A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay

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Each student is faced with having to write an essay on a given topic. At first glance, it seems easy – you just need to think a little, form your thoughts into a solid text, and then you have a good grade in the bag. And what if the topic is too difficult? Most students get the blues in this situation. However, with the following guide, you can succeed in writing.

An essay is a short paper on a specific issue presented by the author in a specified style. Often, the student receives one or more catchphrases of famous people to work with, explain, and give real evidence.

How to write essays correctly

You need to adhere to certain rules:

  • Observe semantic unity.
  • Use proven facts and understandable terms.
  • Write according to a given topic.
  • Provide clear, correct, and evidence-based provisions.
  • Argue judgments and conclusions.
  • Ensure the truthfulness and literacy of the argumentation.
  • Give relevant analogies.

If you do not know how to adhere to all these rules when writing a paper, I advise you to buy an essay online. You will receive a sample that will give you a clear idea of how to write your essay correctly. You will learn how to write an essay in accordance with all the rules.

Usually, the teacher evaluates a student’s essay according to the following criteria:

  1. The meaning is fully revealed. This should follow naturally from the text. Write to the point and consistently. Superficial reformulation is not allowed.
  2. The structure is well thought out. It should follow the logic of the narrative, and clear terminology should be used. At the end, conclusions are required.
  3. The number and quality of arguments. Remember that they must be relevant to the assignment and validate the author’s position.

The first criterion is the most important. The paper will receive a high grade if the reviewer assesses it positively. To achieve this, do not include the following information in your essay:

  • If the statement is in the prompt, then its relevance is a priori, so do not pay attention to it again.
  • The teacher knows who owns the catchphrase. Do not indicate biographical information, such as years of life, published works, etc.
  • Specific indication of the problem. Describe the content of the quote, since it is the problem.

Don’t count the number of words and symbols. There is no specific minimum and maximum. Finish the work when the topic is fully disclosed. However, if you have a specific requirement about the number of words, you must follow it.

The plan is simple and minimal:

  • It is written at will and contains a general statement of the problem.
  • Disclosure of meaning. Two or three sentences are enough.
  • The theoretical part. Write three or four sentences confirming or refuting the author’s point of view using special terminology.
  • The actual part. Write from four to six sentences with examples and confirm the theses of the theoretical component.
  • Conclusion. Write one or two sentences summarizing.

Stick to the following structure to end up with a good essay:

  • It is important to reveal the meaning in two or three sentences, to explain what the author had in mind.
  • Write out important concepts, give them definitions, and name their features (explain). Develop each of the definitions.
  • Present your opinion about the given topic. Be sure to add conclusions.
  • Examples. The minimum number is two. However, there is no maximum limit. But this does not mean that they should fill up half the paper. The ideal number is three. (If one of them turns out to be unsuitable, it will be still enough.)

In this article, we have gathered simple tips to help you write your essay quickly.  Stick to them in order to deal with your task effectively. Good luck!

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