Is it a Good Idea to Rent a Car in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed and modern countries in the world. It is considered home to some of the huge business ventures and commercial brands in the Middle East. Dubai, an amazing emirate of the UAE is famous across the globe because of its breathtaking beauty and culture. Every year millions of people come across the city of gold from all over the world to enjoy this beautiful city. It would not be wrong to say that Dubai is home to tourists and visitors.

Most people come across Dubai to enjoy their vacations, family holidays, business meetings, seminars, or a music concert. For getting around the city, they certainly need a means of transport. Although public transport, cabs, and taxis are available in the city, the best option for you is to rent a car especially when you are in Dubai for a week or more. Renting a car in Dubai has become a very famous and common activity as it gives you the ease of safe and comfortable traveling according to your choice. And you can travel whenever and wherever you want to go.

In this blog, we will discuss how it is a good idea to Rent A Car in Dubai, how it is beneficial for you, and what are things you have to avoid while renting a car.

Renting a Car – The Best Choice

A rental car is more convenient and reliable than public transport and taxis. It is a better option according to the needs and requirements of your trip. Here we will tell you how it is beneficial for you.

1- Enjoy a Wide Range of Choices

When you are going to rent a car in Dubai, you have numerous options to pick up a car you want to drive in the city. You have a wide range of selections and choices in terms of features, brands, models, deals, and luxurious cars. Moreover, if you have any dream car in your mind that is hardly affordable, there are high chances that you will be able to find it in Dubai.

2- Not to Dependent on Public Transport

Using public transport in a busy city like Dubai would be time-consuming and unpredictable. Most of the public transport does not give you an end-to-end ride, and then you have to book a taxi or cab to meet your point. Along with it, you have to follow a proper schedule to catch a bus, if you are a minute late you will surely miss it.

3- Amazing Deals

The car rental business is rapidly growing in Dubai due to the increasing demands for rental cars. This is the reason that the prices of car rental companies have become very competitive. And its whole benefits will go to the customers. Moreover, it would be a more cost-effective option for you as compared to taxis and cabs.

4- Comfortable Drive and Reliability

A rental car is all about comfort and ease of driving. No matter what time it is and where you want to go, just pick up your car keys and go for the drive. You can experience the ease of use and comfort level with a rental car. Your rental car is always ready and available to you at your doorstep.

5- Long Distance Travels

When you are using public transport, mostly they are bound to specific routes and there is a definite limit for them. If you want to go outside Dubai, public transport is not so reliable for you. Renting a car will give you the ease of long-distance traveling anywhere you want to.

Things to Avoid while Renting a Car in Dubai

Following are the things that you should avoid when you are renting a car in Dubai

1- Fail to Inspect the Car

Whenever you are renting a car from a car rental company, never take it before inspecting the car thoroughly. Deeply check the car and in case you find any damages, scratches, or dents on the car, instantly inform your agent, so that you would not have to pay for them at the return of the rental car.

2- Insurance Services of Rental Car Company

You have to provide insurance coverage for rental cars when you are renting them. Because car rental companies usually give you car insurance services with some additional insurance charges. Their insurance rates are always high and commonly they do not satisfy your insurance demands.

3- Driving a Rental Car Beyond the Boundaries of the UAE

It is against the law of the United Arab Emirates to drive a hired car beyond the limits. When you are renting a car, you should also be aware of the borders and boundaries of the country, so you can avoid breaking a law. However, you can take access from a car rental company if you want to drive beyond the limits.

4- Prepaying for Fuel Charges

In the UAE, it is the general rule to return a rental car to the company with a tank full of fuel. Some of the companies allow you to prepay for the refilling of the tank, but prepaying for fuel charges is not a good idea. Because you may not be able to use all of the fuel by the time you have to return the car.

So, if you are looking for the best Cheap Rent A Car Dubai company, you should opt for RentalcarsUAE services, as they offer everything from expensive to cheap cars.


Some of the benefits and advantages of renting a car in Dubai are shared with you. It is always a good idea to use a rental car for your transportation in Dubai as it is more convenient, comfortable, affordable, and reliable for you than local transport that is available for travelers in the city.

