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Seedpeer Proxy | List of Seedpeer Mirrors and Alternatives

Seedpeer is an amazing torrent site to download movies, TV Shows, Music videos, anime, and software etc for free. Seedpeer torrents are verified by its moderators for its quality, speed, and authenticity. But, after a long time, the site has to face its end. I know it will be frustrating to see our favorite torrent site getting blocked.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to unblock seedpeer torrents. Some of them are using by a third-party proxy or a VPN. However, they can slow down the internet speed due to multiple IP changes. You can use seedpeer proxy/mirror sites instead. and many more to list. Today, I am going to write complete details on how to unblock seedpeer and download seedpeer movies without any restriction. Read on to know more.

The Seedpeer Torrents

seedpeer proxy mirrors and alternatives

Seedpeer is one of the most famous torrent sites to date formerly known as Meganova. The site has collected a decent attention from torrent users shortly after its launch in 2005. Later, in 2007 the site was rebranded to now what we call, Seedpeer.

The front page is full of busy with the list of torrents, tags, links and a search bar to search torrents from all the categories.

Is safe?

In 2006, a group of individuals known as “MediaDefender” has tried to chase down the operations of seedpeer by uploading the fake torrents. But seedpeer quickly noticed this and brought verified torrents section onto its platform as a counter attack. In fact, this move made seedpeer more popular and conveyed its intention to serve safe and verified torrents to the users.

I can definitely say proxy is undoubtdly safe to use. But, make sure you are browsing the right seedpeer mirror.

How to unblock seedpeer?

You can employ different methods to unblock seedpeer. It depends on many situations. Most of the popular download websites are getting banned for the reason, copyright infringement by various governments and ISPs. In this case, it is recommended to use seedpeer proxy/mirror sites.

But, if the main domain is up and running but only blocked for you, then you can easily bypass those restrictions by using numerous proxy sites or your favorite VPN. Additionally, you can use the TOR browser or Google translator method.

TOR Browser

Tor is a computer network run by volunteers worldwide. Before connecting to open internet, the TOR browser will connect to several different relays, wiping its tracks step by step, making it difficult to figure out who you really are.

So, we will simply download the TOR browser and browse seedpeer mirror sites anonymously.

Google translator

This is another useful method to unblock seedpeer sites. We can leverage this translation tool to unblock any blocked sites. You can find a complete guide to how google translator unblocks blocked sites here.

Seedpeer proxy list 2018

Below you will find the best working seedpeer proxy sites. I have used many but added only the reliable ones. Use any one proxy for seedpeer from the list and unblock seedpeer.

Seedpeer ProxySeedpeer Proxy URL proxyvisit here proxyvisit here proxyvisit here proxyvisit here
seedpeer proxy ukvisit here
seedpeer proxy unblockvisit here
Seedpeer proxy 7visit here
Seedpeer proxy 8visit here
Seedpeer proxy 9visit here
seedpeer.torrentz3.xyzvisit here Mirrorvisit here
Seedpeer.lato.pwvisit here
Appspot proxyvisit here
Seedpeer.prox.spacevisit here
seedpeer.mrunlock.infovisit here
seedpeer.tormi.bidvisit here


Downloading torrents is always a risky thing. As many ISPs spy on torrents usage and can sue you for making/using piracy content. So, be clever and use a third party VPN like Express VPN and browse Seedpeer anonymously, and safely.

How to Access Seedpeer safely?

  • Download a third-party VPN like Express VPN or Hidester and install it.
  • Enable VPN and select seedpeer proxy sites from the list and click on it
  • Now all your traffic will be routed through the VPN so you can browse the torrents anonymously

Download Seedpeer Movies

Seedpeer is undoubtedly is one of the biggest torrents I have ever used. It has around 6m torrents in their database and among which 246,454 are verified.

All the torrents are categorized into 8 main sections and 600 subsections making it one of the most organized torrent sites on the internet.

The site is available in 7 languages and has a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Users can upload torrents anonymously. However, the registered users will get extra benefits like commenting on torrents, upload, bookmark their own torrents and manage them.

Steps to Download Seedpeer Movies

  • Visit any one of the seedpeer proxy or seedpeer mirror sites above.
  • On Homepage, select a category from Movies, TV, Games, Apps, Music, or Anime and click on it.
  • Then, it will display a list of torrents from the category. Select a movie and click on it.
  • It will take you to the download page. You’ll have multiple options to choose from. You can either directly download the movie or just the torrent.
  • Now open this torrent using a bitTorrent client like uTorrent and download the movie/TV show.

Seedpeer Alternatives

Not too sure about using seedpeer proxy? Check out other viable torrents alternatives like kickass torrents, 1337x, extra torrents, the pirate bay, and YTS YIFY Torrents etc. Most of these have possibly the better torrents than Seedpeer, in certain categories.


So, this is it, guys. We’ve covered different methods to unblock seedpeer and the list of seedpeer proxy sites. I’ve tried my best to be as detailed as possible. If I miss anything, please let me know in the comment section below.

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