A Long Time Ago

Question! What’s one of the strangest suburban rituals we’ve all just accepted as part of life no matter how much we hate it? No, not homeowners associations – nothing will ever quite reach the evils of that. I’m talking about lawn care. We’re expected to maintain a pristine yard at all times, or else suffer the judgmental looks of neighbors and drivers. It’s a chore nobody likes and robs us of several hours out of the week just to make sure everything looks good. It’s an exhausting, endless hassle in the service of performing suburbia for the sake of everyone else.

I recently got fed up with the whole thing. I got sick of being judged and, frankly, instinctively judging others. I got tired of repeating the same frustrating task in the dangerous heat every Saturday for six months. I work hard through the week; I should be able to rest on the weekend! I was secretly thankful when I accidentally spilled a half gallon of gas on the yard while refilling the mower, killing a big chunk of my grass. It gave me the excuse I needed to commit to the biggest home improvement project I’ve pulled the trigger on. I finally replaced my yard with artificial turf, and life has gotten so much better. Let me tell you how! 

The Aesthetics and Low Maintenance Are Amazing

At first, I was concerned that the final product would look worse than my natural lawn. I can’t be blamed for being afraid of that, not when the phrase immediately brings to mind images of garish neon green that shouted to the whole world that your lawn is fake. I’m ecstatic to report that I was wrong. My artificial turf looks absolutely wonderful. I opted for a natural look, and I’m glad I did. My fake lawn looks virtually indistinguishable from reality. While I definitely prefer the natural aesthetic, there are tons of options I passed up to get there, as you can see at https://www.homestratosphere.com/types-artificial-grass/. Some of those options were absolutely zany. If you actually like that neon aesthetic, you could theoretically get a neon orange yard! I don’t know why you would do that, but the option is on the table (for some reason). 

The look is great, but that’s not why I switched. I switched to avoid devoting too much of my life to lawn care. I’m happy to report that since installation I’ve done almost nothing to maintain it and it still looks as good as the day it was put down. The installer did his thing, and I’ve been golden ever since. The only time I’ll have to worry is if the tracks themselves get damaged, but this stuff is tough. It’s been down for two years, and I’ve only replaced one patch. 

It’s Safer and More Environmentally Friendly 

Your safety matters. I’ve never met you (probably), but I personally don’t want you to be in harm’s way. While not as common as other kinds of injury, mower accidents happen with more frequency than you might realize. As you can see here, over 37,000 Americans fall victim to the malice of hungry mowers every year. Any contraption with sharp, spinning blades is bound to claim an occasional toe or finger. In the worst-case scenario, people have lost limbs. It goes without saying that removing the need for a lawn mower reduces the chances of injury down to zero. 

This may not be a consideration for some people, but it really should be. Millions of Americans mowing a yard every week for months at a time are collectively terrible for the environment. While your individual contribution might be low in the grand scheme of things, removing it from the equation can only be a positive thing. Not to mention, watering your yard is extremely wasteful – and costly! You’ll save money on your water bill on top of cutting out unnecessary waste! Artificial turf is safer for you and it’s safer for the environment. There’s really no downside here. 

It’s Less Expensive in the Long Run

There’s no way around it: the upfront cost of artificial turf is kind of pricey. However, that cost is entirely on the front end, and ongoing maintenance costs are almost nonexistent. I paid the upfront cost and then a little bit to replace the damaged patch, and I’ve put nothing else into it. Companies such as Bilt Right Turf say that the seemingly steep upfront cost of installation and occasional maintenance balances out to be less money than keeping and using a traditional mower over a period of a year or so. Honestly, even if it ended up being more expensive, the convenience of not having to worry about my yard would have tipped my decision in the direction of artificial turf anyway! My only regret is that I didn’t switch a long time ago. 

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