Step-by-Step Guide to Install Cider Apk (Cycada) on Android

If you are trying to get the experience of the iOS environment on your Android, Cider is a good option to choose. Cider Apk is an iOS Emulator for Android that is primarily used for testing purpose. However, the crazy desire for iPhone let us install Cider Apk on our Android. After installing Cider Apk on your Android, your gadget will complete makeover as a iOS device.

In this article, I will teach you how to install Cider Apk on Android devices. But, there are certain limitations using Cider App on your Android device. Before installing, let’s see the limitations of Cider Apk below.

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Limitations of Cider Apk

1. Cider Apk works only on selected devices
2. it’s not compatible with hardware like camera, GPS and even sensors.
3. Cider has some security loopholes as well

Now you that understood what is Cider Apk and what it can do and not. Let’s move forward and Install Cider Apk.

How to Install Cider on Android

1. First, Download Cider Apk
2. Now you need to make some changes in settings Go to >> Settings >> enable the “Unknown Sources”

cider apk settings

3. Open the download file
4. Click on Install
5. Once it is finished, tap Done.

Now you can see the Cider App on your Android screen. If it is present on the screen, then you have successfully installed it. Otherwise, you can do some basic troubleshooting by clearing the cache, temporary files. If it still doesn’t work go ahead and clear the cache partition. By now, most of the apps will work.

If everything that we tried went wrong, then take a deep breath Cider is not working on your device. Give up on Cider and enjoy what Android is capable of.

Is it worth to Get Cider App

Well, it depends on the individual. Although, Google Play Store is loaded with some of the best apps that will change the look and functionality of your Android to another level which we can never imagine. It all depends on us to find out them try on our device. For example, you can go ahead and try some GPS Spoofer apps to fake your location and enjoy all sorts of app features and services without any restriction.

If you thought of getting Cider Apk, then be attentive to the issues I have told above as they might be very harmful.

Wrap Up

Taking into consideration of the limitations and security breaches, I will definitely not recommend you to try Cider Apk on your Android. Even if you want to try iOS look on your Android, there are some other options. In next article, I will come up with a useful post on how to run iOS Apps on your Android phone perfectly.

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