Sleep deprivation is known to cause a host of changes and imbalances in your brain and body. Once you experience a sleepless night, your brain would start to process information in a much different manner. For some individuals, post an all-nighter, there is a feeling of euphoria. Sleep deprivation is very much related to dopamine release. You must realize that a major effect of dopamine is creating a firm positive outlook.

As per, the short-term gains in productivity by working all night and skipping sleep would make no sense when you start experiencing the detrimental effects on your ability to focus, your mood, accessibility to higher-level functions of the brain, and emotional intelligence due to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation leaves a profound negative impact on your mind and body hence; we find that even drunk people could easily outperform the ones who are sleep-deprived or lacking in sleep.

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Your Emotions

You must be wondering how sleep deprivation causes euphoria? Sleep deprivation is known to trigger an unstable and depressive mood. A lot of individuals feel sleep inertia and they would be demonstrating signs of anxiety and irritation due to one or even more nights of sleep deprivation. People who are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation are exposed to higher risks of developing certain serious mental health issues. Moreover, there are certain long-term effects associated with sleep deprivation and that may include heart issues, obesity, and sleep apnea. Euphoria is supposed to be triggered by sleep deprivation over a short period. People tend to feel euphoric and happy. Hence, these sleep-deprived people are most likely going to develop a positive outlook towards opportunities or situations they are encountering.

Role of Dopamine in Triggering Euphoria in Sleep-Deprived People

Our bodies release more dopamine for keeping us awake. This is primarily because dopamine would be blocking melatonin which is supposed to be the sleepy neurotransmitter. However, besides keeping us awake dopamine would also make some individuals feel euphoric. When you stay awake the entire night, you could start experiencing euphoric effects particularly, when accompanied with psychoactive substances such as alcohol.

What Are The Potential Dangers Of Euphoria?

Perception changes would be taking place due to sleep deprivation. Moreover, euphoria could trigger certain negative outcomes. Some photos were shown to a group of people who seemed to be well-rested and also to another group of people who were sleep-deprived. The researchers wanted the two groups to determine if the photos were neutral or pleasant, in their opinion. The outcomes revealed that the sleep-deprived people described the photos as pleasant because of the impact of dopamine on various brain areas that seemed to be activated due to euphoria or positive emotional stimuli. Sleep-deprived people who are experiencing euphoria would show a marked difference in the processing of information and may end up making wrong decisions. They could get involved in certain risky behaviors such as drugs, gambling, or even interaction with total strangers. Something that is perceived as negative or neutral by a well-rested person, the same thing would be perceived as positive or pleasant by a sleep-deprived euphoric brain.


Often sleep deprivation proves to be a good technique for treating depression. Moreover, we know that bipolar disorder patients would be switching between depressive and euphoric episodes. A study revealed that in most cases, the euphoric mania has been triggered by sleep deprivation. A bipolar patient would be bubbling with infinite enthusiasm and energy and his mind is brimming with ideas. A bipolar person would decide to do some house cleaning, or go out shopping, or indulge in some risky behavior in the middle of the night. They generally feel that sleep is a sheer waste of time!

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