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What is Gramho? 13 Best Gramo Alternatives

What is Gramho? 13 Best Gramo Alternatives
What is Gramho? 13 Best Gramo Alternatives

Gramho is an incredible application that can explore and analyze accounts on social media platforms other than Instagram. It makes it simple for you to access and examine the data included in Instagram’s public profile. You can obtain all of the profile information of businesses, celebrities, periodicals, and other famous figures by using the Gramho Viewer Online Instagram Analyzer. It is now known as is a free website that enables you to search through your Instagram followers and find out what kind of posts they like, who their most influential followers are, and view their Instagram profiles easily. Other features of the website include the ability to search for their most influential followers. Gramho also features an analytics tool for Instagram, which enables users to input a list of Instagram usernames and view a breakdown of the interactions, impressions, and post information associated with each user’s Instagram content.

You can see the statistics of either your or another person’s Instagram account thanks to the algorithm that Gramir employs. Additionally, it lets you view the account rate, indicating your Instagram account’s popularity.

About Gramho Instagram Analyzer

Gramhir is a tool for monitoring and analyzing Instagram accounts. Using our technology, you can do statistical analysis on Instagram accounts belonging to either yourself or other users. Additionally, it allows you to view the account rate, which reveals your Instagram account’s popularity. In addition, you can explore and monitor the content of other people’s or your Instagram accounts privately.

You can investigate Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations, and a great deal more with the help of statistics. You can download Instagram images, videos, and stories anonymously for absolutely no cost and an unlimited number of times. Have fun with Gramho, and remember to share material with your friends on your social networks.

How to Analyze Instagram data using Gramho

  • Use any web browser to access the Gramhir website.
  • Just type in an Instagram user’s handle or a hashtag to be taken directly to their profile.
  • As soon as you have the answer, head over to the profile.
  • The information will be displayed on the page’s top.
  • It would be best if you clicked the link.
  • If you want to keep those videos and photographs, click the Download option.
  • To view your Instagram stories on the gramhir, tap the blue arrow button.

Gramho Alternatives

Here we have made a list of Gramho Alternatives.


Inflact is the most incredible option available to replace Gramhir. Compared to Gramhir, it provides access to a significantly more comprehensive assortment of information and facts.

First things first, enter a username. You will first be presented with fundamental data such as the number of posts, followers, and typical user activity associated with the account.

The average user activity is a number that can assist you in determining how popular a profile truly is and the amount of genuine engagement it receives. The profile owner may have bought many false followers if a profile has a low user activity rate.

Path Social

You can research any Instagram account using the free Instagram analysis tool that Path Social provides. It includes not only the standard information that Gramhir supplies, such as the number of followers and uploads an account has, but it also offers extra insights that Gramhir does not provide.

Path Social even provides you with a graph that illustrates the number of posts published by the account daily, weekly, and monthly.

In addition, Path Social offers a wider variety of tools, making it a more versatile platform than Gramhir. You can view a profile without revealing your identity by using Instagram Viewer, and its Fonts Generator gives you access to more than one hundred different font styles.


Bigbanggram provides its users with a free Instagram analyzer tool, which can be used to investigate and evaluate various Instagram profiles. You will be able to view the average number of posts the account makes each day and week, in addition to graphs illustrating how this number has fluctuated over the course of the account’s history.

You’ll also be able to observe the times of day and days of the week during which they publish the most entries. Following that, it will display the most frequently used hashtags, terms in captions, and hobbies associated with the Instagram account you are researching.

You can also see which posts have received the most comments and which have received the most likes with this tool (based on the last 100 posts).


An excellent alternative to Gramhir, Sweetagram is an Instagram analysis tool that may be found here. It even includes the top profiles of animals, most of which are domesticated pets such as dogs and cats. If you want to make a successful Instagram account for your dog, cat, ferret, lizard, or any other animal, it is helpful to observe what the top animal profiles are doing. You may find these accounts by searching Instagram for “top animal profiles.”

If you want to develop a personal brand as a comedian or create an Instagram account for your child, the same rules apply to both of these endeavors. On the other hand, you can also input the details of a particular profile you want to monitor. You will be able to view the hashtags they use the most, along with their most recent posts and captions.


Toolzu is yet another excellent option apart from Gramhir to consider. Toolzu, which provides more than ten different metrics, will provide you with better insights into a user’s profile than Gramhir, which does not provide you with a significant amount of additional information compared to what you would receive from utilizing Instagram on its own.

Toolzu provides other tools that can help you develop your Instagram following and are helpful in their own right. For instance, the hashtag generator is a fantastic resource for locating high-quality hashtags to utilize in targeting.


You can do an account audit using the Fake Follower Checker, which is included with inBeat. However, like Gramhir, it also displays data like the total number of followers, the average number of likes, the ratio of comments to preferences, and more.

This tool analyses the followers of the profile in question and estimates the proportion of genuine to fictitious followers among those followers. For instance, just about 44 percent of Kim Kardashian’s followers are believed to be genuine, while the remaining 187.7 million followers are associated with inactive accounts.

Social Monitor

The Instagram profile analyzer offered by Social Monitor is significantly more sophisticated than the one provided by Gramhir. You will be required to join up and make an account, but once you do so, you will be rewarded with several free credits. You can keep track of profiles and receive automated reports through email every month.

The comparison analysis tool is another helpful feature offered by Social Monitor that needs to be added to Gramhir and the vast majority of other programs. Although it does not have as many metrics as the usual analysis tool, it allows you to evaluate two profiles side by side.


Analisa is a free Instagram analysis tool that provides you with information that is more comprehensive than that provided by Gramhir. You can see the following data.

  • Engagement rate
  • Like rate
  • Comment rate
  • Average total engagement per post
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post

If you are prepared to pay an additional fee, Analisa can also provide you with even more detailed information. You may also run reports based on a hashtag. As long as you sign up for an account, you will not incur any costs while exporting either report to PDF format.

Not Just analytics

The complimentary analysis tool provided by Not Just Analytics is designed to assist you in determining the actual influence that your followers have. In contrast to Gramhir, it enables you to export your report to a PDF file and provides you with a significant amount of additional information.

You can examine not only the number of followers and the average number of likes and comments but also the number of average video views.

instagram Insights

At long last, we get access to Instagram’s native metrics. You don’t need to go to a third-party website like Gramhir to access such analytics because they are all within the app.

On the other hand, it is only accessible for your profile; therefore, you cannot use it to investigate other businesses in the industry. In addition, in order to get analytics on Instagram, you need to have a business account. Personal Instagram accounts do not qualify.

You will be relieved that the Instagram app makes converting your account to a business account simple and free. To switch to a professional version, simply navigate to your settings, select “Account,” scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “Switch to professional account” button.


Q. What is Gramhir App?

A. It is a Social Media Profile Analyzer like for Stats, Profiles, Likes, followers etc.

Q. Is Gramhir Anonymous?

A. Yes, Gramhir works anonymously.

Q. How does Gramhir Work?

A. Gramhir is a free website that makes it easy to get to and look at the information on Instagram’s public profile. Using the Gramho Viewer Online Instagram Analyzer, you can find out everything about the shapes of businesses, celebrities, magazines, and other well-known people and groups.

Q. Can you use Instagram without an account?

A. To visit Instagram without logging in, you only need to type the URL of the Instagram website into your browser and then follow that with the username of the account you want to access. This assumes that you are already familiar with the username of the person whose profile you wish to examine. You can now view their Instagram page, which was just brought to your attention.

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