SEO Statistics that Can Help You Improve Your Website’s Performance

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keeps on changing, and the marketers face difficulties in keeping up with all the updates. The only thing which has not and is not changing is the worth of visitors visiting your page from an organic search.

According to the stats, Google keeps making changes to its algorithms. It is very satisfying to keep on adapting according to these changes and actually to know where you must put your focus on.

Fortunately, this article will help you to go through significant details to help to improve the decisions you make related to digital marketing in this and upcoming years.

Google opens the doors to improve SEO for those sites which comprises of a huge amount of traffic and leads. Moreover, similar to these factors, Backlinks also plays a significant role in the improvement of SEO, and you might be having several questions regarding SEO.

The following are some stats related to different SEO strategies which might help you to improve the overall performance.

50% of the search questions are four words or lengthy

For the keyword research as well as keyword optimization, you must keep in mind that the majority of the visitors do not search for uncomplicated terms. They usually search for something very particular, and these are known as “long-tail keywords.” So, your article must contain that.

There is a difference between the terms “How to make SEO better” or “What is known as SEO,” and only “SEO.” All three of them are different searches because there is a different intent behind all of these and users demand different articles between both of these. So, you can keep the style of articles changed and post them in different prospects.

Here’s a little tip: Tools such as best paraphrasing tool and grammar checker can help you much with content.

Google obtains more than 63,000 searches per seconds daily.

Your visitors need to feel in control of the purchasing procedure and don’t desire to be heavily marketed.

A good rank in the search engines especially Google allows the users to perform their search and it would be perfect for you as most of the people on the internet are searching for the thing you are offering them. So, a high ranking brings you a lot of benefits for your conversion rates and drives a lot of traffic.

  • Length

On average first-page result in Google comprises of 1890 words.

If we take a look at the statistics, lengthy content ranks better. Hence, you must go deep and give a massive amount of valuable information to your visitors.

As already mentioned, 50% of all the search questions are more than four words so you must give the users a perfect answer to their questions regarding one particular topic.

Another significant thing to keep in mind is that you must never prefer quality over quantity. If you utilize a paraphrasing tool to update the content, you can maintain a balance between both terms.

  • Competition

About 61% of online marketers inform that growing their organic presence and enhancing SEO is their marketing priority.

Due to the success of the SEO along with inbound marketing, more digital marketers give priority to these tactics to enhance their ranking over all other strategies.

So, the competition you have to face to gain a tremendous amount of traffic is of approximately 61% so you must take SEO seriously or else you will lose your success.

  • Local search

30% of the queries from mobile are relevant to a location.

This states that about 30% of all the total searches from mobile devices are in search for proximity. If your webpage is not optimized for the local or mobile research, it will never appear in the phone search outcomes, and all of these local customers will not be able to locate you.

  • Techniques

Replacing and updating your old posts with the latest content including text as well as pictures can boost organic traffic by about 111%.

This is one of an immense improvement, and this tactic is impacting the SEO of web pages for several years.

The more amount of content you post on your web pages the more probability will be there for your success. Take care of the keywords, you can add keywords to your already written content, or you can create new content.

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