Top 5 Apps for iPhone Without Jailbreak    

All those people who are looking forward to perfect apps for iPhone that are being used without jailbreak then this is the perfect place for all of you to give a start. We have gathered some of the best iPhone apps that are utilized without jailbreak here for the sake of your convenience. There are many users who want to gain access to someone’s phone for one reason or another but to actually get the finest one is really tough in this world of competition.

We cannot just pick any other app and trust it blindly.  There are many online as well as in the market that claims to be the best one but mostly is a scam. If you need an authentic app that could do all the hard work for you and help you in spying the iPhone without jailbreak then just read this piece of information till the end. You can take suggestions from here if you need the best one to go for. 

Below are some of the top 5 apps for iPhone that you can hack without jailbreak:

1. Spyic

The first one on our list is Spyic. By using this spy app for iPhone without installing software, users can easily gain access to the targeted device. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to root or jailbreak the device to make this application work for you. This app works in magical ways that you couldn’t ever think before. There are millions of users all around the world that are using it for quite some time and are really satisfied with its high-quality performance. With the help of its keylogger, you can now keep a record of each and every tap that is being made on the targeted device. 

It includes everything that was being typed on the targeted phone including passwords of social media account. It has an exceptional web-based interface that allows you to use this app with any browser. Apart from that, you don’t have to gain access to the device physically.

It is reliable and does everything professionally, so fear no more regarding you being caught. It keeps track of the targeted phone’s location and allows you to read text messages, social media account messages, check contact lists and numbers, keep track of call logs, and a lot more that you couldn’t possibly imagine before. 

Spying on iPhone without Jailbreak by using Spyic

  • As the first step sign up and go for a premium package by visiting the official website of Spyic.
  • Now configure the target device by going for the Spyic Setup Wizard.
  • Here enter the details of the iCloud account which is already signed in the targeted phone, as this step will take just a few minutes to coordinate data over the internet.
  • In the end, go to your web-based Control Panel and then to your dashboard. So you could switch between options before you begin monitoring the activities.

2. Cocospy

This is another mobile phone monitoring application that is used without jailbreak. Known as one of the best applications in the world of spying, Cocospy is used by millions of users all over the world. You don’t have to gain access to the device physically to make it work for you. In case you need to spy on an Android device then you have to install it in the device for once so later you could monitor, but if its iPhone the just add iCloud account details. It has a user-friendly web-based interface that allows you to use it with any browser.

It permits you to track the location of the targeted device, allows you to read text messages, WhatsApp messages, and other social media profiles messages of group chats and individual chats as well. You can keep track of call logs and browser history of whatsoever was been searched on the device. It is 100% safe to utilize and the commands are really simple to direct. There is no need to have some technical know-how to use this application. 

Spying on iPhone without Jailbreak by using Cocospy

    • Sign up for free with your email and password. 


  • Enter the account name and password of the iCloud account that you are going to monitor.
  • Start reviewing everything on the iPhone. The system’s simple setup ensures that you can get anything working quickly while reviewing what is on a phone. The review system ensures you get more out of what someone is doing with an iPhone.

3. Spyier

Used as a child monitoring application, this tool is what we all need to go for when it comes to reliability. It has amazing features that stand for itself. If you are worried about your child’s internet activities then nothing can be better than Spyier. It also works in stealth-mode. By tracing the targeted device on the map you can set it up on geofence and get an alert every time it crosses the restricted boundary. This tool is the ultimate choice of many people and aid people to spy on the targeted device without root or jailbreak. It has an excellent web-based interface that permits you to utilize this app with any browser. Apart from all these things, you can track call logs, read messages, check internet history, and a lot more than not many other tools offer. 

4. Spyera

To jailbreak iPhone there is another mobile phone monitoring application named Spyera. By using it you can protect your child from the wrong company and also keep an eye on your workers that what they are doing in their office hours. This is one of the best choices when it comes to secure your family. This undetectable spy phone app is one of the best things ever. It has an incredible keylogger that records the whole keystroke history. You can read messages of all social media accounts as well as text messages, track location, keep track of calls logs, phone numbers and calls. To spy on iPhone with the help of Sypera you don’t have to jailbreak the device to operate this application.

5. Phonespector

PhoneSpector is known as a phone tracker that functions for iPhone without jailbreak. It has this ability to gather GPS location, photos, Facebook and Twitter messages, calls, contacts, videos, internet browser history and a lot more. Anything that is present and earlier used on the phone in the past may be offered to utilize PhoneSpector. Just download PhoneSpector for iPhone or Android, and just log into your targeted device to start the installation course rendering to device needs. Just install the software on the phone.

You can do it by logging into the Apple ID or adding your unique product License Key, then start removing data. Gain access and see all effectively saved information from the device just by logging into your personal user dashboard. This is something that very few other software offers.


We hope that you will find this information really helping and now would be able to pick the best app to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. The above tools are the best ones in the market and can you can try any one of them. To learn a lot more about them just visit the official webpages of these tools and pick the plan that suits your needs and requirements in the best way possible. Just go for it and don’t waste your time in search of the perfect tool as the ones mentioned above are the finest ones.

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