4 Things You Should Do Instead of Getting a Credit Card

Anyone who first applies for a credit card has high hopes that they will be able to manage it and service the interest when the time comes. However, there aren’t too many of us that meet those expectations. We get the card, start to spend, and think about the consequences later.

Before we know it, we’ve sent our credit card into overdraft, and we’re not sure how we’re going to pay it back – not to mention the interest. With this in mind, let’s take a look at four things you should do instead of getting a credit card. 

1. Build an Emergency Fund

Many people are so caught up in paying off their credit card debt that they don’t have the funds to pay when things go wrong, like when the car stops working or there is a health issue in the family.

Many people also fall into the trap of having to pay for the unexpected with their credit card, which, of course, leads to more debt that you can’t pay off. This is why it’s a good idea to create an emergency fund that you can tap into in times of need.

2. Only Buy What You Can Afford

Another great thing to do instead of getting a credit card is to live within your means. This means paying for just what you need, within what you’re earning.

While you may be tempted to go on a shopping spree, stop for a moment and think of the future. Do you really want to be in debt for buying material things, like clothes and shoes? Or are you able to spend within your means at this point and avoid credit cards altogether?

3. Consider a Short-Term Loan

If an emergency has come up and you haven’t had any time to build up that emergency fund yet, you may want to consider taking out a short term loan. These are much more manageable than credit cards, and they’re easier to apply for as well.

Look up title loans online or personal loans online, and see what comes up. One of the biggest advantages to a short term loan is that most lenders offer flexible repayment options, so you won’t have it hanging over your head.

4. Create a Budget for the Week

If you don’t have a budget that you’re working within for the week, it’s easy to go beyond your means. This is why it’s essential to know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Sit down and take a look at your income, and then think about what you need to spend that income on each week. If you’re able to cover it all, create a budget where you know exactly which day those expenditures go out, so you can figure out exactly what you’re left with. This is going to make managing your finances a lot easier and will help you avoid those pesky credit cards.

Staying away from credit cards isn’t easy. Whether you want to treat yourself or you’ve got an unexpected event that you have no choice but to pay for, avoiding credit cards is easier said than done. However, it is possible, especially with these simple tricks.

Maintaining a Positive Outlook When Working in a Stressful Role

It doesn’t matter what industry you’ve chosen to work in, most professionals will experience some degree of stress at some point due to their working life. It may be long hours; it may be job pressures; it may even be down to workplace flare-ups or bullying.

It’s how you deal with them and build up your self-esteem for the future that counts. What can you do to maintain a positive outlook when working in a stressful role? Read on to find out.

Enthusiasm and Attitude Count for a Lot

Think back to when you were hired for the role you’re currently working in. Likely it was the knowledge and skills you had that got you the job, but another key influence would have been your enthusiasm and attitude.

Employers are looking for staff who can not only bring first-rate skills to the room but also a winning personality to match.

This is particularly true in careers within the healthcare system such as doctors, nurses or CNA jobs where a positive mental attitude really counts. Your attitude and appearance can really make a difference in how your patients feel and whether or not they’ll trust you. These are qualities that are essential to working and communicating well. Not only that, but a positive attitude is infectious.

A solid positive outlook can also greatly improve your job performance and enhance your chances of diversifying your career and trying something new.

You’ll be able to deal with job stressors more effectively and be able to come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems, as well as managing your own interpersonal relationships in a much more effective way.

It’s true that we tend to be more productive and able to do our best when we have a positive attitude. This is true even if it’s a job or task we don’t particularly like or want to do.

Let’s be honest though — it’s tough to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude every single minute of every day. What’s important is to recognize when you might be feeling more negative than usual and to be proactive in dealing with it.

What’s Causing Your Work Stress?

If you’re stressed out and worried at work, take a step back and look at what could possibly be causing it. Make some notes. Is it any of the following?

  • Arguments and disagreements with colleagues
  • Burnout from overwork
  • Criticisms from someone you work with which are playing on your mind
  • External stressors such as personal life issues or family crises

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is one that contains many of the issues that people who struggle with positivity worry about. Take each cause of poor mood, isolate it and try to find actionable ways to change.

Are You Actually in the Right Job?

When you set out on your career path, you may have had a few different roles before you took the one you’re currently settled in. Is it still right for you?