Get Paid to Travel – Become a Travel Blogger

travel blogger

travel blogger

Becoming a travel blogger is one of the most lucrative ideas in the world, and if you turn this into a full-time career, you’ll get paid to travel – and that’s the dream! So, if you want to do that too, here’s what you need to know.

Update your writing skills

Everyone knows that this is the first thing you need to do if you want to become a blogger of any sort, but updating your writing skills is particularly interesting if you’re thinking about a career as a travel blogger. Doing this might turn into a boring and challenging process, but it’s a must if you want your travel blog to become popular.

First, you need to spice up your vocabulary and start using as many different words and phrases as you can. This will make your articles more interesting and help you reach more readers. Also, you have to explore different topics and ideas instead of writing about the same issues over and over again. Finally, you have to incorporate your private point of view into your writing and engage readers on a deeper level. A great way to become more successful at writing is through personal development, which means you’ll achieve several goals at the same time, which is a win-win situation you’re going to love!

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Once you’ve taken your writing skills to the next level, it’s time to start writing. Following a few simple patterns might be quite all right at first, but if you want to attract more people to your blog, you need to be more attractive, engaging, and, above all, interesting. This is why experimenting with your writing is so essential, and only those travel bloggers who aren’t afraid to experiment can maximize their full blogging potential.

Trying out different writing styles and ideas might not appeal to all your readers at first, especially those who aren’t ready for this approach. However, if you remain consistent, versatile, and quality, you’ll show the world how cool you are and why new people need to start reading your blog. And once you boost your readership, you’ll see these experiments make a lot of sense, and hence continue exploring them.

Become an expert

To become a great travel blogger, you have to become a great traveler first. This means you need to spend as much time on the road as possible because this is the only way to become genuine, reliable, and make people trust what you’re writing. If you’re a fake and write about places and locations you’ve never visited in reality, your readers are going to notice that, and you’ll lose all your readership in a matter of seconds.

So, spend some time at certain locations before you can write about them. Get to know the world before you can write about it, and getting to know as many different places as possible is vital. For instance, if you wish to write about popular locations, you can go to Hong Kong, among other places. Staying at practical service apartments that come with all the utilities and amenities you may need is an awesome way to get to know this wonderful city. The same goes for all other popular places and finding a place to stay for a few weeks is something that will get your creative juices flowing and turn you into a reliable travel blogger.

Advertise your blog

As soon as you define what you’ll be writing about and how you’ll be doing that, there’s nothing else you can do but start writing immediately. And once you do that, you have to advertise your blog and let people know what you’re doing. This process could take a while, and require a lot of energy and patience, but it’s all going to be worth your while in the end.

There are lots of ways to promote your travel blog, and some of the most popular ideas include creating inviting content, writing guest posts, defining your niche, being active on social media, and writing for travel websites. Try out as many different ideas as you can, and you’ll certainly boost your traffic before you know it!

After you complete all these steps, you’ll turn in a great travel blogger and get paid to travel, and that’s every traveling enthusiast’s dream scenario!

The most beautiful cities to visit in Spain this holidays

Spain has many cities and all of them have their secrets and beauty. Learn about the architecture and get Spanish bases in Barcelona, sunbathing in Malaga, or go shopping to Ibiza are just a few options available in this amazing country. If you are interested in learning more… Here are the cities that will catch your eye!

1. Discover the charming night of Barcelona

Cultural, sunny and friendly, Barcelona delights travelers of all stripes. There, you can admire its extraordinary architecture, with Gaudi’s houses and the Sagrada Familia, stroll in Park Güell and Monjuïc, and walk through the different neighborhoods.

In the evening, make way for lively nights on the side of Barceloneta, by the sea! So if you want to discover Spain, this is a great starting point. You can also get your Spanish started by taking one of much Spanish class Barcelona available in the city.

2. Hike in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Composte is the capital of Galicia, in the north-west of the country. It is one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites in the world, ranking third behind Jerusalem and Rome. Hundreds of thousands of visitors each year take the paths that lead to this city, sometimes out of religious fervor, but also for the sole pleasure of hiking.

