Seven Fun Games That Guarantee Loads Of Entertainment

All tech and cool games can make Jack a smart boy.

Yes, you read it right! Digital media is taking the world by storm, and it’s about time to change traditional concepts. 

Apart from creating new pathways in the professional lives of people, it is affecting their personal spaces as well. One aspect of that is increasing, is the inclination towards digital games. Studies reveal, how adults and children alike spend millions of dollars and countless hours playing games every year. Meanwhile, the 2013 research by Entertainment Software Association shows that age groups of game players are in the range of 0 to 100. These numbers have been on the rise ever since.

It’s natural to wonder about the reasons behind the expansion of gaming. 

One of these reasons is its stress-relieving quality. At times when you need psychological detachment from daily chaos, games come in for the rescue. They enable you to refocus your brain and switch to a different zone. Some games especially prove to be an excellent source of breaking the monotonous patterns. They make people laugh, have fun, and escape their dull lives.

When talking about de-stressing nature of gaming, it’s essential to acknowledge that there are some genres of gaming that could amplify your stress levels. Hence, when looking for fun and entertaining games, make sure that you filter out properly. Scrutinize the characteristics of the game, the story it features, and its online reviews. 

To help you out here is a quick rundown of some of the games you can go for:


As of 2019 analysis, this game stands to be one of the most popular games online. PubG is a multiplayer online game that is the creation of PubG Corporation, a subsidiary agency of Korean company Bluehold.

It recreates the geography of an island and transfers the player to a whole new surrounding. All items are automatically picked up and sorted in the game, which cuts down tedious menu management. It can take up to 99 players at one time. 

Brendan Greene, the designer of this game, says he got his inspiration from the movie Battle Royale. It has some similarity with The Hunger Games too. But it is the graphics of the game and its depiction of real-life scenarios that wins the cake. 

Grand Theft Auto

It’s surprising to know that games like Grand Theft Auto that make you play the role of criminal can help reduce the anxiety levels. It showcases a strong level of violence, which makes us assume that it might be bad for our mental state. But the studies conducted in 2010 show that players who engage in violent games can stay calm and dismiss stressful situations.

Another study in this regard provides that action-based video games do not only reduce stress but also sharpen cognitive skills like reaction speed. So besides exciting you to the core, these games create a positive impact on other skills too.

Check out The Best of the Grand Theft Auto Games to find the best one in the series.

Alto’s Adventure

High-speed snowboarding has never been as relaxing as featured in Alto’s Adventure. It’s a simple game with zero complexities. All you have to do is glide down the mountain across the grinding edges. You can play with other players and perform backflips along the slide.

It’s the scenic beauty of mountains combined with mesmerizing background music that steals the attention. Plus the fantastic night and day transitions maintain a pleasant experience for the players. It’s a casual game that is purely meant to relax the players.  


Backgammon has been quite popular in the gaming world for quite a while. Its latest version developed by Unlimited Gamez Mo is better than a few others that came in the past. You have to play against the computer and use smart strategies to beat it.

This game provides an amazing platform to puzzle addicts. You compete with the computer and use your optimum mental capacities to figure out strategies. Overall, the game is amusing and tends to keep the players hooked for a long time.


Researchers at University College in London surveyed 491 subjects. They found a positive correlation between recovery from work stress and the hours spent playing games. 

Dandara is a game that works great for boosting mental function and providing recovery.  It has an enormous world to explore with cool graphics and awesome soundtrack. It involves a mission where you have to save the world from tons of mystical creatures looming inside.

Experts believe that the price for this game might drop in the future. 

Finger Driver

Some of the best games are those that you can quickly play while doing something else like waiting at a subway station. Finger Driver is one such game. You have to steer a car on the track and cover a certain distance.

During the journey, you have to fulfill a mission like gathering four coins or traveling a few miles at once. At the end of each mission, they reward you with coins that you can utilize later on to collect perks like getting new cars.

It’s the relaxing quality of this game that makes people keep coming back at it.


Limbo is a game that sparks imagination and fascinates the player beyond expectations. It is the puzzle adventure of a nameless boy who is trying to find his lost sister. The monochromatic illustration reminds you of creepy children’s books and old horror movies. It is the unpopular style of this game, which makes it stand out among others.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, one must keep in mind that too much of anything can be bad. Although video games are a great pastime, one must not waste their entire day involved in it. Fix a few minutes each day when you are going to play games. If you stay addicted to a game beyond limits that would create further problems and elevate the stress instead of reducing it.

What games are you playing these days to wind down after a long day’s work? Let us know!