How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts and Respond to Comments

Most people are hooked on to Instagram either for personal or for business reasons. Though it may not be useful for the individuals, for the business owners it is essentially required to flip between accounts. In Instagram, this is not an easy task. Therefore, when you want to switch from your personal account to your business account you will need to bear with the time taken to make such a switch.

However, with a simple trick, you can cut down on the time to log in and out of these different accounts every time. You can use a third-party app to manage both your accounts and even more, right from a single spot much easier. Well, at this point you must also know that these third-party apps may charge you for each account switch. Therefore, if you are okay with a pricier option, then this is exactly what you want.

Exploring some more options

There are a few more options that you can explore which are free to use to deal with your inconvenience in making a switch.

Photogrammetric is one such free to use app that will help you to manage multiple accounts from one place.

  • This is ideally a two-places-at-once app that will help you to switch between your personal IG account and your business account without having to struggle for it.
  • This is essentially an Instagram management iPhone app that comes with multiple account support.
  • It will allow you to view photos as well as post likes and comments on those.
  • It will also help you to manage your Insta followers to find out the favorite users and most popular hashtags that will make future recall easy.

The good thing about this app is that it will send alerts to your iPhone and therefore you will know exactly when there is an activity on your Instagram account.

The benefits offered

The tool comes with a series of benefits apart from that fact that you pay nothing to use it for your account switching between your IG accounts purpose without having to experience that annoying logging in and out requirement.

  • This app will help you to view your feed, like and comment all from one place
  • It will help you to search for users and hashtags right on the app
  • You will be able to create a list of favorite users with the help of it and
  • You will get a separate feed of everything that you do not want your posts to miss from even the peeps.

However, the limitation of this app is that it will not allow you to schedule or upload posts. Another limitation of it is that it can be used with a mobile phone only but then Instagram is mostly for mobile phone users.

Therefore, if you want to manage your Insta accounts Engagement and comments more comfortably, conveniently and easily, this is a tool that you must use. There are also a few others that have similar features and function but come at a price. If you have the budget then you can opt for those tools even and get similar results.

Responding to every comment

You will come across a lot of Instagram marketing sites such as others that will help you a great deal with your marketing efforts. They will ensure that you get a huge number of likes for your posts and lots of comments on them. Well, this is good surely good for your business marketing purpose but simply getting likes and comments should not be your only objective.

  • In order to make your Insta marketing effort more fruitful, you will need to establish a strong relationship with your Insta followers.
  • You can do this by interacting with them for which you will need to respond to their comments, one by one and every single of it.

Assuming that your brand and Insta account is very popular, you will be getting tens and even hundreds of comments each day for every picture that you post. With such a huge volume of comments pouring in every day it can really be overwhelming for you to respond to all of these and keep up that engagement.

Well, there are also a few apps for that. Using this, you can get to respond to every comment and to everybody. One such app is the Insta Commenter, which will help you to:

  • Create an interactive to-do list for responding to your IG comments
  • It will reduce the time to respond to the comments as you will not have to go back through all your comments and spend hours at a stretch on it or holla back at every follower.

Since engagement with your followers on Instagram is a huge boost for the loyalty of your brand, this tool will help you to keep track of all those comments and replies.

With this interactive comment organizer, you will be able to organize all your incoming comments more easily and even manage those comments that are un-replied-to.

The perks offered

When you use such IG comment organizer you will not only be able to respond to the comments on your Instagram feed but will also allow you to see the un-replied and awaiting comments on the last 20 posts. This will help you to organize your comments schedule more comfortably and efficiently.

  • In addition to that, the tools will also help you to choose a list of all comments that you wish to see as well as a sperate list of the comments that are personalized.
  • The tools will also switch the pending comments automatically over to the list of replied comments as soon as you reply to these.
  • The most significant benefit of these tools is that you can easily reply to even multiple commenters at one time.

Summarizing the facts

Just as it is important to switch between your IG accounts, it is also crucial that you stay in touch with your followers. With the use of the right tools, such overwhelming tasks will become easy.

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