How to Send and Receive Fax from Email

Addiction to anything is not easy to go off, and there are many people and companies, who are addicted to using fax service to process their communication. However, the global improvement in technology has changed the way of human behavior and its resources. 

On the earliest day, it was very difficult to keep a fax machine online to send and receive fax online. But now with the advancement in technology new alternatives are appearing in the market and fax through email is one of them. That’s why today in this guide we will learn how you can send and receive fax by using your email with the help of CocoFa.

Now there is no need to keep your machine online for a full day to receive your documents. In fact, most of the people are throwing their fax machines out of the house and office.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care in England “National Health Service (NHS was the largest purchaser of fax machines but according to the 2019 survey, they have clearly announced that they are going to throw all of them out”.

There is a huge name in the market which has developed its services through great hard work on its services and flexibilities. That name is CocoFax, which is highly recommended by the world’s top brands like CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. 

What is CocoFax?

It is an online fax service provider who has helped thousands of companies to manage their office work by providing online fax services. CocoFax is providing great alternatives like a fax from a computer, laptop, and any mobile device to its users. With its fastest, secure and reliable online fax service CocoFax has managed to get a number in the world’s largest online fax service providers.

With the excellent emailing facility of CocoFax, you can easily send fax via email all over the world without any time limits. With its fully managed and user-friendly system, you are not bound to only one method. You can use your laptop, PC, or even a mobile device to send and receive fax.

Great Features

With CocoFax, you will enjoy some great features which are not provided by most of the other online fax service providers. 

  1. Send & Receive Faxes from Anywhere
  2. Send Faxes Instantly – No More Waiting
  3. No More Fax Machines, Paper or Toner
  4. Safe, Secure & Encrypted Faxing
  5. 30-Days Free Trial

To achieve hundreds of great features including Fee Fax Number with 30-Days Free Trail through CocoFax, use CocoFax here.

How to Send and Receive Fax from Email for Free

To Send and Receive Fax from Email for Free with CocoFax, you just need 3 things. 

  1. Device (PC, Laptop, or SmartPhone)
  2. Internet Connection
  3. A CocoFax’s Account

That’s it, by having these three things you will be able to send your dex to anywhere in seconds.

So, let’s start our step by step guide to send and receive fax from email.

Step 1) Signup on CocoFax’s 30-Days free trial by using your email address which randomly in your use. Keep in mind, fax via email service of CocoFax can work on any other email account. So, you have to send a fax by using your email address which you used to signup on CocoFax.

Step 2) Choose your Free Fax number.

Step 3) After signing up, log in to your Gmail account on a laptop, PC or smartphone. Click on the “Compose” button which has a plus (+) sign on it.

A pop up on the left side of your computer screen will be open where you have to enter the fax address of your receiver.

The fax number which you are going to put in the “To” section should have at the end of it. For example, if your receiver’s fax number is 123456 then you have to enter it like [email protected] 

Under the “To” section you can see the “Subject” Box, we mostly use it to enter the title of our sending fax. You can leave it empty if you want to. After the “Subject” section, you can see the “Body” box, where you can add details about the fax or any other text which you want to send.

Now it’s time to add your file. Click on the ‘attach file’ option and select the file which you want to send. CocoFax allows you to send only doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, png, jpg while using email services.

Step 4) After attaching the file, just click on the “Send” button, and leave the rest on CocoFax.

Your sent fax will be first received by CocoFax and it will automatically arrange it to send it to your receiver’s fax number. This process completes in nanoseconds. 

But, keep in mind if your receiver is using a fax machine and it is OFF or has some kind of technical problem then you may face failure. In that kind of situation, you will receive a message in your CocoFax’x dashboard and also an email on your given email address. 

You will also be notified if your fax is successfully transferred. 

How to receive Fax by using Email

To receive a fax on email, you do not need to do anything special. With CocoFax, you do not need to keep any system online 24/7. If a sender sends you any fax, CocoFax will receive it and notify you about it. 

You can check that received fax in your inbox. That’s it. 

That’s how we send and receive fax by using different email providers. With CocoFax you have not limited to any specific email provider. It doesn’t matter which email service you are using. You just open your email account and compose a new mail and enter the fax number of your receiver with at the end. Send it by attaching a file and your fax is on its way.

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