Marketing managers are the leading experts at engaging with their clients with the help of some tools like content marketing, SEO, and much more. As an aspiring marketing manager, you must be aware that a good resume is very important more than anything else. It is obvious that good advertising is needed for selling a product, the same is true for your resume. A good resume is basically a good advertisement for yourself.

With the right set of skills and the marketing manager resume examples provided online; you’ll be on the right track to get a perfect marketing manager position.

Read on to discover top resume writing tips discovered on the web by active marketing managers, so you can create an optimal resume.

Who is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager’s job is to promote a business, product, or service to potential customers. They often plan and oversee a wide range of activities, including launches, ads, email campaigns, events, and social media.

It is rewarding to market a great product or service. Apart from helping customer problems, marketing managers directly contribute to the growth of the product. There is a big responsibility that requires hard work and dedication – at the same time, it is inspiring and impeccable work.

As a marketing manager, you may still be developing content marketing skills, or you may be mentoring a team that does the complete work for you. Either way, your skills are in demand across all the verticals. The average pay for a marketing manager is $136,850, and people in New York and California earn the highest salaries according to  U.S. labor statistics.

Top things to keep in mind while preparing a resume

Marketing managers cash in hefty salaries typically six-digit and with the boom in the online world, your digital skills are very valuable. Your resume is the perfect thing to promote yourself in a booming industry.

Marketing managers may work under different titles and the firms may be looking for various positions as marketing managers. So, make sure you hit all the target keywords. However, for every marketing manager’s resume, these tips are common. So, make sure you follow these tips below.

Sell your potential

It is essential that you promote your skills to your employer. This can be achieved using your past work examples and how it helped your employer and peers. A pro marketing manager will concentrate on how their work has created more value and profit for the company.

A few numerical examples will help you hype your role as a marketing manager. A pro tip is to catch a hiring manager’s attention by including a valuable skill in your summary. Skills such as Virtual and augmented reality, Video content, Personalization, and Interactive content. Be confident that you can promote anything.

Experience counts

Your employment history is another important place to explain how you develop, implement, and execute marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. Craft this section carefully to spot your skills in detail.

Try to include important numbers and achievements from your previous job. Build value to your experience section by stating how the company has evolved over the years with your marketing abilities. Also, mention the interesting projects you have been involved in.

For improved readability, write the experiences in chronological order as well as use some samples available online.

Education is important

Marketing is all about successfully communicating the right message to the target audience. Marketing managers are consistently called up to write blogs, press releases, and advertising copy just to do that. So, these skills are essential for any marketing manager. A bachelor’s degree will be a plus point for you here.

English orating skills are very important to have for any marketing manager. Overall, education and your GPA don’t much contribute to your selection. Your work success will speak for you at this point in your career. If you have earned professional awards, you may also list those here.

Highlight your skills

Your skills are an important addition to your resume, so it often receives a prime piece of resume space on many applicants’ resumes. To say it again, it holds a key position on your resume – keeps it somewhere where it will be easily seen and highlight the crucial skills you have there.

You should remember that this section is made up of short words and phrases, which means you should put a lot of thought into it. You should decide which one makes the cut. Considering what your employer is looking for, you should tailor your skills accordingly.

Depending upon the requirement, there may be additional skills required such as marketing automation or search engine marketing.  Another thing is that you need to stay up to date with the latest technology, tools, marketing platforms. This is the one thing that most employers will look for. This will enable them to generate breakthrough ideas, identify new channels, and continually craft messages that resonate with customers.

Choose a perfect resume template

There are lots of resume templates available online in the free version. You should look for the right ones which are compatible with ATS. Usage of the Application tracking systems is increasingly popular among recruiting firms and HRs these days. This will automatically scan resumes for keywords and ranks candidates against each other. The only top resumes then get passed onto the hiring manager’s desk.

So, make sure you use your SEO skills to beat the ATS. Be sure to include the right keywords in your resume. A free resume builder will have a few resume templates which are suitable for you to choose from.


I hope this article will help you in some way. Having said these things are very crucial in a perfect marketing manager’s resume. It is worth noting that marketing managers in various fields need to develop platform-specific skills, software knowledge, and familiarity with other tools as well.  Soft skills are a very important part of any candidate who is applying for the marketing manager position. As every employer will be interested in someone who can effectively navigate their environment and work well with both colleagues and business partners. Now I would like to hear it from you. Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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