What Tech Improvements Will We See in 2019?

For those with an interest in technology, each new year brings about it new advances that wow us and shock us at how we seemed to live in the stone age before. Increasingly, each year takes us another stride closer to the technological future that we thought of when the idea of the internet was conceived. While a fully automated robot may still be a way off, there are still dozens of exciting technological features that await us in the near future. So, what technological advances can we expect to see as 2019 unfolds?

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Live Streaming

Live streaming is set to become more immersive than ever before. Twitch is gaining popularity, especially with the growth in eSports, which allow people to build a following from gaming online and spectators the chance to become a part of the community. As shown in this review, Betway offers the chance for its sports bettors to watch live streams of the sports they bet on and where applicable place their bets live. Some marketing experts suggest that as our attention spans for live streaming on social media are shorter, products and ads will try to capitalize on shorter live streams in a more natural way. Indeed, there are abilities on all social media that benefit both viewers and those who conduct live streams, so this seems plausible. Game streaming services that will also come to the fore, including Google Stadia, mean that games will be able to be streamed and played across consoles.


Personalization has been a buzzword in many spheres for decades, but tech experts are suggesting that we are in fact moving towards individualisation. Where personalization focuses on demographic groups, individualization focuses on us as people and uses the information we share and our data to paint a singular image of us as a consumer. This could help people find exactly what they are looking for and allow ads to be more relevant. The feedback loop of data also means that aspects of entertainment can find their targets more readily, which means things otherwise relegated to cult status may end up finding their fanbase. From a consumer standpoint, focusing solely on an individual will make them more likely to engage and make the purchase and feel less apathy to what can still be deemed as blanket advertising and targeting.

Phone Upgrades

Some smirked at the notion, others whooped at the idea, but ultimately the predictions for foldable phones are still up in the air. Mobile gaming and mobile use is largely on the rise, absorbing a lot of media time from other mediums. Foldable phones have been designed for ease of use and improved functionality. Many people have expressed excitement at the prospect and likened it to flip phones of the 2000s. There will also be phones with 5G modems. These will benefit gamers and those who need the fastest possible processing power. Providing the means for playing indicates that some intensive games are also heading our way for mobile. Both phone upgrades will be pricey in 2019 but should be more accessible in years to come – much like the original iPhone.

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Boosted Realities

The inevitable tech discussion will always cycle back around to virtual and augmented realities. Pokemon Go still has a huge array of players and the Harry Potter version, Wizards Unite, will likely see us fall back in love with interacting half with our environment and half with an altered reality on our phone. But what will 2019 bring to VR? Some predict that VR will be used in training and teaching. Walmart announced it would use 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to train employees on customer service and compliance – a task that would previously have been relegated to video and notetaking, but VR is more immersive and likely to stick in their minds. The army is also set to use the HoloLens to get a real-time reading on the environment of its soldiers, which would make the profession safer and improve the scope of the soldier. However, every discussion of VR must be prefixed by the fact that it still hasn’t found the one thing that will see it placed in almost every home and adopted as the console or PC has been. Perhaps developers will see how the land lies with the other uses and finally land the key idea that will see VR take off in a real and completely immersive way.

2019 will likely be another interesting year for technology and features staples of almost all aspects of tech advancement from new tech to data to our phones. Phones will see upgrades like never before, building on from previous shocking announcements such as face-ID. The way tech interacts with us and our data will also change, perhaps for the better, perhaps for the worse. Live streaming will see growth as the possibilities it provides will increase and our interaction will be immediate and immersive. The possibilities for VR and AR when it comes to teaching and training may open avenues for other industries which can benefit from using immersive experiences over the current 2D practices. Overall, technology is going places in 2019 – and we’re glad to be along for the ride to experience the spoils.

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