5 Tips to Improve Increase Your Organic Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website: A Step-by-Step Guide
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In this day in age, the attention economy reigns supreme. We need people to notice our brand, become familiar with it, and, ultimately, engage and even purchase our product or service. While for many years the advertising industry has allowed us to pay for people to notice us, the internet has opened up new avenues. 

We can now use the internet to capture organic traffic. Organic traffic is different from paid traffic in that people can arrive on your page either by following links, as a search engine result, or even by typing in your web address directly. 

This is an increasingly important part of marketing a business! Here are the top tips for pulling in some of that valuable organic traffic! 

Provide Valuable Information

One of the first and most important strategies for capturing this modern form of traffic is actually quite an old-school principle. If you do your job well and provide valuable information to the public, people will show up. This information should be something people can really use and even the result of novel research.

For example, this guide to online gambling provides really important information such as how to spot a good betting site, how to reduce the house edge and an overview of the top 5 games at online casinos in the United Kingdom.  They will show you how to get started including claiming exclusive bonuses and finding the best deposit method for you. 

This type of complete guide will earn you organic traffic in a few ways. The first is that people will recommend this page to their friends, driving more people to your site. Also, people will link to useful information, allowing the network of recommendations to extend even further. Providing high-quality information is an important way to increase your organic traffic. 

Connect With Influencers

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have ads available for purchase. These can be really useful for getting your message and brand out there as quickly as possible. But nothing beats getting a recommendation directly from a trusted friend online. 

These friends do not have to be best friends forever. They can be online personalities that the public trusts to give valuable advice. These people are called influencers, and it is for a reason. They really exert a force on our habits, and they do so in a way that is less obvious and abrasive. This is the benefit of organic traffic–that it seems, looks, and feels natural.

These are also often paid sponsorships and will sometimes appear with a small disclaimer. Nonetheless, when this comes from a trusted voice, the public believes it more. And this makes sense as they will be putting their name and brand on the line as they vouch for you. They will link to your site, funneling organic traffic right to you! 

Build Valuable Partnerships

If you want to really get in good with the influencers, you can build relationships with them. They often work on a quid-pro-quo basis. For example, if you have a lively social media presence, you can even send some of your followers their way. This is one way to build an organic traffic ecosystem.

Know Your SEO Silo

Search Engine Optimization is the collection of strategies and tactics that we use to appear higher in search engine results. This is a vital driver of organic traffic. Every new business needs to become familiar with the basics of SEO, and fast. 

You can divide SEO into a few categories. A big one is everything you do with the text. These keywords should be based on the research you do to determine your SEO silo. Your SEO silo is where there is relatively little competition for words that have high search volumes and match your desired user intent. If your content is excellent, users will stay longer on your page, raising your ranking even more! 

A whole other category of SEO happens behind the scenes. Most search engines favor faster websites because they are better for users. Your site should be light and fast! This will signal to the big search engines that your site is a good one for their users. 

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