Cool discord names – What should I name my discord server?

Before starting how to find the best discord names – what should I name my discord server name, let us discuss what is a discord server, and why do you need a cool discord name to become popular. Discord is a group-chat platform initially build for gamers. However, every type of community can use this service now. Discord is divided into servers, each of which has its own members, topics, rules, and channels.

A good username should inform your follower about the content you want to stream on your profile. In the present age of self-identification, discord names/usernames hold the utmost importance. They are mostly self-chosen and make way to possibilities of expression and communication. And it is one thing that most users will find you on discord. Let us discuss discord names.

A cool Discord username is very important so that your followers can easily remember you. Here in this article, we are going to share some best cool, and funny discord server name ideas that you can set as your username.

Cool, Funny, Aesthetic Discord Names, Server names

Cool Discord Usernames list

  1. Paradise Isle ⛱
  2. MemeRuler
  3. FullScopeJedi
  4. WinningGlory
  5. EpicPlay777
  6. FastTrekker
  7. Do_Not_Enter
  8. Bad_Habits
  9. Cheddar
  10. Rookie

Funny discord server names

  1. Samovar
  2. Mugwump
  3. Tweezers
  4. Dolemite
  5. applebottomjeans
  6. Huggybear
  7. SheepLicker
  8. LazyBanana
  9. StuckInRewind
  10. ForwardThinking
  11. YouAlreadyLost
  12. TimeToGo
  13. ShowTime

Discord Nicknames

  1. Chattime bud
  2. Tom Pepper
  3. Knee-Buckler
  4. Headshooter 😀
  5. Sniper god
  6. Angel Face
  7. Accidental Genius
  8. Bad Kitty
  9. Cutie Pants
  10. Joe Not Exotic
  11. Chickenriceandbeans

Youtubers Discord Names

  1. Youtubers Lounge
  2. DaGamerBois!
  3. DaNiel’s Community
  4. VoLted Society
  5. mcyt vibe centre
  6. ₦ Ø ₩ Ⱨ Ɇ Ɽ Ɇ
  7. 💜PGDL💜
  8. Brawl Wrld
  9. The Dreamers
  10. Underground Crew
  11. 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐲! 𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚
  12. 🎃📽🍕| Youtuber hotel | 🍕📽

Discord Names/Usersnames FAQ

Q. How do I change My Discord username?

A. If you don’t like your current discord server name, you can change it any time by following the simple methods below.

  • Log in to your Discord account from your MAC or Desktop and navigate to the desired server on the left sidebar. and click on the Settings icon.
  • It will take you to the User settings Tab, select Account and put a desired discord username on the right side, and click Done.

Q. What are Discord tags ?

A. A “Discord tag” is the combination of a username and their discriminator (a 4-digit number). The tag always appears as username#discriminator. The discriminator is used by Discord to distinguish multiple users that share the same name. Each user gets a random discriminator assigned that can range from 0001 up to 9999.

Q. What are Discord Name Colors?

A. It is a new feature introduced by Discord in attempt to easily identify user roles such as admins, mods, and users. there are over 10 colors both light version and dark version. A member with multiple roles will be selected a high priority color and vice-versa. This is great for showing off admins, mods, or server owners in a really obvious way directly in the chat window.

Q. What are different types of discord role names?

A. Discord role names is nothing but dicord nicknames given by the server owner when creating a user on the discord. There are quite few funny and nicknames find below:

  • Bass master
  • Server Grandpa
  • Master of Fish
  • Hot beats
  • shame cone
  • Time Out

Q. Which is the best Discord names generator?

A. There are many name generators out there which creates discord nicknames. However, most of the results looks meaningless and less popular types. It is suggested to use a discord nickname that is provided above, instead of a name generator.


I hope this list of discord names ideas have helped found the desired Discord Username for your profile. Now I would like to ask you, which one is favorite discord name and why. let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

Also, we are happy to receive your unique ideas on discord nicknames, server names, and role names in the comment section below. so that everybody can apply your unique ideas in their discord server.

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