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Have you tried playing fantasy sports games like fantasy cricket or fantasy kabaddi in the recent past? This past decade has seen rapid growth in the world of online games. With too many confusing options of these games online, we are left baffled. With a plethora of alternatives to choose from, it has indeed become a challenge to keep the users entertained without losing their interest. fantasy sports platform is one such game that has hooked the users of late. In all sports, cricket has always been the favorite sport of Indians. The thrill of our childhood was to play a match with unknown groups where the winner got all the contributed money! Cricket lovers are always looking for small chances to play this sport. With growing age and hectic time schedule in our life, playing cricket has become a thing of the past in the cities.

In this scenario, what better way to satisfy the sportsperson in you than a quick game of fantasy cricket, fantasy kabaddi or fantasy football. Online cricket games take you to down memory lane to your childhood days. And also give you a chance to win some real cash prizes!

Now, who wouldn’t want to win real cash in return for an entertaining game? Well most of us would definitely give it a try. The excitement and the thrill of choosing your favorite team, competing and winning a real prize have already gripped the users of 11Wickets. But is it possible to play this game and win cash daily? Absolutely! Let’s see how you can make it possible.

Step by Step Guide to Win Cash daily using fantasy sports

Step 1: Sign-up to create a new account for 11Wickets. It will be great if you already have a referral code from any of your friends who already is a member of the platform. Your friend will get a referral bonus of ₹50 for referring you and you will also get a referral bonus of ₹50 in your account.

Also, you can share your referral code/link in your friend circle. The more your friends will use your referral code, your bonus will increase and you can play at the platform without spending from your pocket.

Step 2: From the available contest list in the match center, you have to pick the contest.

Step 3: You have to create your very own team by selecting players at all the players within the limited virtual budget of 100 points. Players have the right to choose a minimum of only 4 members and a maximum of 7 members from either of the teams. At 11Wickets, you can also select the 12th man for your team, who will kick in the squad, if one of your team players from the playing 11 squads is not playing in the real match. The user must create a winning team keeping in mind the league he/she has chosen to participate:

Max Score — maximize overall score across batting, bowling, and fielding for the entire match

Max Bash — maximize batting score over balls faced not exceeding an innings equivalent and bowling/fielding score over the entire match

Fast Score — score the set target in the minimal balls not exceeding an innings equivalent

Max Boundary — maximize score related to the boundaries for the entire match

You have to ensure that while creating a team, the sum of credits across the chosen 11 players of the team, should not exceed a given budget of 100 credits. Also, you can join a match after the toss of the match.

Step 4: Once the game begins, you can sit back comfortably and watch the game in real-time.

Step 5: If you are the fantasy team that scores the maximum points and wins the matches in a tournament, you win the cash prize, which gets credited to your 11Wickets account and you can withdraw it.

From the above-given steps, it is quite clear that playing the fantasy sports game is quite an easy task. You can easily play it, even when it is the first time you are playing online cricket or football or kabaddi.

Happy reading!!

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