Best Free Movie Streaming Sites without Sign up or Registration

Gone are the days when people would flock to the cinema halls to watch movies. The advent of the internet and digitization has revolutionized the movie industry. You no longer have to pay a dime to watch movies the traditional way, whether in the theater or on your cable TV. Technology has evolved, and thousands of movies are now available online.

If you are a movie lover, the internet has a lot in store for you! There are numerous websites where you can stream thousands of movies for free. You will have a vast selection of your desired films, from the classics to the latest movies in the market. The free movie streaming sites will allow you to watch your favorite movies on almost any device.

Here is a list of the top 30+ free movie streaming sites without sign-up or registration. I have listed these movie sites based on monthly visitors, available content, and ad annoyance.

1. AZMovies

Are you looking for an all-inclusive platform to watch unlimited movies at no cost? AZMovies is a sought-after free movie streaming site that requires no registration. You can have access to thousands of popular films of various qualities, including 720p and 1080p. AZMovies has over 500,000 monthly visitors and an ad annoyance rating of six. You can also install a VPN to secure your streaming activities while visiting the movie site.

2. Tubi tv

With over 230,000 visitors per month, Tubi TV has emerged as one of the popular free movie streaming sites. You will find a vast collection of films and TV shows on the website without signing up. Tubi TV is also available as an application on Google Play, Amazon App, and Apple App stores.

Tubi TV’s compatibility with several streaming devices makes it stand out from other platforms. However, you can encounter some setbacks while streaming movies from Tubi TV’s website. For instance, the site is not VPN-friendly and is ad-supported.

3. SolarMovie

If you are looking for a convenient and up-to-date movie streaming experience, how about you try SolarMovie? Though an upcoming site, SolarMovie has gained popularity and currently has more than 230,000 monthly visitors. The site lets you enjoy tons of free movies and TV shows of different genres.

Among its unique features are its filtering options, high-quality streaming links, and regular updates. SolarMovie is also VPN-friendly but has an ad annoyance rating of six.

4. 123Movies

Do you crave a hassle-free streaming experience while watching your favorite movies? 123Movies is one of the most reliable free movie streaming sites. 123Movies’ homepage is user-friendly; hence, easy to operate. You only need to click on the “search bar” and select your preferred movie from the “Category” options. 123Movies has approximately 64,000 visitors every month, but with an ad annoyance of six. However, you can protect your visits to the site by installing a VPN.

5. YesMovies

If you are a fan of the trending series, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies, YesMovies is a perfect choice. The movie streaming platform offers numerous free movies, TV shows, documentaries, and series without signing up. YesMovies allows you to choose your desired category from its search box.

You can watch unlimited movies in HD quality on YesMovies at your convenience, but you will need a VPN if living in a geo-restricted location. The website also gives additional information about the movies’ launch year, IMDb ratings, and the cast.

6. Vidcloud

Vidcloud is a high-quality website offering a fast-loading and smooth streaming experience. With a strong internet connection, you will stream all your favorite movies on the site at no cost or registration. Vidcloud’s homepage comprises various content categories, including Movies, TV Series, Cinema Movies, and Featured Series.

However, you can still choose your preferred film from the search bar. Vidcloud’s additional features include its HD and SD video quality options, sub-title support, and third-party links. However, you may encounter some ads or pop-ups while streaming on the site.

7. Peacock TV

Despite its recent launch (July 15, 2020), Peacock TV is among the top free movie streaming sites. Since its emergence, the NBC-owned site has garnered around 300,000 monthly visitors and a vast content collection. Peacock TV has several appealing features, including a trouble-free playback and diverse content library.

You can also install Peacock TV’s app on Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, and Apple TV streaming devices. The site is VPN-unfriendly with an ad annoyance rating of four.

8. FilmRise

Are you enthusiastic about classic films? FilmRise has a lot in store for you. Though a new movie streaming site, FilmRise has gained more than 200,000 titles and over 13,000 visitors per month. You can navigate the website without any registration and enjoy watching numerous classic movies at no cost.

FilmRise also has an app option that one can install on their preferred streaming devices like iPhones, Roku, and Firesticks. The only limitation about FilmRise is its ad annoyance (five) and lack of VPN support.

9. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a credible movie streaming site as it is a product of the renowned Sony Entertainment. The platform offers thousands of free movies that one can stream without any signing up. You can also watch popular TV shows and original programs on Crackle’s website.

If you prefer using an app, Sony Crackle’s application is freely available for installation. However, due to its ad support, your streaming experience may suffer disruptions from several ads and pop-ups.

10. IMDb

Do you need a high-quality site to stream unlimited movies free of charge? IMDb, an Amazon product, is a movie hub with a diverse library of movies, documentaries, IMDb originals, and TV shows. Despite offering content at no cost, users have to sign up to access IMDb TV.

You can also choose the app option and install it on a streaming device of your choice. IMDb’s disadvantages include its ad annoyance and lack of VPN support.

