Pooph review 2023- does this pet odor remover really work?

POOPH: Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

I am sure that we all love pets but are at times afraid of their body and poop odors. Imagine how awful the scene would be when your boss is coming for a dinner and your cat poops on the carpet in front of your boss. Very horrible, the coin turns upside down in this situation if I say that I have come up with a solution to it. I have come up with a spray that can be used to get rid of this poop and urine smell of the pets.

If you have a pet at your place, or if you are thinking to adopt one but are afraid of these pet odors, then my friend this article is for you. Your search is over. I have customized this piece of an article specifically after reviewing and studying various products that can be used for pet odor removal from your carpet, bed, sofa, and many more. We have enlisted some of the best 5 pet odor removers that one can use in their daily life without any harm.

So let us start with some basic ideas about pet odor removers and how they work.

How do you get pet odors out of the carpet permanently?

Living with a pet comes with all the perks of constant companionship, responsibilities, and an adorable snuggle partner for the whole day. But for all its benefits, being a pet parent or an owner also means dealing with the less-than-ideal stuff, too, from house training accidents to sky-high vet as well as pet food bills. And then, of course, there’s the smell all the time. Even the most frequently groomed dogs and cats can leave lingering, unpleasant scents around the home, which is why picking up an effective pet odor remover is essential for all owners.

If you have been a pet parent long, you must have likely heard about bio-enzymatic or ‘enzyme’ cleaning products. But unless you have a background in molecular biochemistry the ‘how’ behind the ‘what’ probably remains a mystery. No one wants to use a product they’re not sure of – so we’ve put together a brief explainer on bio-enzymatic cleaners.


Pet stains as well as odor removers work by using good bacteria and enzymes that basically consume organic material. As the organic matter that is the pet product, is consumed, the stain and odor dissipate. Each product is different, that works on other mechanisms as well as on different surfaces and situations. Yes, for sure, if you are a pet parent, you can use these kinds of products in your daily life.


The main difference between these odor remover products and a standard carpet cleanser is bacteria and enzymes. These two organic components work together to create a natural cleaning solution.

Like there are ‘good’ bacteria for your body also present in yogurt, probiotics, etc. these non-pathogenic bacteria provide benefits without any health risks. These enzymes attach themselves to the staining agent, be it blood, urine, feces, or food, and break it down. There are also some other types of enzymes that target different types of stains – but most Pet products use Protease enzymes which target protein-based molecules.

The enzymes attach themselves to the staining agent and as long as the area is moist and more of the ‘food’ is available, the bacteria will multiply and continue ‘feeding’ on the stain thanks to the work of the enzymes. Eventually, the stain is gone as is the odor.


Because these pet odor remover products are non-toxic, they can be safer than most chemically based products! When the soiling agent has been broken down and consumed the bacteria die off therefore most enzymatic cleaners recommend vacuuming the surface once it is scorched. Enzyme cleaners have become immensely popular because they’re both safer and more effective than traditional methods for treating pet messes.

Types of Pet Odor Removers

When shopping for a pet odor remover, consider your end goal: is it to neutralize a smell directly after an accident or create a more long-term freshening scent? There are several variations of odor products available, ranging from different enzymatic cleaners which dissolve and remove substances such as pet urine” to “odor eliminators that help to neutralize smells and deodorizers for when you need a little freshening pick-me-up in a place your pet hangs out.”

Think, twice as well, about the areas you plan on using the pet odor remover most often as different surfaces benefit from different types of odor removers. “Hard surfaces such as wood or tile floors, for example, benefit from a fast-drying product,”. As for “soft surfaces such as beds, sofas, and chairs or even outdoor furniture, you want to look for a product that removes rather than masking scent.”

Pet Odor Remover Ingredients to Avoid

As mentioned earlier in the present article, we have come across words like pet-friendly and non-toxic pet odor remover. So, in any pet odor remover, there are some basic ingredients that are to be avoided to be used in routine daily life. These ingredients have been proven to be toxic and harmful to both humans and pets as well.

Make sure to keep an eye out for some dangerous ingredients like formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, phenols, or bleach as these are dangerous if consumed by curious pets.

Which odor remover is best?

