Redefining your home décor with premium granite countertops

Granite countertops come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are quite versatile in the realm of home décor. You can get a countertop that complements your kitchen’s look or design the space around the countertop.

Keep in mind that décor is always about your personal preference, and you have absolutes here.

  • Wood and earth tones are very popular. When you think of granite, you envision the modern décor that most people use with monochromatic countertops.
  • It’s undoubtedly a great idea, but reddish, tan and brown granite can easily fit with natural, earthy colors.
  • Mahogany cabinets with brown and tan cabinets can be exceptionally stunning.
  • Blue granite can be both difficult and easy to use, depending on how far you’re willing to go with it.
  • It pairs well black and white tones, but after more shades to the kitchen, it can easily clash with other colors.
  • Usually, you get the best results with softer/lighter woods (bamboo). Blue granite wonderfully complements a white porcelain or stainless-steel sink.
  • It’s also important to keep your scheme lucid and simple. When you’ve a granite countertop, you’d want it to be your kitchen’s centerpiece. You can get the best results by simplifying your colors schemes.
  • A three-dimensional space can have a partner and while using many colors in the box can fit a children’s book, you don’t want to exceed one color range for granite.

Top granite kitchen countertops

There are numerous reasons to complement granite countertops in case of kitchen upgrading. The natural stone is scratch and heat resistant. To ensure more durability, sealing the stuff will also impede staining while eliminating bacteria from the surface.

  • Costa Esmeralda is a very popular style. Grey and greenish countertops look gorgeous. It renders a luxurious tough to your classic and traditional kitchen.
  • Blizzard granite countertops are also very popular. They also have an enduring look like white cabinetry.
  • These are traditional cooking spaces. The slabs have a creamy-white background with clear gray contours and veins.
  • The white princess style is very popular in modern kitchens. It’s a natural stone material, resembling marble at a cheaper cost.
  • The style can make you drool. It has auxiliary features, including backsplash and herringbone style in glistening tiles.
  • There are light fixtures and iron pendants over the main kitchen island.
  • Two kitchen, black granite, black pearl, and Luna peal and Gray granite countertops are also hot favorites.

Some more ideas

You get granite in three fundamental patterns, speckled, marbled, and solid. Solid granites have little to no variation in structure and pattern. Overall, it maintains a singular and similar look.

  • It’s a very good option for compact and small kitchens. The surfaces have a busy look.
  • Marbled granites are true to their name. it entails a smooth transition between texture and color, which runs rampant in the stone.
  • The same patterns give a high impact feel. It looks just like marble.
  • You will find that the patterns have light shades.
  • While selecting a granite countertop for your kitchen, make sure its hue and color complement the copper features of your kitchen.

If you have furniture next to the kitchen space, just ensure the colors match with them. Get dedicated sofa and loveseat covers for these materials.

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