11. The Roku channel

If you are looking for original legal content, the Roku Channel is the best site to visit. The channel has claimed a top position on the list of popular free movie streaming websites. Some of the Roku Channel’s attractive features include high-quality videos, a selection of Netflix’s top-rated content, no signing up requirements.

Roku also has an app version that users can easily download and install on their devices. The only limitation about the Roku Channels is its ad annoyance.

12. Archive movies

As the name suggests, Archive Movies is a virtual library that stores both old and new movies. Apart from films, Archive Movies has a collection of music, TV shows, books, and images. As a non-profit making platform, the site allows users to stream movies at no cost. Archive Movies harbors some unique qualities, including zero ad annoyance, language diversity, filtering options, and an easy-to-use menu.

The site receives over 200,000 monthly visitors and is VPN-friendly. However, Archive Movies has limited content when compared to other streaming sites.

13. IOMovies

If you are looking for a popular streaming site to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, IOMovies is a perfect catch! Apart from its vast movie collection IOMovies offers high-quality videos and filtering options. The platform has categorized its content to allow easy navigation and management.

You can conveniently watch your favorite films on IOMovies as you don’t require any registration. You will also find regular updates and recommendations to spice up your streaming experience.

14. GoStream

As the name suggests, GoStream is one of the websites that provides fast and smooth streaming services. The platform comes in handy for movie lovers who enjoy ad-free streaming. You also don’t have to sign up to access the free content on GoStream.

You will find thousands of movies in several categories, including Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, and Adventure. GoStream is also children-friendly as it has cartoons and anime. The site broadcasts videos in HD, SD, and CAM qualities.

15. MovieStars

MovieStars is among the newest movie streaming website, but that doesn’t disqualify it from being one of the best sites. It has an incredible selection of free movies to choose from. Despite a low number of monthly viewers, the site is significantly growing due to its minimal ad annoyance. MovieStars is also VPN-friendly; hence, you can opt to secure your streaming activities on this website.

16. MoviesJoy

Are you excited about watching the latest movies and being up-to-date with their releases? MoviesJoy is a hub for the newest and most sought-after films in the entertainment world. The platform has a growing market with currently over 30,000 users. You will find thousands of trending movies and TV shows on the site at no cost, without signing up.

From the MoviesJoy homepage, you can choose your preferred movie category. The site also offers quality links in 1080p HD. However, despite high-speed streaming, you may experience some ad annoyance.

17. Vudu

If you are looking for a VOD (Video-On-Demand) streaming platform with a free package, Vudu is a perfect choice. Vudu’s website comprises a virtual library with numerous movies, TV shows, and series on free or paid-for plans. You can find a wide variety of titles to choose from its search option. One of Vudu’s appealing features is its provision of 1080p quality links.

Vudu is also available in an app form that one can install on any streaming device. However, you must create an account to access Vudu’s content, though no subscription is required. Moreover, the free package is prone to ad annoyance.

18. Spacemov.top

If you are a movie lover with a keen eye for detail, SpaceMov is a good choice. The streaming site offers a vast selection of movies and TV series in 1080p HD. You can easily navigate your way on SpaceMov’s home page in search of your preferred films. The platform also has a filtering section where you can specifically select movies based on their genre or country of origin.

You will also find several free streaming options from the “Watch Trailer” and “description” buttons. However, the site has an ad annoyance rating of seven; thus, your streaming experience may not be trouble-free.

19. Flixtor

Are you looking for a fully automated free movie streaming site? Flixtor has an ever-growing content database due to the addition of movies and series hourly. You will enjoy a huge selection of trending films and TV shows without any ad interruption. Moreover, you don’t have to sign up on Flixtor to access their services.

The site’s filtering options, including genre, minimum rating, language, and votes will help in choosing your perfect movie. Flixtor also has a playback option and a friendly user interface to ease your streaming experience.

20. Xumo TV

Xumo TV is among the leading free movie streaming websites. You can alternatively use the Xumo free app to stream hundreds of movies online. Apart from movies, Xumo TV provides various live TV channels.  The site has a relatively large following with approximately 140,000 monthly visitors.

Despite being ad-supported, Xumo offers a smooth playback and allows users to start streaming movies at a single click. Xumo TV does not support VPN integration, but you can work with split tunneling.

21. YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming platform globally. The website has a massive user market due to its diversity of content, ranging from uploaded videos to legal movies and TV shows. YouTube also has an option for free movies that you can find from the “Movies and TV shows Channel” or the search bar.

While you can sign up to YouTube via your Google account, you don’t require any registration to access the free content. YouTube is also children-friendly due to its huge collection of cartoon movies and animations. Despite being ad-supported, YouTube allows you to stream your favorite movies buffer-free.

22. Primewire

Primewire has secured its position among renowned movie streaming websites. If you are looking for an alternative to Putlocker, Primewire sounds like a good choice. The platform is home to a diverse database of free movies and TV shows. You can choose your desired film from the Featured or Trending sections. Primewire may require you to sign up for a free account to enjoy its services.

