Top 20 Best Free IPTV Apps for live TV streaming

If you want to be a cord-cutter and loves streaming live TV, you must be familiar with the term IPTV. IPTV has emerged as the best alternative to cable and satellite television. The protocol has enabled television users to watch unlimited TV programs from their preferred streaming devices. IPTV’s content-provision services are relatively affordable as you can access either free or paid-for packages.

You require several applications to access IPTV services, as the protocol is only a content provider. While some IPTV apps are cost-free, you can also purchase others at an affordable fee ($10-20 per month). The free applications work best with Fire TV devices, including the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube as you can easily jailbreak them. They are also compatible with Android products such as Android TV boxes, Chromecast, NVIDIA Shield, and MECOOL Boxes. However, you can’t install the free apps on Roku devices due to its closed system.

Various IPTV apps are available on the Amazon App and Google Play Stores, while some are from third-party sources. For third-party IPTV apps, you need to side-load them via the Downloader app, which you will find on the Amazon App Store. To install the Downloader, you must first enable the “allow apps from unknown sources” option. However, IPTV apps from unreliable sources are unsafe. They may expose your streaming device to malware and viruses or capture your private details.
Here’s a list of the top 20 Free IPTV Apps:

1. TVTap

Are you an entertainment die-hard fan? TVTap is among the leading free IPTV apps for Android. The application is compatible with Firesticks, and you can side-load it on your jailbroken device.

TVTap has a friendly user interface that eases your streaming experience. You will find thousands of entertainment, kids, and sports channels on TVTap. The app also supports external media players; hence, you can integrate one into your device.

2. Pluto TV

If you are looking for an all-in-one streaming powerhouse, the Pluto TV app is the perfect option. You can source the app from the Amazon App and Google Play Stores and is compatible with various streaming devices. Pluto TV is among the best free IPTV apps for Firestick and Android TV. The app’s collection comprises over 250 Live TV channels, movies, and TV shows.

You will easily navigate the channel list on Pluto TV due to its user-friendly interface. However, numerous ads may disrupt your streaming experience.

3. LiveNet TV

Due to its outstanding features, the LiveNet TV app is one of the most popular IPTV applications. LiveNet TV has a vast collection of sports, news, cooking, music, kids, 24/7, and entertainment live channels. You can access hundreds of free channels on LiveNet TV without any registration or signing up.

LiveNet TV app supports Chromecast and external media players like XMTV Android and MX player. The app also offers regular updates and notifications.

4. Airy TV

Airy TV app is among the best free IPTV apps for Firestick devices. The app has a vast content collection in the following categories; Classic movies, TV series, Kids, TV shows, Featured channels, Documentaries, Comedy, Sports, Thriller, and Music.

Apart from the app, you can also access Airy TV directly from your browser with no registration. The only setback with Airy TV is its ad annoyance.

5. Mobdro

Are you looking for a one-stop platform to serve all your entertainment goals? Mobdoro TV app is a perfect choice. The application is home to numerous channels in various genres. You will find sections like Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Spiritual, Gaming, Tech, Anime, and Animals. Mobdoro TV is available in over ten languages, hence, accessible to diverse users.

Mobdoro app is unavailable on Google Play Store, but you can download it from Mobdoro’s website.

6. IPTV Smarters Pro

Do you require a reliable app for your Android device? IPTV Smarters Pro is among the best free IPTV apps due to its compatibility with almost all Android and iOS devices. IPTV Smarters Pro is an alternative to Tivimate and iMPlayer that allows you to access streaming services. Some of the app’s unique features include its support for EPG, subtitles, Xtream API, loading M3U files, and dynamic language switching.

IPTV Smarters Pro also allows external media integration and parental control. Its friendly user interface will help you navigate its menu hassle-free.

7. Locast

If you are a fan of local updates, the Locast TV app airs detailed news across major American cities. You now don’t require a TV antenna to enjoy your favorite news channels as you can live-stream them buffer-free using this app.

Locast TV has gained popularity among users in its 25 markets, including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Dallas. You can install the Locast TV app on your preferred streaming devices like the Firestick from Google Play or Amazon App Stores.

8. ThopTV

Are you looking for an alternative streaming app to Mobdoro and Oreo TV, ThopTV is the perfect option. The app has gained popularity as one of the best free IPTV apps for Firestick ThopTV is unavailable on Google Play Store, but you can side-load it on your device. The app offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows, sports, and news channels.

With ThopTV, you don’t have to worry about your streaming experience due to its efficient interface and buffer-free process.

9. Peacock TV

Are you a fan of the NBC Universal network? Peacock TV app is emerging as one of the leading IPTV apps for streaming NBC, among other Live TV channels. The app supports EPG, and you can watch various popular shows on CBC, EPL, E, and Telemundo. Peacock TV is compatible with several streaming devices, including Firestick, Roku, iOS, and Android.

You can choose any of the three Peacock TV’s options; the Free, Premium ($4.99 per month), and Premium Plus ($9.99 monthly) packages. The paid-for options have a 7-day free trial.

10. Kraken TV

Kraken TV is among the top IPTV apps that offer access to streaming services on several Android devices. This Tv app is the latest version of Swift Streamz. Due to its unavailability on Google Play and Amazon App Stores, you can only side-load it on your preferred device.

