The Dangers and Risks of Internet Dating

There can be no denying Internet dating has revolutionized the way people arrange their love lives in this day and age. The sheer convenience of having access to numerous potential partners at the tap of a few keys and being able to communicate with a cross-section of individuals on a dating site like tender meets at any time of day has made the whole business of connecting with a prospective love interest so convenient. But alongside this streamlined activity, there has been an increase in the degree of risk faced by budding singles seeking to take advantage of this technology. So what are the main dangers and risks of Internet dating?

Beware of catfish

While the vast majority of people who sign up to use matching websites do so in the spirit of integrity and have every intention of taking full advantage of the available functionality for legitimate reasons, there will always be a minority of individuals with less scrupulous motives. People can set up fake accounts for whatever reason, and mislead the people they make contact with. This covers a whole range of activities, from merely stretching the truth in order to present a better picture of themselves, to outright deceit.

Those creating fake online personas are known as catfish, and these dishonest characters are quite capable of causing emotional distress to the people they end up duping. Why do they do it? Human beings are complex and there could be any number of reasons for this antisocial behavior. Perhaps they have been jilted by some previous online partner and are seeking revenge by lashing out – seeing taking out revenge on unsuspecting singles is one way of re-asserting their self-esteem. Others are simply malicious and take great delight in winding up the people they interact with, grooming them into revealing personal details such as bank passwords which can be exploited.

Multiple users

Because online daters are operating in an environment where there is a high degree of competition for the available singles, it goes without saying there will be a lot of site users homing in on profile details. It could be there is any number of individuals buzzing around your website of choice at any time. Even if someone appears to be showing you a lot of interest, there will always be the degree of suspicion about what is actually driving them. Is this person who is showing you so much attention behaving in exactly the same way with other site users?

Text can be incendiary

It is always so much easier to gauge someone’s intentions when you indulge in real life conversations. Being able to read body language is an integral part of understanding the context of ambiguous statements. In an online situation, you can only take people at face value, depending on what is typed out during text exchanges. Subtle nuances can be lost in translation. At one end of the scale, this can result in a degree of humorous mixups. But on the far end of this wedge lies misunderstanding and stress.

Real life gets in the way

Another problem with Internet dating is people can get so attuned to tapping into their favorite dating app or website in order to keep up-to-date with messages, they get too involved. It can be very easy to forget things that are important in the offline world. The golden rule to observe is never to allow the online dating site of your single life to be given sole priority. Always be aware of the possibility of connecting in the real world.

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