The site is also VPN-friendly and has a simple search bar where you can easily browse its content collection. However, you may experience several ads and pop-ups while streaming on the website. You can access Primewire via the following URLs: new-primewire.com, primewire.li, primewire.sho

23. FMovies

Are you looking for a VOD streaming site with video quality options? F Movies is among the best websites for releasing the latest movies and TV shows. The site also allows its users to request their preferred films. While F Movies doesn’t require you to register per se, you can sign up to receive regular updates and movie notifications.

FMovies easy-to-use interface and its diverse content collection make it a relatively popular site. Its filtering options include genre, release date, region, and alphabetical order.  However, you may come across annoying ads and pop-ups on F Movies’ website.

24. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the earliest online streaming sites. The platform’s reputation has grown in recent years due to its massive movie collection. Popcornflix’s popularity also arises due to the site’s compatibility with all streaming devices. Popcornflix resembles Netflix in its simple home page where users can find their movie choices from distinct rows.

Among its movie classifications are Family, Comedy, Action, Horror, Foreign Films, and Documentaries. You require no signing up or registration to stream your favorite movies or TV shows on Popcornflix. Moreover, the website supports VPN input and has an ad annoyance rate of four.

25. StreamLord

If you are looking for an efficient and fast-loading streaming experience, StreamLord is a good option. StreamLord’s easy-to-use and friendly interface contribute to its appealing features among users. The site is also ad-free; hence, making your movie streaming activity smooth.

You don’t have to worry about signing up as StreamLord doesn’t require mandatory registration. Therefore, you can enjoy streaming your desired movies freely with minimal interruptions.

26. Kanopy

Do you need a high-quality, ad-free website to stream lots of free movies? Kanopy is among the streaming website with the largest virtual library of movies. Interestingly, users require a library card after creating accounts to access Kanopy’s free services. With a current number of 188,000 monthly visitors, the site is gaining popularity.

Like Netflix, Kanopy has a simplified menu where you can easily find your preferred movie. However, the site has a limited content selection and is not VPN-friendly.  Kanopy also offers high-quality streaming links and subtitle support.

27. Yidio

Your Internet Video (Yidio) is arguably one of the top latest movie streaming sites in the world. One of Yidio’s outstanding features is its in-built search engine that allows users to browse hundreds of free movies. The site has an attractive homepage consisting of several content selections. You can make your choice from the Free Movies, Popular TV Shows, Trending Now, Just Aired Episodes, and TV Schedule categories.

Yidio also offers a TV guide to help users find more information about the featured TV shows. Though not VPN-friendly, Yidio has a minimal ad annoyance.

28. ShareTV

Though well-known for its exclusive collection of TV shows, ShareTV has a search option to browse and stream the latest trailers and full-length classic movies. The platform requires no registration or signing up to access free streaming services. Among its attractive qualities, Share TV provides additional links for users to get missing TV episodes from other sources. The site also has a solid online community where you can find useful resources, including TV guides, video clips, and episode information.

29. Pluto TV

Are you looking for exclusive content that you can’t find on other movie streaming sites? Pluto TV is a hub for original and high-quality live services, including TV shows, movies, and kids’ shows. The platform’s attractive qualities include top-notch video quality, playback options, and no signing up requirements. You can also opt for the app version and install it on your streaming device.

However, Pluto TV has some limitations such as a dull navigation menu and geo-restriction. Currently, Pluto TV’s services are only accessible in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the UK.

30. Veoh

Are you looking for a well-structured movie streaming website? Veoh is home to over 7,000 free movies, TV shows, and uploaded videos. Its user-friendly interface and in-built search engine are an added advantage. While you can create an account on Veoh, the site offers free services. However, signing up is only a requirement for video up-loaders, and no payment details are needed.

Veoh has a broad selection of movies, including classics and the latest films. However, you may require VPN services to protect your identity on the site.

31. Retrovision

Do you love films from way back? Retrovision is undoubtedly the perfect site to find classic movies. The website has a massive collection of free movies and TV shows in the public domain. The website’s homepage is easy to navigate due to its genre-specific options. You can find various movie classifications such as Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Cartoons, Western, Crime, and War. Retrovision also has an “All Movies” option where users can search for any movie regardless of its genre.

Users may also download the Retrovision app to use on their streaming devices. Retrovision’s only disadvantage is the poor video quality as some movies are significantly old.

32. Top documentary films

If you are a fan of documentaries, Top documentary films website is a perfect choice. The platform acts as an aggregator by collecting documentaries from several sources, including YouTube and Vimeo. The website has an attractive website consisting of insights and eleven documentary categories.

You will find hundreds of documentaries in various sections like Health, Environment, Biology, Psychology, History, Media, and Technology. You require no signing up to access the free content but can subscribe to receive regular updates.

Technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry. Movie lovers can now watch movies conveniently and stress-free on numerous free movie streaming sites.

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