Answering this content, if you are looking for one of the finest pet odor removers, you need to follow the below checklist which is have stated below-

  1. The odor remover should be eco-friendly
  2. Should not harm nature
  3. Should be non-toxic
  4. The smell should be pleasant as well as long-lasting
  5. Should coat the foul pet odor
  6. Should be used as an all-rounder like on carpets, sofas, bathrooms, and many more
  7. Should be pet friendly and non-irritant to the pet

Top 5 pet odor removers

In this section, we have included several reviews n different types of pet odor removers. Here we have specifically reviewed as well as researched thoroughly and have come up with these best 5 pet odor removers. The products are pet friendly as well as non-irritant to them. So, if you are one who is looking to buy one, here we have segregated for you.

  1. Pooph- stain and pet odor eliminator- the all-rounder

As per the research and product reviews, we have added this Pooph pet odor and stain remover on the top of our list. The product is easily available in the market and is also pet friendly. The product is dispensed in the spray bottle mechanism and is also available in different scent flavors.


Safe for people

Ecofriendly and biocompatible

Location- carpet, couch, sofa, bed, leather, floor

Spray mechanism

Available on Amazon



  1. Poo-Pourri

The best option for bathrooms is Poo-Pourri, which pre-emptively coats the toilet water with a barrier to prevent smells from escaping the bowl. It has a unique clever concept and highly effective, all-natural formula, this cute toilet spray has gained many fans over the past several years. Plus, the bottle is attractive enough to display on an open shelf or the back of your toilet. Not only that, it smells great (our tester used the lavender-vanilla option) and is very reasonably priced.

It’s not hard to use, but you’re supposed to spritz it into the toilet bowl before going, and not everyone will know (or remember) to do this. Yes, the directions are right there on the bottle, yet you can’t expect every person who uses your bathroom to read them. All that said, this stuff works.


Clever concept

Attractive bottle

Several scent options


Directions aren’t intuitive

  1. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

With over 79,000 reviews on Amazon, this industrial-strength solution from Angry Orange is a serious crowd-pleaser. It successfully works on multiple hard as well as soft surfaces, from carpets to couches, and it features a lovely citrus scent derived from orange peels that masks and removes pesky pet odors.

  1. Best For Carpets: Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Upright Carpet Cleaner Formula

Even the toughest stains and odors are no match for this carpet cleaner from Bissell, which uses two times more biodegradable ingredients than the brand’s previous formulas to work its magic. 

  1. Best For Furniture: Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

This enzyme-based solution from Sunny & Honey is great for use on couches, mattresses, tables, and more, and it can even be used outside on patios and decks. Not only will it remove any trace of stain or odor from your furniture, but it’ll leave the area in question smelling like aromatic essential oils.


Coming to the end part of the article, here are some easy tips for our readers on what to look for in their pet odor remover.

  • Don’t apply anything else along with the pet odor remover because some things can act as enzyme inhibitors and can reverse the reaction.
  • Follow the directions available on the product bottle.
  • Don’t get or apply in more quantity.
  • Allow the area to completely air dry, this is a part of the process


It is pretty certain that if you are thinking to be a pet parent or if you are already one, you need to be ready to set up a whole friendly environment for your pet as well. Counting on such things as, grooming accessories, pet skin as well as food care, and pet odor remover should be added to your budget list. 

Apart from grooming accessories, pet odor removers should be an essential entity to be added to the list. Many people still are unaware of such products and may have lesser knowledge about them. 

Apart from awareness, selecting one of the most suitable products for your routine is also an essential concept. We have specifically reviewed one of the best products- Pooph pet odor remover here through our method-wise research and reviews. We have also enlisted its pros and cons in our article.

Pooph Pet Odor Remover FAQ

Q. Does Pooph work on urine?

Yes, Pooph pet odor remover works on the urine and stool of the pet as well.

Q. Is Pooph legitimate?

As the name, many suggest that it is fake or does not work. But on the counter side, the Pooph pet odor remover is legit and it works wonderfully.

Q. Does Pooph have any deals right now?

Yes, Pooph has an attractive deal for their customers right now. The customer gets a special discount by ordering it from amazon as well as from the official site of Pooph.

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