How to Generate a Fake Airline Ticket or Boarding Pass Online

By | July 21, 2017

Are you looking to create a fake airline ticket? Want to prank out your friends with fake boarding pass? There’s one App that lets you create your Fake first Class Airline Ticket or boarding pass without you need to have any Photoshop skills.

with pretend airline ticket, you will be able to;

1. Surprise your friends that you are going to fly abroad.

2. E-mail fake boarding pass as a Gift to their summer vacation.

Now let’s look at how this Fake Airline Ticket/Boarding Pass Generator works. Trust me this method is far better and easy than any other method.

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How to Generate a Fake Airline Ticket/ Boarding Pass

There is an App called Ticket-O-Matic, You need to visit this website from the link above. Then click on Start Now.

Step 1: Enter you Details,

You need to Enter your details like Name, Surname, From, To, Flight Date, Boarding Time, and Chose Airlines. There is an option to select from a list of airports which is appealing even more real.

Step 2: Click on Done.

fake airline ticket boarding pass generator online

Once you have filled all details, click on Done. Then, It will generate your fake airline ticket and you can download your fake airline ticket in JPEG or PNG.

JPEG is small in size, but the quality is little low. So, chose the appropriate format and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Email Your friends.

Additionally, you have another option to mail the fake plane ticket to your friends asking them to participate in the travel. Now enter your Name, Email, Your friend name, Email, Add a subject line, Message and click on Send.

This way you can email the fake airplane ticket to your friends.

Ticket-O-Matic Limitations

1. This App is purely for fun, So there is no need to criticize.

2. You can easily create a Fake Airline Ticket. However, you’ll not be able to select your seat number.

3. There is no way you can change the color of the background or Airline logo to its original color.

4. Your fake airline ticket will be there for 3 hours, after that it will be automatically deleted.

4. The developer’s logo is always at the bottom of the left side of your fake airline ticket. So, there is a chance that your friends might catch you.

But if they don’t recognize it, you are good to go.

Note: This App is purely for fun. Don’t try to be smart with the Airport security personals. Else, you will end up in jail. just kidding 😛


So this is all about creating a fake airline ticket/boarding pass online method. Have you done any amazing pranks using your fake airline ticket? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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