Three Ways to Gamble Online in India

Gambling online in India is now very much a reality. Over the last few years, loopholes in the Indian gambling laws have presented players with multiple ways to bet online. Some Indians may choose to spin the reels of slots or fancy trying their hand at blackjack and other casino card games. Others might fancy a flutter on the cricket, horse racing, or want to slap down football bets. Of course, some Indians want to win millions and lotteries are unquestionably one way that they might be able to do that. These are the three major ways that Indian players can bet online at the moment, and each deserves a closer look.

Online Casinos in India

Indian gambling laws do not allow for online betting to take place at Indian online casinos. However, there is no such law that prohibits citizens and residents from betting at offshore casino domains. This is one of the loopholes which have allowed Indians to play casino games.

A typical Indian online casino will naturally be based elsewhere. Despite being licensed and regulated in a foreign country, many of these casinos will go out of their way to appeal to Indian players. They might, for instance, decide to offer the Indian rupee as a currency option. They might also provide gameplay in Hindi. Customer support may also be provided via Hindi and English, while Indian banking methods can also (at times) be found at such sites.

Indian online casinos will also generally tend to carry games that will appeal to the national audience. Games such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar can commonly be played, in live dealers and RNG (random number generator) format.

Indian Sports Betting

Indian players are not going to be without a wealth of sportsbooks and betting sites to choose from. Betting on cricket is incredibly popular at Indian sportsbooks. It is not uncommon to find special offers, promotions, and bonuses which apply to these deals, either. Of course, there is more to Indian sports betting sites than cricket betting. Many of these sites also provide streaming, football bets, and support over thirty other markets.

Live and in-play betting is a relatively new concept in Indian domains, but it is one that is catching on fast. It is now impossible for Indians to find in-play bets on their favorite sporting events, such as the T20, and Indian Premier League. Some sports betting sites in India even provide a handful of casino side games to boot.

Lottery Games for Indian Players

In the past, Indians could only look to play national or state-sponsored lotteries in their country. The loopholes in India’s gambling laws have begun to see a wealth of other lottery games now available to play from India, too.

Lottery ticket betting sites are becoming increasingly popular. For instance, when you decide to sign up at an offshore lottery betting site, you will be able to enjoy lottery games from across the world. This opens up the possibility that Indian players might win untold fortunes on the EuroMillions, US Powerball, or Mega Millions jackpot lottery games. The way that these works is simple. 

An Indian player signs up at a lottery site and makes a deposit. They then purchase a ticket to any worldwide lottery. An agent then buys the physical ticket for you and uploads it to your account. If you win, the lottery betting site claims your winnings and then pays them out to you. In this manner (which is legal), Indian players can pocket vast prizes, considerably richer than many Indian states and national lotteries can offer.

The Best Places to Bet Online in India

As you can see, there are three top ways that you can decide to bet online in India. If you wish to try all three options, you may need to open accounts at three very different betting sites. However, this is not always going to be the case.

There are sites that offer two or even all the above. An Indian player can find a domain that provides you with a vast library of casino games, and a surplus of sports betting markets. You may also find domains that offer lottery and casino games alike. It is worth scouting around to see what you can find. With Indian online gambling at an all-time high, it may be worth looking at the bigger, international domains as they tend to carry multiple betting options all under one roof and accessible with just a single account.

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