Social media has been an integral part of our life. We are living in an era where Social Media has so much value in our lives. Most of the users can be found in one or other social media sites. By using social media you can promote your business, get your dream job, connect with pals etc. Linkedin is one such site where it provides immense value in networking with people. in fact, most companies perform background checks using the Linkedin website while recruiting.

However, we cant be sure that these sites are going to be forever. So, its always good to have a backup of your Linkedin contacts aka connections so that you don’t lose anything in the future. Follow the instructions below, to export/download your Linkedin contacts to your computer.

How to export your LinkedIn contacts

  • Go to Linkedin Account and log in to your Account, if required.
  • Click on the “Me” option on top of the screen, and select “Settings and Privacy” option

export/download your LinkedIn contacts

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  • Click on the “Privacy” tab at the top of the page (Most of the times it will be selected by default)
  • From the sidebar >> Select >> Data Privacy >> Choose How Linkedin uses your data
  • Then Click on “Get a copy of your data” next to the sidebar and click on “Change” to select which data you want to download

download your LinkedIn contacts

  • Choose appropriate data from the list of options and click on “Request archive”. (either download your larger data archive or select certain bits of your data such as Articles, Connections, Imported contacts, Messages, Invitations, etc)
  • if prompted enter your Linkedin Password to continue. Depending upon the data it will take a while to prepare your archive file. The lesser the data, the less time it will take

The “Request archive” option should grey put and change to “Request pending”. Linkedin will send you an email once your Linkedin contacts are ready to download.

That’s all it guys. I hope this article explaining How to Export/Download Linkedin contacts was helpful. This will make sure you won’t miss out on your Linkedin connections when the inevitable happens. What do you think of this guide? What is the first thing that you want to download in such a situation? Either way, leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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