On-site, you can discover the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, or the monastery of San Martiño Pinario.

3. Mix beach and history in Málaga

Located in the south of Spain, on the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a city that smells like the sun. A must-see vacation destination since the 1970s, this seaside resort is known for its giant hotels and great sandy beaches. Something to satisfy lovers of idleness.

But culture is also at the rendezvous. Founded in the 8th century, this Andalusian city is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It has preserved remains of the Moorish reign, from 716 to the 15th century. Many museums are also present, such as the Picasso Museum.

4. Walk the beautiful streets of Sevilla

Rich in its palm trees, orange trees, river, and exquisite squares, Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The architecture of this Andalusian city is magnificent, a mixture of Christian and Muslim cultures. Take notes of these must-sees: Alcazar, Plaza de España, Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, or the Giralda.

But Seville also wants to be festive. In the evening, nothing better than going to eat tapas, watch (or dance) flamenco and party!

5. Holidays in the city of Madrid

A destination that is a synonym of sunshine, relaxation, and gastronomy, the Spanish capital also has an exceptional architectural heritage. Culture lovers will find what they are looking for at the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace.

Don’t miss Plaza Mayor or Puerta del Sol. If you want to see a bit of greenery in Madrid, head to El Retiro Park, renowned for its beauty.

6. Take your best shots in the renewed heart of Bilbao

This former industrial town in the Spanish Basque Country has perfectly reinvented itself. Bilbao has thus become a very popular cultural destination.

There is notably the Guggenheim Museum, which, in addition to its impressive collection, is a work of art in itself with its futuristic aspect. Go for a walk in the lively district of Las Siete Calles, the district of the Seven Streets made up of small streets, churches, and many bridges.

7. Party and beach in Ibiza

The name of this Spanish island resonates like festive music. A nightclub paradise, Ibiza also offers another lesser-known but more authentic face: a place that combines natural landscapes and local culture in small markets. In Eivissa (also called Ibiza), the capital of the island, visit the citadel which overlooks the sea.

8. Enjoy the mixture of cultures printed in Granada

Arab culture has permeated the streets of Granada, both in its magnificent architecture and in the flavors of its culinary specialties. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, this Andalusian city is best known for its Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is home to palaces, the Alcazaba, the Medina, the Generalife, and superb gardens.

The streets lined with whitewashed houses of the Albaicín district and its many churches with beautiful architecture, often accompanied by stunning views, are of a typical Andalusian charm.

10 Reasons why you should visit Bali?

trip to bali

Bali has become amongst the favorite destinations, especially for newlyweds couples, to spend a lovely holiday together. Being located in the Indonesian territory, it is comprised of thirteen thousand islands, making it the world’s largest. You can easily find cheap Singapore to Bali flights, which can make your trip accomplish at affordable prices. If you are the one planning to visits next, then check out ten reasons to visit Bali for getting exact ideas that can thrill your excitement. 

  1. The Food

If you are a foodie, then Bali will surely raise your excitement by providing plenty of such options, which would be loved by you. Their cuisine of Bali is inspired by Chinese and Indian due to the inhabitant’s effects. The tourists can also learn authentic traditional Balinese cuisine offered by numerous cooking schools for tourists. The most popular and budget-friendly option includes Warung, which is a small family business with specifications on the specific menu. You can find various branches of theirs on the Island like Canggu, Ubud, and many more. Most of the dishes here rice as their base, some of the famous amongst which are Nasi Campur, Babi Guling or Iga Babi. The Island is also world-famous for its expensive coffee i.e., kopi Luwak, which consists of civets poop and Balinese chocolates. 

  1. Amazing Beaches and Surfing

Bali is well-known for its exotic beaches due to the white sand and turquoise water. Some of the famous beaches amongst them are Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, or Jimbaran, which would be suggested by any guide or in social media. We would advise you to explore the incredibly beautiful hidden beaches by gathering knowledge. Bali is a paradise for those who love surfing. Still, apart from these, you can also try many other water sports like Canggu, Seminyak, and Jimbaran, which are recommended, especially for beginners. The experienced ones must try Uluwatu by hiring cheap boat rents, which can be easily found on the beach along with the guiding lessons. 

