Who Will Be Benefited by Using 0800 Numbers? 

Every business is migrating its customer support solution to the 0800 numbers. However, there are some of the organizations which are getting some big advantages of using these numbers. 

This article will discuss who will be benefited by using 0800 numbers and the main reason behind it. However, you can read more about which companies use 0800 numbers as their calling solutions on WeNumber’s dedicated page.

0800 is a non-geographical number that works without adding an area code along with the 7-digit number. They are treated as the local number for every caller in the UK. However, they do not even need to pay the local call rates as these numbers are free to call for the users.

Businesses Using 0800 Numbers ( Including The Reasons)

Type of businesses that use 0800 numbers for their customer support solutions, and the main reasons behind using them:

Government Organizations

Most of the government organizations use 0800 numbers as their service provider. Any citizen can call a free support number of any government organization to reach out with their queries.

These organizations use this solution to provide a single customer support number. They need to provide their contact numbers to the citizens, and it is better to keep the same number for every citizen of the UK.

It is estimated that the use of 0800 numbers in these organizations is going to increase in the coming few days. Direct to WeNumber to learn more about how the government uses 0800 numbers.


Sale and Service Organizations

Sale and service organizations are one of the largest subscribers of the 0800 numbers. The main part of their business is their interaction with the customers and they always try to keep it easier for them.

These organizations receive the most number of calls in the form of queries and feedback. Hence, they need a service provider that can manage thousands of calls every day.

Another major reason is the call divert feature that comes with 0800 numbers for these organizations. It allows them to manage all their customer calls without making someone wait for too long.

Customer Support Organizations

Some of the businesses provide customer support services to other business organizations. Large-scale businesses outsource their customer support to third party organizations that depend on 0800 numbers for the services.

Managing and attending customer calls is their main process and thus they can not afford to use any other number for this service. Using 0800 allows them to manage thousands of calls with the help of their advanced tools.

Non-profit Organizations and Charity Trusts

The 0800 numbers were first introduced for the government and non-profit organizations. They were allowed to use theme numbers for their customer support calling solutions.

These organizations use 0800 numbers as these trust work for charity causes and do not want to burden their contributors with the additional calling charges.

How to Get 0800 Number for Your Business?

Due to some policy restrictions, getting a 0800 number was not easy for private organizations. However, now you can get a 0800 number to provide a single mobile number for your customer support.

These numbers can be registered by a cloud communication service provider such as WeNumber. All you need to do is choose the 7 digits of your business number and register it with their help.

Luckily, you will not need to wait for several weeks to get your number activated as WeNumber provides instant number activation. It means that you can now get a 0800 number in less than 5 minutes. Just direct to WeNumber and get your favorite number registered for your business.

Final Words

There are different types of support numbers for different requirements. A freephone number may suit some organization structure, while it may not work the same way for the other. This is why it is important to know who will be benefited by using 0800 numbers in 2020.

Having an idea of the features and benefits of a number helps you solve many problems. If your business comes under one of these types of organizations, then you must consider getting the 0800 number from WeNumber as an option.

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