A video converter tool is a software that helps convert one format of a video file to another. The resulting video file is reduced in size and it is compatible to run on most of the digital platforms these days. Also, you have to ensure that the output file should be easy to run on different devices easily.

The online video converter is increasingly used these days because of the number of different devices used. To easily watch a video on multiple devices, it is necessary to convert its format. For this, there are several options of converter tool and some of them are enlisted in the following part of the article.

Online uniconverter tool

The online uniconverter tool originally known as media.io and considered one of the best that can convert large-sized video to other formats. Apart from being a video converter, it can be downloaded on the system. One of the interesting features is that the tool can convert more than 84,000, 000 files with a size of 16800 TB. The video formats that it supports are MP3, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI and audio format like AIFF, AU, FLAC, and others. This is also suitable to be used as an mp4 converter tool.

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Do you wish to get a video converter tool along with a video compressor? Well, the FreefileConvert is a suitable option that has converted almost 16, 823, 582 files of large sizes. It enables uploading the file from any source such as a mobile device or desktop and it can compress large-sized files and reduce the size of the resulting file even if the file contains audio codes. It involves a very easy file conversion procedure and it offers other functionalities. Some of the additional features are decrypting, encrypting, compressing, and adding any OCR effects to a PDF file and the like.

Convert files

Using this, you can convert files of a different formats for YouTube, video, image and the like. You can convert the file for free and for this, you have to create an account. In addition to this, you can also select the mode of file conversion in this tool along with selecting the size of the resulting file. Choose the resolution depending on the device in which you wish to play the resulting file. With easy to use steps of file version, make sure that you select the destination where you wish to save the output file.


This is another video converter tool that can convert the resulting file retaining its high quality. The output file is suitable to run on both the Android devices and desktop. This free conversion tool supports different platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube and the like. Through this, you can easily convert the files from one format to another.  Even though the conversion procedure is quick, it is able to retain the quality of the output video file.


If you are looking for a converter tool that is perfect for various platforms, Clipchamp is a perfect choice. Without any restriction about the size of the input file, it is able to convert up to 20 GB of file. The input resolution of the file can vary from 240p to other standard options. You can convert different formats of videos ranging from MKV to MOV through this online converter tool. Make sure that you choose the resolution of the video depending on the input file that you use. So, try to choose the file format that runs perfectly both on desktop and mobile devices.


This file converter tool is able to convert a total of 198, 033, 355 files that has a total of 2515 TB of size. This makes the converter tool a suitable one, and it has earned a prominent position in the list of the top-rated online video file converter tools. It supports nearly 2000 file formats, and it is compatible to run with 282 different formats such as audio, document, video, spreadsheet and the like. It incorporates the Optical Character Recognition technique through which it is easy to identify the format of the input file. In addition to this, it offers a user-friendly API that is suitable when used in documents and code samples. It does not restrict the use of any limited plans. Other than converting the files, it offers email support that you can access easily.


This is another great online video converter tool that is available for free to use. Among the service it offers, you can use intermediate formats for conversions. In addition, it is able to identify the file format by examining the file signature. Apart from converting video files, it also supports eBook, document, PDF, and audio conversions. It enables easy batch conversion and the file that you upload to convert is well encrypted in the tool. For this, HTTPS has been enabled in the server of the tool and the file conversion is done between HTTPS and HTTP servers for maintaining the safety of the files.


This can be considered as one of the effective online video and audio file converter tool. It can also convert URL and helps in better management of files along with easy to use functions. The conversion can be completed by following easy four steps from selecting the input file, choosing the output file format, providing a suitable email address and clicking on the convert button. In this tool, over 1200 format is supported. Therefore, this tool can be considered as the suitable one that is used by millions of users to avail of easy file conversion service.

The Closure

Therefore, after going through the list mentioned above, it will be easy for you to choose the right one. By following simple steps, you can convert the file from one version to another. Whichever tool you choose for file conversion, it should have the latest features installed in it. This shall make the conversion a hassle-free one. Also, it will be easy to convert large-sized files.

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