     3. Incredible Waterfalls

If you are a nature lover, then visiting the Tegenungan waterfall is a must for you. Bali has some amazing waterfalls which you may not forget until your lifetime, and the greenery everywhere will be soothing to your eyes. The North is majorly untouched and consists of deep jungles. The best ones include Aling Aling, where you can also try cliff jump, Sekumpul waterfall, Munduk, NungNung, and GitGit. Tukad Cepung waterfall is the most famous one, but it is not so easy to reach. You need to do little trekking and then enter into the cave through the stream. If you would be lucky enough, these places may not be so crowded to let you enjoy the beauty of nature. 

  1. Temples & Religious Traditions

Bali is a religious place that exhibits the blend of Shivaism and Buddhism originated from Java. The people can be seen daily going to these pilgrims by dressing up, especially on particular occasions. These ceremonies are sometimes also open to foreigners to let them explore more about Balinese culture. Some of the well-known temples include Ulun Danu Beratan Temple located at the hilltop, which is on the western side of Bertan lake. The other one is Tanah Lot, where you can also enjoy sunset sightseeing. You can also enjoy the Kecak dance performance and next move to Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi. They are famous for being the largest water temples consisting of holy water used in purification rituals. The others include Goa Gajah, Taman Ayun with fish pond, and Goa Lawah surrounded the caves.

  1. The Wildlife

You can enjoy Balinese wildlife, including endemic species like Bali Mynah and the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud. You will treasure a relaxing and unique experience by contacting with this natural habitat. You may also have an encounter with small snakes, reptiles, and tropical birds, a variety of sharks, dolphins and colorful fishes in the ocean.

  1. The Mountains & Hiking

Bali is not only about beaches; if you are a mountain lover, then there are plenty of hiking options available for you. The most popular ones are Mount Batur, known for its sunrise. In the North, you can explore the Sambangan nature hike. Campuhan Ridge walk is a must-try during sunrise and sunset for an easy trail where you can explore beautiful rice terraces.

  1. The Islands Around

Bali is full of some breathtaking landscapes, which include Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Gili Trawangan, air, and meno islands popular amongst the tourists. These small islands have some chill vibes with clearest water and diving points like shark and manta point.r. Automobiles are prohibited here to maintain the natural environment. Make sure you don’t miss the bridge of love.

  1.  Shopping

Bali is a shopping paradise for shopaholics, well known for its traditional Bali bag, handcrafted bracelets, and silver neckless. You can explore some cool local markets which are famous for the arts or designer shops. Some of them include the Kuta market, Ubud market, and night market in the Garlic lane. You can produce your piece of jewelry in Tegallalang handicraft village, though it would be a little time taking. Use your bargain skills and grab the cheapest offer from gorgeous boutiques. 

  1. The Beach Clubs

The must-visits place where everyone heads toward is beach cubs to spend your week. You can consider Canggu with a swim-up pool bar, Uluwatu, and many more to enjoy the sunset view. If you can afford a one day pass, it would be a much cheaper option for you.

  1. Eco-Friendly Hotels

The major excitement of traveling Bali has a chance to stay in eco-friendly hotels that don’t Overcash your budget, along with all sustainable services. You can enjoy the spa sessions in villas and resorts with exciting activities like cycling or walking through organic gardens. You can enjoy the beach and mountain view from your room and play along with the rabbit, goats, and ships. For accommodation, you can consider amongst these popular choices like Anahata villas. Bagus Jati, Munduk Moding, surrounded by a coffee plantation. The hotels are designed with green bamboo with naturally ventilated indoor spaces. 


Bali is currently one of the trendiest travel destinations amongst youth and has been a favorite tourism spot since the ’80s. Its economy solely lies in tourism, and the cultural Island consists of modern traditions like painting, silver, music, and sculpture. Bali also has the highest biodiversity of marine species, colorful corals, and unusual places for hiking on mountains, incredible waterfalls, and much more. The specialty of the food is, it has offerings for every person with different tastes. The majority of food products are supplied on their own, which includes healthy eating like blended fruits and vegetables, meat, fish with a variety of spices.