How to Choose the Right University for Engineering?

School life seems so wonderful to us. But like every good time, school days also end after the 12th board exam.

This is the time when the real challenge of life begins for a student. So many courses to decide and so many colleges to choose from the list make every student confused.

When the course is engineering, the challenge almost gets doubled as there is are an innumerable number of engineering colleges all over India.

As of 2021, India produces 1 million engineering graduates annually from its 3500+ engineering colleges.

So, suppose you have decided to study mechanical engineering, or computer science, then selecting the best college from the list will be a daunting task.

However, like a stitch in time saves nine, a good decision during this time can give you wings to land on a lucrative career.

  1. How strong is the stream in a particular college?

Students often make a very common mistake of selecting a college by its brand.

It is mandatory to check whether the college is offering the stream that you are looking forward to or not. Several universities may have a good reputation but may not have a stronghold on the stream in which you wish to pursue your career.

It will help if you go through the curriculum and syllabus of the stream in which you wish to get admission to the college.

  1. Is scholarship or financial aid available?

Engineering course is expensive. Some students take education loans to pursue the course while studying engineering remains a dream due to the high course fee.

Many good universities like the BML Munjal University (promoted by Hero Group) offer facilities of scholarships and financial help for the students.

Check out the universities offering such facilities to reduce the financial burden that would have otherwise been a trouble in the long term.

  1. Faculty

For having a proper education in engineering, you must get proper faculty guidance.

Hence, you should check the qualification and credibility of the faculties.

As per UGC norms, there should be one teacher for every ten students. So, check if the college has got a perfect ratio of students and teachers or close to it.

  1. Infrastructure

Source: BML Munjal University

Along with the faculty, it is also crucial to check the infrastructure of the university. The university should provide some of the basic amenities such as a library, laboratories, and others.

There should be ample books available in the college, both paperback and eBooks. Proper internet connection in the college campus is also something that should not be ignored.

  1. Hostel facility

If the university you are choosing is in some other city, you also have to be very careful at checking out the accommodation facility at the university.

  1. Does the university offer practical observation along with theoretical knowledge?

It is quite difficult to understand various subjects of engineering theoretically.

There are many topics for which practical sessions or hands-on experience are needed. Thus, you should check if the university offers a combination education of theory and practical.

  1. Entrance Exam

To get admission to the best engineering college, you have to crack the specified entrance exams.

Certain universities accept common entrance tests such as CAT, GMAT, and others.

On the other hand, some other colleges conduct their entrance exams. You must research this segment very carefully well in advance to apply accordingly and prepare for the exams.

  1. Location of the university

Is the college located in your city or some other city where you have to migrate after seeking admission?

Have some detailed information on the city and the location where the college is located.

Check out whether the area is safe or not and the lifestyle cost of that particular city.

You should check out all the pros and cons before finally deciding whether you should get admission to a particular engineering college in a particular city away from your hometown or not.

  1. Internship Option

After graduating from an engineering college, it is also crucial to gain enough practical knowledge to move ahead in your career confidently.

For this, you must get the opportunity of doing an internship with a good company.

Some of the engineering colleges offer their students the facilities of doing an internship from renowned companies. It is always a great idea to get admission to such colleges.

  1. Placement Cell

In a career, a good start and a bad start matters in your long-term career growth.

An engineering college needs to place its students in reputed companies to kick-start their careers.

It would help if you chose a college that offers a good placement facility through a recruitment drive.

Again, check out the companies and brands that arrive at the colleges for the recruitment process.

Check out the last ten years’ placements records of the number of students recruited and the companies they have placed.

Try to choose a college where some of the best-known companies in engineering arrive to conduct interviews and recruit students for different profiles.

  1. Extracurricular Activities:

If you wish to have a bright career, just having academic knowledge is not going to help.

It would help if you also became an all-rounder to get ready to face the real challenges once you are out there in the real world.

Hence, getting into a college that also deals in extracurricular activities such as debates, sports, fests, inter-college competitions, and others will help boost up your confidence.

  1. The Ambience:

Apart from the above crucial points, the ambiance of the university also plays a major role in your education.

If you wish to have a proper focus on your aim, you will need a university with a decent and professional ambiance.

Check out the track records of any incidents in the college and the college’s reputation before applying for admission.

The Takeaway-

Studying engineering is a great option to kick-start your career as a global professional.

However, a wrong decision can be fatal in your long-term career goals.

So, make a list of the criteria you want to have in the college where you want to study, research the top listed colleges from your list and then apply there. Soon you are going to be capable enough in this competitive world.

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