How to Study for the AZ 900 Certification Online?

AZ 900 Certification Online

For those new to cloud computing, the AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam is a great way to demonstrate knowledge, passion, and experience to current or potential employers.

The Azure Fundamentals certification, also known as the AZ 900, is the best place to start if you want to get into cloud computing and earn Microsoft certification training. The AZ 900 certification is at the foundation level, meaning you don’t need to understand Azure or cloud computing thoroughly.

If you want to earn an AZ 900 certification but need help, you are at the right place.

This post is a comprehensive guide to online studying for the AZ 900 certification exam.

So, let’s begin by understanding the Microsoft Fundamentals or AZ 900 certification exam.

In the new role-based Microsoft certification courses for Azure, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals. Both technical and non-technical candidates who want to assess their fundamental understanding of Azure cloud services should take this exam.

How to Prepare for the AZ 900 Certification?

Before beginning the preparation process, one must familiarize oneself with the AZ 900 exam topics. There are three domains in the Microsoft Azure AZ 900 Exam.

  • Understanding Cloud Concepts
  • Working in Azure Architecture
  • Governance and Management of Azure

Making a plan to ace this exam is necessary. Follow these simple steps to pass the AZ 900 certification online.

1.     AZ 900 Exam Requirements

The Azure AZ 900 examination is easy compared to many other Microsoft role-based tests. Prior knowledge of cloud computing or programming is optional for this exam. Those who want to verify their fundamental understanding of cloud services or solutions may find this exam helpful.

This Microsoft certification training will assist you in pursuing a career as a developer, solution architect, administrator, etc., in the Azure environment. The AZ 900 test can certify that you understand the fundamentals of Azure and have the requisite skills necessary to work with Azure certification tasks.

2.     Fundamentals of the Microsoft Azure-900 Exam

Microsoft certification courses have a clear exam policy. Depending on the role or function, each exam type offers certain information. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of this exam before starting your AZ 900 exam preparation.

3.     Structure of Exam

The exam duration is 85 minutes and comprises 40 and 60 questions. Questions are presented in various forms: short answers, case studies, repeated response alternatives, build lists, hotspots, multiple-choice questions, brand reviews, review screens, active screens, better answers, and drag and drop. No penalty is imposed for wrong answers.

4.     Exam Fee

Before commencing your Microsoft certifications exam preparation, you must confirm the exam cost. The cost of the exam may vary depending on where it is administered. The exam will cost $99 if you reside in the United States.

5.     Passing Score

To pass this test, you must receive a total of 700 points. Any candidate who secures lesser points will be deemed insolvent.

How to Pass the Microsoft Azure AZ 900 Exam?

Microsoft certifications demand thorough preparations. Listed below is a comprehensive preparation guide for the AZ 900 test.

1.     Online Courses

AZ-900 Training programs are essential for passing these certification exams. Choose reputable Microsoft online courses to study for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification exam so you can comprehend the entire syllabus. Self-preparation may make you feel defeated. Also, you will benefit from learning some insider knowledge from instructors with first-hand experience in the subject.

2.     Exam Simulators and Practice Questions

The best way to assess your abilities and capabilities in a given field is to practice with a simulator. The AZ 900 Simulator offers a real exam setting and reliable questions.

3.     AZ 900 Certification Mock Tests

These practice exams are of very high calibre and provide comprehensive explanations. They include 7 section tests (325 original questions) and 6 full-length mock exams (55 unique questions). Additionally, you receive evaluations of your strengths and faults.

Remember to also sign up for Azure Notifications to keep abreast of the most recent updates to Azure.

4.     Microsoft Online Learning Platforms

All Microsoft online courses and certification tests are managed through this platform. The AZ 900 exam preparation process should begin at this portal.

Everything you need to know about this test is available on this portal, such as the AZ 900 exam modules, links to study resources, details on the exam prerequisites, and even links to exam study groups.

Ending Thought

That is all there is to learn how to pass the AZ 900 Certification exam. This is a good certification if you want to work with Microsoft Azure or any other cloud platform. Furthermore, it reveals your grasp of Microsoft Azure’s fundamental concepts. The AZ 900 certification online test is challenging and requires a lot of dedication. Use the above advice to pass the test easily.

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