way of monitoring your business. They give you the data to review how sensibly your business uses its money, how efficiently your workers use their time, and a range of other key aspects of your company.

This article highlights four great tools that your business can use. Each one offers something slightly different but they all make it simpler to monitor the way your company operates.

So, first read up on these great tools and then take the next step and start using them to improve the way your company does its business.

Fuel cards

Fuel cards are a form of business credit, allowing you to buy diesel/petrol now and pay for it later. But their benefit extends beyond this because they’re also an online tool for monitoring your expenses.

Fuel cards come with software that produces online records of every fuel and fuel associated purchase that you make. This allows you to monitor where your travel expenses are going, making it simple to see where you can make savings. For example, your drivers may be refuelling at pricier service stations than they could be.

Fuel card aggregators like iCompario are a great place to find fuel cards. You can input your requirements into sites like this and they will help you to find the best option for your business.

Time tracking software

Time tracking software is an online tool that lets you record all of the projects and tasks that your company works on. They’re a great way to plan out your day but they also help you to monitor how efficient your business is.

Time tracking software produces reports that let you monitor how long your workers take to complete tasks and projects. This shows you if they’re completed as efficiently as they could be. They also give you the data to establish if you have the right people working on the right tasks, or if there are any training gaps you need to address.

HourStack is an excellent tool that can help your business to become more efficient. It lets you add blocks for each task your company schedules, adding in predicted times and then recording how long they actually take to complete.

Email marketing

Email marketing is ostensibly a tool that makes it simpler to send emails out to the people on your list. However, the best tools offer much more by giving you the information you need to monitor your customers and audience.

Email marketing tools are a way of enabling automation. You can select from email templates and schedule emails. But they’re also powerful data interpretation tools. The data they give you allows you to monitor and then segment the people on your email list. You can then use this to employ targeted marketing campaigns, ones you can monitor for success.

Mailchimp is perhaps the most popular email marketing tool. It integrates with most of the leading website and store builders. This means that most companies can use it to monitor their customers and audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium service provided by Google that tracks and reports site traffic. It allows you to review a range of elements of your business but the key thing is that lets you monitor who’s visiting your company website.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor your site visitors. This includes things like which pages they visit, how long they stay on them, and what CTAs are converting. This is invaluable for your business because it lets amend your web site and pages to suit your customers’ needs. Why does this matter? Because it can help increase your sales numbers.

You can set Google Analytics up for free. It’s pretty straightforward to do and it comes with a range of features. Once you’ve got to grips with these elements, you can then pick from a number of additional features that allow you to monitor even more aspects of your business.

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Fuel cards, time tracking software, email marketing, and Google Analytics are just four great tools you can use to monitor your business.

You might also want to think about using social media marketing tools, a CRM, or spending some time researching what’s out there.

The important thing is that you start using tools to monitor your business right away. Because doing this will make your company more efficient and more profitable.

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