If it isn’t, then now might be the time to regroup and reconsider whether the industry and sector you’re in is best serving your needs and desires. If not, then part of the reason you feel low might be because you need a career change. It’s remarkable how much difference this can make.

If you don’t have that worry, it might be worth taking a step back to reaffirm your expectations and requirements for the job you’re in. Often this can lead to a fresh understanding of your work and can motivate you and make you feel more positive about the future.

Make an appointment to speak to a superior at work or sit down and have an informal meeting with your colleagues. Each of you can take it in turns to talk a little about your roles, what’s right about them, what’s wrong and what could be improved. It’s a way of keeping contact with the people you work with and a way of making sure everyone is happy with their responsibilities. You included!

Are You Burnt Out From Overwork?

It could be a case of overwork and burnout that is making you feel less than positive. In situations like these, step back and recharge. If you can, take some time off or go on a sabbatical to refresh and revive yourself. You’ll more often than not come back with a better outlook and perspective on your goals.

Within your place of work, look at your processes and make changes to the way you operate each day. Little shifts can produce a decrease in workload and time spent worrying — and result in an increase in positivity.

Talk to your employers and your Human Resources department to see if they can help you manage your workload better. Sometimes all it takes is one small meeting to open up a positive pathway that helps everyone in the long term.

A Positive Attitude is Possible

So, how can a positive mental attitude help you succeed in any role you take on?

  1. Drastically Cut Workplace Errors

A positive attitude means you’re focused, you’re in the moment at work and you’re giving 100% to the task in hand. And, it means there’s less chance of errors occurring. When you’re negative or in a bad place, you’re often mentally distracted by your other problems and not concentrating in the same way, thus leading to a rise in mistakes.

  1. Earn a Good Reputation and Advance in Your Career

Adopting a good attitude means you’ll automatically be able to handle workplace stress when it arises, and approach difficult situations with a positive capability. It’ll mean issues get resolved more quickly, and it also makes everyone else around you happier too.

When employers look for employees, they want people with a ‘can-do’ approach who are sure of themselves without a big head or stubborn attitude. These attributes are also what make for good references when you decide to change jobs too.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude when working in a stressful role is entirely possible, so long as you keep channels of communication open at all times and aren’t afraid to state your needs.

Things to check while hiring luxury chauffeur service

Before making any business decisions, careful research is needed which ensures that this choice is optimized for your clients and has the business interests at the center of it. Whether it is a business event or meeting with a client, prior research highlights your business and makes a long-lasting impression on your present and potential clients.

As far as business is concerned, it is always critical to project a positive impression to your client with a strong business message and effective branding, many key factors are responsible for this and one of them is hiring a luxury chauffeur service. Finding a Chauffeur Service  needs to consider research which includes factors like:

Pick Up and Drop Off reliability

When you opt to book a chauffeur service, you definitely want to make sure that you will reach your desired destination on time and on schedule. This factor is directly associated with the punctuality of the driver who should keep time and distance in check. Service providers who take time as first priority, are undoubtedly worth considering.

Excellent navigation

It is worth appreciating the quality of an excellent chauffeur service that they must plan prior to the journey route and possible delays and alternative routes. Especially in cases when you are short on time. Punctuality earns the client appreciation and provides the best impression to whom your meeting. For best navigation, the chauffeur should possess the latest information about the local routes, traffic situation, and the emergency routes in case the traffic or local circumstances on the day take a turn for the worst.

Work ethic and hospitality

This must be an essential thing for a company to train their chauffeur service to pay attention to customer needs. A quality chauffeur service provides you with ethically trained chauffeurs who treat you with compassion and a smile goes a long way. An excellent chauffeur also attends to the small needs of the customer, which are obviously included in the service package but they make it special for you with their presentation skills. Examples include turning on favorite music according to your mood or making an instant stop by diverting the actual route for some urgent but short work.

Nice and clean Vehicles

An excellent chauffeur Service provides good quality and a well-maintained vehicle for you. For you, a well-maintained vehicle is necessary as it is a nightmare situation for you, if the car breaks down with mechanical issues, it can be devastating, missed flights or late meetings. Reputable chauffeur service companies also update older vehicles depending upon the client’s requirements and always do preventive maintenance checks.

