Reasons why people seek anonymity on the internet

Making use of anonymity on the internet is gaining tremendous popularity these days. Not many of the posts we see people with the right account credential post today. So, what makes people love to keep themselves hidden? Why are they hiding out from the world? Don’t they deserve the outcome of their works or posts? Yet, people prefer to remain invisible. Indeed, there are reasons for this. Many studies were conducted on this topic to analyze why people love to stay secret. Reliable results have been arrived at and are detailed in the following excerpts.

There is a notion that people who are involved in evil and unlawful acts are the ones who hide out from the world. However, this notion is not entirely right. There is much fraudulence, and illegal things are happening all around in the shadow of anonymity. However, others wish to keep themselves a secret though they are not at all going against the law nor the society’s will. What compels them to do so. Also, there are times which demands anonymity. There are instances where revealing yourselves to the world can bring you the worst. There are mainly three reasons why people love to seek anonymity, and maintaining anonymity on the internet is necessary.

Reasons to stay anonymous on the internet:

  1. To protect your identity.

There are times where you feel like to keep away from the people and do not wish them to know you. This is applicable even at times where you are not involved in any unlawful or questionable act. You want to keep yourselves a secret to the world. Anonymity is associated with social safety on the internet. It is beneficial to those introverts who are part of the online communities.

Many globally-celebrated celebrities love their privacy, which they do not often get. The love of the public for them makes them do the craziest things. Whatever they do and tell becomes news even if that was not intended to be published. The result is that they have to be always cautious in the thought that somebody is always watching them in public. They cannot be the real them and is forced to act in the wish of society. They miss out on their private space badly, which makes them maintain their anonymity on the online platforms as they can express their ideas without leaking their identity.

  1. Personal harassment

Though the laws guarantee the freedom of expression in almost all countries, social media platforms are where this gets seriously harmed. Many wish to raise their voices. However, the repercussions from the public that are likely to follow fear them out. Living in a diverse world where people of different caste, creed, gender, etc., it is expected that people have different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. Keeping anonymity gives strength to their voices and helps them to roar to the public without the fear of getting harassed even from a small proportion of people.

History says that people who have outspoken their views have been prosecuted. There had been instances that the people who were courageous enough to yell the truth were punished and restricted due to the sole reason that it was not appealing to the people in power. Anonymity gives these chances to the people to express their viewpoints without showing who they are. Thus, even though harassments may come up from different parts of the world, they are not pointed nor personally affected.

  1. Sensitive issues

A significant group that takes the shade of anonymity is those who wish to seek specific information without letting the world know that they are the ones browsing for that information. A sensitive area where people try to acquire knowledge but do not want to disclose their identity is medical issues and similar doubts. Some of such circumstances are when people suffer from abnormal bowel movements but is too shy to open it in public. Even some people make use of anonymity to seek information on mental health.

There are multiple reasons why people prefer being anonymous on the internet, as discussed above. If you feel that it is not appropriate to reveal your identity, there are scope and opportunities for it in social media platforms like Reddit, where you can maintain an account without even giving out your email address.

Protecting your privacy with anonymous blogs

Anonymous blogs are places where you can pour out your ideas and thoughts without a whimper of fear of getting insulted personally. Whatever crosses your mind, and you wish to pen down can be conveniently by making an anonymous blog.

Currently, several websites support anonymous blogs. Let it be your views on political, social, personal or economic aspects, or whether it is local, national or international affairs, with this anonymous blogs, you can fearlessly communicate it to the rest of the world.

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