How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Spying on someone becomes imperative to reinstate trust or reliability on someone. Deceptions, false representations and blatant lies are way too common in today’s times. By virtue of technology, people can just mutilate the actual truth. 

You can’t be everywhere to keep a tab on your loved ones. You won’t know if they were actually at a place they claimed. 

In such circumstances, spying looks like a feasible option. It was a big relief for me to know that you can secretly spy someone’s phone from Spyine. 

Many friends of mine swear by Spyine and on recommendation, I did a trial run. The free trial had me hooked and it has been truly serving my purpose ever since.

What Makes Spyine Better Than Other Spy Apps?

Spyine has a super efficient web-based and user friendly interface that allows one to spy on someone’s phone remotely and secretly. It provides a great variety of spying features that make it popular with a proliferating fan base in over 190 countries. 

What All Can the User Expect From Spyine?

Many spy apps promise a lot of things, and very less actually deliver them. Spyine stands true to its words and deliverables. Further, it provides a lot of promising spying features. Below are some of the essential features that distinguish: 

Stealth Mode: Spyine has a great stealth mode that allows it to be undetectable. You can spy in complete anonymity and secrecy. You can spy on someone without them knowing about it. The stealth mode offers the much desired data protection.  

No Jailbreak: One thing that particularly struck me Spyine was the fact that it requires no jailbreaking whatsoever. You don’t need to root through the target device. Jailbreaking or rooting leaves room for suspicion and Spyine curbs it appropriately. 

Many Spying Options: It is so easy to incorporate a bunch of spying criteria towards someone’s phone secretly. You can have access to someone’s messages, location, social media, call list and absolutely any concern about them that bothers you. 

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

With Spyine, tracking someone’s phone without them knowing is effortlessly easy. The web based app works on both iOS and Android devices. While with iOS you do not even need the phone at all, with Android, you need to install the application.

The procedure in either case is very simple and convenient. Let’s see how can you spy on someone’s phone without them knowing:

When Target Phone Is an iPhone

When you need to spy on someone who has an iPhone, the process is entirely hassle free and remote. You wouldn’t even require the phone for anything at all. You leave no trail, no installation, and no phone. 

The procedure also takes no more than a few minutes. It took me no longer than 10 minutes. Just check the below procedural guide:

  1. Use your email ID to register on Spyine’s website.
  2. Select your desirable plan from Spyine. It offers a wide range of plans from premium to family packs.  
  3. 3. Once the plan is selected and paid for, you will be asked about the target platform, that’s when you choose iOS.
  1. After this, you need to enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone number. Once done, you will be able to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing. 

The key factor in case of iOS remains knowledge of the iCloud credentials of the intended device. 

When the Target Phone Is Android

No app can let you have remote access to an Android device. An app that claims it can be done is lying blatantly. 

Having settled with Spyine, spying on an android phone was easier than expected. Spyine is no exception to the installation requirement in the Android device. 

Once the Spyine software is successfully installed, it can be instantaneously hidden. Any evident signs of existence of this App will be curbed. This is possible because this app weighs no more than 2 MB and hiding it becomes extremely convenient. 

There’s no trail of the app or the intended spying, once the app is hidden. You need to follow a simple set of procedures to spy on someone having an android device, without them knowing:

  1. Use your email ID to register on Spyine’s website.
  2. Select your desirable plan from Spyine. It offers a wide range of plans from premium to family packs.  
  3. Once the plan is selected and paid for, you will be asked about the target platform, that’s when you choose Android.
  4. After this, you would need to install the said App on the target Android device. The installation happens with the blink of an eye. The app will itself prompt the option if you want to ‘hide the app’. 
  5. When you hide the App, any miniscule proof of its existence will vanish from the target Android device. As it weighs so less, it never really catches the attention of the owner of the Android phone. 

For me, the promptness and flawlessness of Spyine on and through Android was impeccable. It did not take more than a couple of minutes to be done and dusted with the procedure. 


A lot of things we hear, things we see can tantamount to raising suspicion towards our loved ones. Spying becomes a dire need of the situation to corroborate for the break of trust. 

Sometimes, just out of security reasons, we want to keep a tab on our loved ones. Whatever your reason could be, you can secretly spy on someone from Spyine.

The amazing spying features offered by Spyine make it the best spying app for both iOS and Android. By virtue of its promptness and purpose fulfilment, Spyine has garnered a large fan base.

So, spying on someone’s phone without them knowing is an easy way to eradicate or collect proof of doubts and thoughts. Spyine happens to give the best interface for this, I can certainly vouch for that.  

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