Kraken TV has a vast collection of channels, including Kids TV, Swift Movies, USA TV, Sports TV, UK TV, and Wildlife. With a reliable internet connection, you can stream all your favorite channels in HD.

11. XUMO

Xumo is a perfect choice for streaming VOD and Live TV channels at no cost. It has a selection of over 190 channels, including NBC News, History, and Food52. Standup comedy, Hollywood movies, TV shows, Kids shows, and 24/7 news are among the popular categories on Xumo TV. You can freely access content on Xumo TV without any registration or signing up.

Xumo TV is available in various countries such as the US, France, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK. You may require VPN services if living in a geo-restricted location.

12. Lazy IPTV

Lazy IPTV is one of the best official IPTV apps that you will find on the Google Play and Amazon App Stores. The app works perfectly on Firesticks, Android, and Windows devices. Among its outstanding features is its support for the EPG guide and M3U UPL. Lazy IPTV allows you to select channels and add them to your favorites section.

The app also supports parental control and has a customizable main screen. Lazy IPTV keeps you updated through a TV reminder and also maintains a record of watched channels.

13. TiviMate

Are you looking for a high-quality IPTV app for your TV box? TiviMate is the leading IPTV player for Android devices and is available on the Google Play Store. The app is all-inclusive due to its integrated TV guide schedule and support for M3U URL.

TiviMate offers both free and premium packages. The premium plan’s additional features make it a better choice. They include; multi-playlist support, playback options, customizable panels, manual channel sorting, and favorites management.

With the TiviMate app, you can enjoy your favorite shows and be up-to-date on the latest arrivals due to the IPTV player’s regular updates.

14. Oreo TV

Oreo TV is currently one of the most popular streaming apps due to its content and user diversity. You can access hundreds of free channels on Oreo TV from almost any part of the world. Oreo TV app is compatible with Android streaming devices like Firesticks and TV boxes.

However, it is unavailable on Google Play and Amazon App Stores, and you can only side-load it. The app has a library of Sports, Entertainment, Movies, and International channels. Oreo TV app supports parental control, VOD, and channel selection.

15. Strix APK

Among the best upcoming IPTV applications is the Strix Apk. The app has a diverse content selection that includes movies, adult content, sports, TV shows, and Live TV channels. You can install the Strix Apk from Google Play and Amazon App Stores, or side-load the modded version.

Strix app’s compatibility with Android devices, including Fire TV, Firestick, and Android TV makes it a must-have. The app works perfectly with streaming sites that have real-debrid integration.

16. Plex

If you require centralized storage for your favorite movies, music videos, and TV shows, the Plex app is a must-have. Plex Media Server is a host of over 14,000 movies, 80 free live channels, TV shows, and documentaries. You can stream your preferred reality, entertainment, and news shows. Plex’s outstanding features consist of the addition of plot summaries, album covers, and posters.

The app works perfectly with almost all iOS, Android, and Windows devices. You don’t have to worry about organizing all your media files as Plex has a user-friendly interface.

17. VUit

If you love local news channels, VUit will come in handy! The IPTV app has hundreds of local news channels at your disposal. You will also find sports and weather shows on VUit’s growing collection of channels.

The app’s compatibility with numerous devices like Roku, Chromecast, Firestick, Android, and iOS makes it popular among cord-cutters. Moreover, you do not require an OTA antenna to access the local shows. You can also enjoy content by visiting VUit’s website on any device.


Though not an application, USTVGO is among the best free streaming sites for popular American TV channels. You can access USTVGO’s website via any browser without any registration or signing up.

The site is compatible with Android devices such as Firesticks and Android TV boxes. USTVGO offers over 60 live TV channels in several sections such as Sports, Kids, Entertainment, and News. However, you may encounter annoying ads and pop-ups on USTVGO’s website.

19. TuboxTV

TuboxTV app is one of the latest free IPTV apps for streaming live TV. The application is compatible with various Android devices but works perfectly with TV Bro and Puffin Browser. TuboxTV has a selection of more than a hundred OTT channels. However, TuboxTV is currently topping up its content by adding more stations.

You will find some of the most popular channels on the app, including ABC News, Cheddar News, WWE Network, The Weather Channel, and NASA TV. Apart from the app, you can access TuboxTV’s services through their web browser. TuboxTV is also available in the Amazon app and Google Play Stores.

20. DistroTV

DistroTV is one of the best free IPTV apps for Firestick. Though new in the market, DistroTV already has a collection of over a hundred live channels. The app offers several sought-after channels like EuroNews, Real Vision, People Network, CineLife, World Poker Tour, Realz, and Hollywire.

You can easily install the app on your Roku, Firestick, Android box, or Fire TV after downloading it from the Amazon App Store. However, the application works best with the Puffin Browser and TV Bro.


Live TV streaming just got better with the numerous IPTV apps that enhance your television viewing. While most applications work perfectly, some may cause harm to your devices. Therefore, you should take precautions when sourcing your preferred IPTV app. It is advisable to use a VPN while installing these apps to secure your privacy and personalized details.

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