Professionalism & Qualified

Your chauffeur company will go through stringent checks and stern recruitment process. Only the most highly skilled and qualified will be selected during the selection process. Once hired they will be continually trained to understand local areas, attitudes, behavior, and local regulations.  Local transport licenses are obtained and all these pools together to ensure you as the passenger do not have to spend time focusing on transport issues and more focused on the task at hand.

Is There any Security Behind Online Loans?

You can find anything on the Internet nowadays, and that includes personal loans and lines of credit. Clicking open a new tab when you need help in an unexpected emergency is a lot more convenient than heading out to a financial institution. But it isn’t without its downsides. You have to share a lot of personal details about your finances over the Internet before you’re approved.

To make sure you’re sharing your personal information with a reputable financial institution, keep scrolling. You’ll find out why security is important with an online loan, and how to make sure your online loan is safe.

Why is Security Important?

Any time you’re online, security is important. Your personal information acts as the key to your identity, so you should only ever share it with people and companies you trust.

If you make a mistake somewhere along the way, the wrong people can get their hands on your personal information. If it includes things like your contact information, financial account details, or Social Security Number (SSN), they have what it takes to commit fraud and identity theft.

Identity theft happens when a thief creeps pose as you to take out large loans and max outline of credit loans in your name.

While you may dispute these charges, their actions may negatively impact your credit history until you have the fraud removed. That’s why you should always contact a credit reporting agency about suspected fraud right away, and ask them about the next steps to take if there’s an error in an existing personal loan or line of credit.

How to Pick the Right Online Loan

With security a must, finding an online loan that protects your data is paramount. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options.

Play the Field

Under a time-crunch, you may feel pressured to take the first and fastest option, just so you can tackle your emergency quickly. But this may put your data at risk. It’s worth slowing down and comparing your options, even if it adds on some time to the entire process.

Research financial institutions that offer online loans and lines of credit, making sure to read both positive and negative reviews from a site like TrustPilot.

Understand Predatory Behavior

You can’t trust everything you read on the Internet. But that’s okay — actions speak louder than words. How a financial institution treats prospective borrowers and existing customers says a lot about how they do business.

Be aware that legitimate financial institutions will never email you and demand you share private information in a reply. If you need to address something with your account, they’ll ask you to sign in. And when they do, they won’t use aggressive language to intimidate you into doing something unsafe.

Look for Secure Tech

A financial institution must use the latest encryption technology and security measures that comply with federal law. More still, their privacy or security policy should be easy to find. You should know immediately how they intend to collect, use, and share your information.

Be Security Savvy

Borrowing money online is easy, fast, and convenient, but only if it’s safe. Always confirm your financial institution has your online security in mind.

My EasyFi: Track and Manage Your Expenses Like a Finance Pro

Managing your finances isn’t an easy job. Though everyone has day to day expenses and probably a budget, the money challenges can sometimes be hectic, whether you’re a solo or a family often. Like your life, you have to juggle the finances to the point of balance.

It takes research, understanding, and expert assistance that helps you align with your financial plans. You need something that enables you to manage your expenses, savings, and debts. Most of the time, people rely on hiring a finance expert to solve the money puzzle for them, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire one.

While it could be one of the best options to take your money through an easier route, it’s also possible that you can expertly manage your finances like an expert without spending thousands of dollars. One best alternative is My EasyFi expense tracking software with unlimited features.\

What Is My EasyFi?

My EasyFi is a comprehensive budget tracking software with passive income features. As you sync your bank account, you can designate your expenses, set your savings and debt repayment goals, and manage your money the best way possible. Once you know where you stand financially, My EasyFi also allows you to earn through the app’s affiliate program.

With this app, you can pin your financial situation instantly and know how you’re dealing with the economic swings. Whenever you’re overspending or have pending bills, the app notifies you so you can skip the penalties later. Most of all, it allows you to get a hold of your financial condition without having to hire an expert.

How to Sign Up for My EasyFi Account

There are several ways to register for your My EasyFi account. Either you could register directly at the website and choose your desired plan (basic or paid) or download the app and take it from there.

Another option is to sign up through the social media pages. Just click the ‘use app’ button on the My EasyFi page, and you’re all set!

