Is it possible to download Insta story? Learn how to repurpose content this year 

It’s known that users can only watch Instagram stories within 24 hours, but it is not true if you know the right tools. You may miss the Stories of some users but with a smart service this Story will still be available despite it can disappear from the feed. So in this article, you will learn how such services work. You have an additional opportunity to use these visuals within the app and outside it.

This article will be especially useful for those who run an Instagram business account. If you learn how to save Instagram story, you will be able to post it on your account, website, and other social networks. By doing this, your content strategy will be based on reviews from real users, which will attract even more online purchases.

If you need to record a Story, you can do it using the built-in camera. When you want to download this visual, you can click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Instagram also launched a draft feature. You can capture content and leave it in the app drafts to save or post later. However, Instagram does not provide functionality for downloading stories posted by other users. Moreover, clips and photos disappear 24 hours after they were published in the app. But the solution is described below. 

The simplest solution to save IG content 

If you want to save a Story someone has shared on Instagram or Stories from Highlights, you can easily do that via downloaders. In addition, such services allow you to keep Lives that will likely disappear after they pass. Since the quality of content is the main competitive advantage on Instagram lately, some Stories, Lives, and Highlights can be very meaningful so you may need to download them. If you just want to share stories, you can take a screenshot sometimes. However, if this story is a video format users start recording the screen. In both cases, the quality of content declined noticeably.

Therefore, if your goal is to download a story and re-use it for a business or personal account, we advise you to apply very simple downloaders. Some and most of them are completely free with limits. They become paid only if you need to download content in bulk or download a whole profile. If you periodically need to save one or two stories a day, then you can do it without registration and payment. So how do such services work:

  • To get started, you need to copy the link from Instagram. You can do it in various ways –  in the online version by going to the Instagram website or by opening the desired profile/post from the app. Any working service that you apply will require a link to find that profile you need content from. So, copy the URL to the clipboard.
  • Next, you need to pick any service that offers downloading content including stories. If you google it you will find many options, however, a link to the tested tool is provided at the beginning of this article. When you open the service, you will notice a search bar where you will need to paste the link that you copied from the application or from the good Instagram browser. And after that, the service will show you all the stories available for download. These will be either highlights or Stories that a user has uploaded within 24 hours. After that, you just have to click on the download button and they will be saved on your device.

Also, many services may offer the feature of mass downloads and automated story tracking. For example, these services can spy on several accounts you indicate. What does it mean? You will not need to check several times a day if they have posted something, even if you miss a Story in the app, a downloader will keep it for you. It will be saved on the server for several days. Even after 24 hours when it disappears from the application, it will still be available on the tool’s server.

Afterward, you can either download it or just view it. This is very convenient if you need to download content from several profiles in bulk and you do not want to spend a lot of time in order to monitor each. Moreover, the media files saved from the tool will be high-quality, not like if you take screenshots.

Now you understand that you can download a story of absolutely any user who has a public Instagram profile. For this you do not need to log in to IG or even have your own profile, just a single URL will help you. If right now you don’t have any idea why you should download Stories from IG and how to use them, read the next section. Your content strategy will change the better side.

Download Insta story: what are the benefits?

Keep useful content offline

With such a downloader for IG Stories, you will have a chance to save Live streams and also other IG content. Some media files can be a good interview, work-outs, concerts, etc. In some situations, you may want to view this offline anytime, so downloading Stories via trusted services will be helpful. You can keep media files from Instagram legally and free of charge. 

Save stories for reuse

It’s a good idea to achieve greater content reach by downloading eye-popping stories and showing them to your audience. For example, you can find an attractive story on an account of a travel influencer. If this clip will be interesting for your audience, you may simply download it and publish on your account. The issue is that it’s impossible to repost a story unless you are mentioned. So, you will need to mention the original author. This will be beneficial for content creators as well because you direct extra traffic on their accounts. 

Repost reviews that customers post

People who buy things on Instagram love to film stories about products they try. But sometimes they might forget to mention or tag you. So, check the Stories of people who ordered from you and download these Stories. You will stimulate additional interest in your services.  

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