When students have to compose their essays, they may face a lot of possible obstacles. One of them is associated with the information sources they want to quote. No matter what essay or any other academic paper you’re assigned, it must be quoted in accordance with a certain writing format. Many students seem to be totally unable to cite correctly. Accordingly, they ask “who will write my essay and quote it”.

Students have to quote correctly to avoid plagiarism. When they make their research and seek supporting materials, they ought to use several quotes. The quotes show the scope of the work the students have made. They prove their projects are officially approved and can be trusted. Nonetheless, they hate making quotations.

Commonly, they are afraid they make many mistakes in quotations because of a great diversity of writing formats. It’s true that there are multiple formats and they differ from one another. There are the following types:

  • APA;

  • MLA;


  • GSE;

  • AMA;

  • Harvard, etc.

When students see such diversity, they begin to panic. Nonetheless, there is nothing to be afraid of. Those formats have a lot in common. We’ll show how to insert quotations without violation of the copyright.

The beginning and end of the citation are marked with quotation marks. There should be left no space between the text and quotation marks. You can put inside the quotation marks only the precise citation of the source and all the punctuations. In case you cite poetry, separate every line with space, a forward slash and another space. You are to use “block quotes” if poetry and/or prose consist of three lines and more. Implement a colon at the end of the words that guide to the citation. Always begin such citations on a new line. The whole citation must be one inch farther than the rest of the text.

Commonly, citations remain full and the same as in the original. However, there are also exceptions when a writer wants to skip some words and focus on a certain part of the cited phrase. If this is the issue, use ellipses. They are also known as three dots “…” It’s demanded to use spacing after and before the skipped places.

In case the cited material begins in the middle of a phrase/sentence and is not written with a capital letter in the original, capitalize it in brackets. Thus, you define the alteration. If you want to add your own words to clarify something, it can be done too. Simply insert your words inside brackets.

How to Complete a Good Essay with Quotations

After we have clarified the issue of making quotations, we should figure out how to compose essays with quotations. Firstly, make an outline. Decide where and how to implement your quotations. Of course, your outline is supposed to include the main writing sections, which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The purposes of citing are different. Some writers use them to illustrate that they agree with somebody else. Sometimes, they implement them to show a contrary viewpoint to create a contrast and show their readers their disagreement. Another purpose is to begin essays with a quotation of some outstanding personality. Thus, it’s possible to grab the attention of the readers. Accordingly, the goal of your citations predetermines their role and place in an essay.

You’re welcome to insert somebody’s expressions and studies in the very beginning. You can also support your thesis and sub-theses in the main body. Let’s remind the structure and main objectives of every writing part.

  • Introduction. It’s the beginning of the story. Grab the attention of your readers with a shocking statement, rhetoric question, or citation. Add some general information and facts. Afterward, implement a thesis statement. It must clearly reflect the main goal of your project and explain why the problem you have chosen is so important.

  • Main body. A standard essay consists of at least three paragraphs. They ought to support the thesis statement. Every paragraph discloses a sub-thesis. It should be fully related to the main question and develop it. This function is fulfilled with the help of examples, statistics, and other facts. Make sure they are official and can be trusted.

  • Conclusion. It provides a brief summary of the entire project. Provide the outcomes and give your own point of view. Were the results satisfactory? Did you expect them? What do they mean?

Make sure you properly compose each stage. Make your text readable and logical. Add quotations in accordance with the assigned academic writing format.

Memorize our prompts and tricks. They will definitely help you to make the correct citations and avoid a loss of important grades. Don’t forget about the recommendations for writing an essay. They suit any type to receive the highest grades.

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