Guide to Using My EasyFi App

Here’s a quick guide to making the most out of the best financial app.

1. Dashboard

As soon as you register, you’re taken to the dashboard where all your financial data is displayed. This data comprises your monthly income, spending, expenses, and targets. Here, you can see the amount you’ve spent as well as your goals. Also, your needs want, and savings are listed in separate color sections.

The dashboard gives you highlights of your budget along with a detailed check on your debt and savings, where you can track all your spending and your debt countdown.

2. Toolbox

The toolbox consists of all the necessary components to get you started with your bank account. The app is one-way, meaning that you can link your bank account and sync your income without having the app to create transactions. For Invoicing, there is plenty of great free invoice template out there to check out.

The first step is choosing your bank, add in your account number and sync your details. If the bank isn’t listed, you can add it yourself.

Here, you can also add your transactions and assign categories to every transaction you make.

As you sync your account, you can also add your income, designating its source as primary (main income source) and secondary (interest, commission, side hustle, etc.)

This feature enables you to add your income source, its frequency, and income type and designate your expenses. However, you won’t notice any transactions from your bank account. All your monthly goals will be aligned, giving you the ease of tracking your paychecks.

Whatever expenses you have, you can list them in the auto payment option, specifying the expense category. You can then submit it, and the system will keep a record of it.

3. Budget Builder

Mainly a budget app, you can browse the menu to find the budget builder that is primarily created to keep your budget in check. From displaying your income to showing your 6-month data in stats, it helps you stay aware of your income, debt, savings, and future goals. With this budget feature, you will be able to create realistic budget goals.

My EasyFi works by accumulating your data for six months. Based on these findings, the app allows you to create realistic goals. It leads you through a proper and oriented plan that revolves around your budget needs and debt repayment methods.

As soon as you separate your needs, you can peek into how much budget is spent or how much of it is remaining. You can track where your money went and how it is adjusted in your budget. With this feature, it is evident that you’ll know your spending habits and add some balance to your finances.

4. Affiliate Program

There’s hardly any budget app that offers you a chance to earn. While My EasyFi fastens your financial seatbelts and puts a leash around all the destructive spending habits, it also allows you to earn effortlessly. No matter where you are in the world, the app offers you to join its basic and paid affiliate program.

While both basic and paid members get a commission of 50%, the basic affiliates get to enjoy a one-time payout for one month on paying members. On the other hand, the paid members (after acquiring full membership of $100) can retrieve both financial services as well as the marketing program for over a year.

5. Money Tracker

As mentioned before, My EasyFi helps you keep track of your finances and delivers insight about smart money management. The app uses algorithms for your 6-month app usage data, which shows the detailed statistics and analytics in the form of interactive charts.

All your money is categorized into three main categories, namely Critical Needs (50%), Personal Priorities & Discretionary Spending (30%), and Financial Fitness (20%). Even if your taste buds are craving for something of the fast-food family or you’re getting the shopper’s itch, the app has a smart system to notify you when you’re pursuing some overspending.

6. Debt Eliminator

Everyone pressured under the debt wants to pay it off. As soon as you redefine your spending habits and align your saving goals, this distinctive feature helps you track your debts as well. All you have to do is to enter the debt amount, choose the interest rates, the amount you pay each month as well as minimum payments made.

Here, you also get the real-time strategies to pay your debt faster, mainly in the form of two types of debt repayment methods, snowball and avalanche. In the snowball method, you may start the debt repayment from the lowest balance first. In the second method, you choose to pay the highest balance first.

You can choose any debt repayment option with your flexibility. However, if you want to amplify the debt payoff, you can cut the chase using the app’s premium affiliate program.

7. Future Planner

Based on how your financial performance is going, this feature enables you to create your plans on saving your money. No matter what type of saving you’re aiming for, you can list all those here and rely on the app’s intelligent future planner to help you pinch your way to financial fulfillment.

8. Resources

Just in case you need a calculator to add in your total savings, the app comes with an in-built calculator. While you count up, you might want to need some expert advice about what to do next. Under the resources category, you can also find tips and tricks to gain some knowledge on smart money ways.


My EasyFi is an all in one financial assistant you will ever need to have your finances fixed. Whenever you need expert advice or want someone to keep a regular check on your financial situation, My EasyFi is always there for you.