What is Filelinked? How you can use it with Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is an impressive streaming device itself. It provides several steaming options and services without any hard work. However, what really makes Firestick/Firestv more awesome is the fact it is capable of running various third-party apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store or Google play store. Filelinked is essentially like a bridge that downloads third-party apps onto your streaming device.

There are several ways available to install third-party apps in to your Amazon Firestick or Fire tv device. However, As a matter of fact we will be using Filelinked on Firestick in this guide. Initially, it may seem ironic, but once you have Filelinked on your library of apps, it will become much easier to download any app that is not available on the official app store.

Most of the time, you will type in long URLs or visit any specific website to gain access to the app installer. This is not a tough task when you are using your laptop, mobile, or tablet. However, it becomes very difficult with your TV. You cant type in long URLs or visit websites easily as you do with your pc. With Filelinked, you can easily turn your download links into a simple string of numbers such as 123456, for example. Over the past few years, it became quite common practice to use this method to download third-party apps. File linked allows users to create a code for any app and share it with others so that they can download them much easier.

How to Install Filelinked on Firestick

Using Filelinked you can pack multiple apps into one file and share it with others who can download multiple apps at once. The only disadvantage with this is that you need to aware of which package and from where you are downloading. otherwise, you will end up installing viruses or malware into your device. Now without any further ado, lets dive into the process of installing Filelinked onto your Firestick device. Enjoy!

Launch Amazon Firestick and Click the settings option Kodi Settings Icon

Scroll through the list of menu options again and choose My Fire TV.

Turn on Developer Options.

Eable Apps from Unknown Sources by simply clicking on it.

A prompt will appear asking you for confirmation. Press Turn On.

Return to the home screen and head over to the search function.

Type in “Downloader” in the search bar.

Tap on the app’s icon and click Download.

Once the installation process is complete, launch the app by tapping Open.

Click Allow when you see this prompt.

Hit the OK button.

From here, you’ll see this home page. Click on the search bar where you can type a URL.

Type https://get.filelinked.com in the designated text field and tap Go.

Wait for the app to finish downloading.

Click on the Install button.

Select Done.

Since you won’t be needing the file anymore, you can click Delete.

Choose delete again to confirm.

Find the newly installed FileLinked app from your Firestick’s app library. From there, you can launch the app.

At this point, you’re all set! You can now start using FileLinked.

Best Filelinked Codes

51829986Stream & Tech NowMovies & TV Shows, IPTV, Live TV, and more.
22222222(Pin: 9898)New Tech EvolutionKodi, Movie Apps, TV Shows, Live TV, IPTV, and more.
85810914Electrical M.D.Kodi Builds, Movies & TV Shows, Tools, and more.
67664537StreamItAllKodi, Movies & TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, IPTV, and more.
71607934FireTVSticksKodi, Live TV, Anime, Adult, Music, IPTV, and more.

FileLinked FAQ

is Filelinked free?

The Filelinked utility is free to use. You can use it on any Android device.

Is Filelinked safe and Legal?

FileLinked is absolutely safe and it is 100% legal to install and use. However, some apps within FileLinked may be illegal. To ensure you are not installing illegal apps, make sure to only install verified applications.

What devices can FileLinked be installed on?

FileLinked is available and works the best with devices that run Android OS. This includes: Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Fire TV Cubes, Kindle Fire Tablet, Nvidia Shield, and other Android TV Boxes.


Downloading third-party applications has never been easier without Filelinked app. If you are tired of typing long URLs to install your favorite app, then you must check this very useful app. Moreover, the installation process doesn’t take too long to finish and you can refer to this article anytime if you run into any issues. I hope this guide was helpful. Now I would like to hear from you. What do you think of this article? Did you find it useful? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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