When the time comes for your teen to go to university it can feel like an emotionally overwhelming and stressful period for all of you. Especially if they have decided to go to university in another country.

Suddenly, you feel even more swamped with things to do and feelings to process. However, there are things you can do to make the process as easy, organized, and emotionally bearable as possible for everyone involved.

Below you can read our guide of the steps you can take to have the best chance of this happening.

  1. Proper University Choice

There are thousands of university options for your teen throughout the world, but of course, they are not all going to be a good fit. It is important to spend time finding the right country and university where your teen will feel comfortable, happy, and have access to everything they need during their time there.

You should contact any universities that are possible options and find out about their features, resources, and amenities so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Prepare Documentation

Be sure to make a copy of any document that your teen needs, maybe it’s a copy of their passport, their application form, their visa and so on. Just see to it that there are two of every document that is necessary. This way if there are ever any problems you have a copy of all the information with you, and won’t be in the dark about any details.

  1. Check Out Their Living Situation

If possible take a trip to the place where your teen will be living and check it out to make sure you are happy with the living arrangements. It is important that you all feel comfortable with the situation, after all, it will give you great peace of mind to know they are living somewhere safe and can settle easily.

  1. Less Cash

This may seem like an obvious one but time and time again parents make the same mistake of giving their teen a wad of cash thinking they are helping them in case there is an emergency. Well, stop before you do this.

Nowadays, there are great options for travel cards that have little or no fees and this is always the preferred choice. Cash will only put your teen at a higher risk and more or less any problem that can be solved with money can be done so with a travel or bank card.

  1. Keep in Touch

Use Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other platform you have to keep in touch. Having regular phone calls, video calls, and messages can help all of you feel like there is a lot less distance between you than there actually it.

Keeping up with good communication also helps reduce homesickness and stops you worrying too much.

  1. Use Spokeo

Spokeo is a fantastic app that uses reverse number lookup to see all available information on the person associated with his number, including location and social media activity. This is of great benefit to you and allows you to be able to check that your teen is safe and doing well.

With Spokeo all you need to do is put your teen’s phone number into the phone number search, and get instant access to everything you need to put your mind at rest. For example, you could find out all social media profiles of your teen and then check every thought that your child will post there. Spokeo is perfect for parents who need some reassurance when their teen is studying abroad.

  1. Offer Support

Your teen studying abroad is a big deal and during the preparation, it can be hard to keep your emotions in check or focus on how your teen is feeling rather than how you are feeling as understandably you will be worried.

However, it is best that you offer support and best wishes, don’t try to make the process difficult or hold them back due to your own feelings, remember why they are going it and how good for them it is.

  1. Get Medical Insurance

Never let them leave the country without the appropriate medical insurance cover. Every country has different rules and policies so you will have to research what cover you need, but do not forget to do it.

If a medical emergency happened and your teen didn’t have the correct insurance it could be a nightmare for you and them, and you will regret not setting it up when you are in a different country unable to help.

We understand that your teen studying abroad has a big impact on everyone’s lives in various ways for the duration that they are gone. But never forget how exciting and eye-opening it will be for them. Therefore, be sure to follow our guide and get through the process as stressfree as possible and everyone involved will be happy!

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